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  • So, my sun=cancer, moon=aquarius, rising= scorpio

    I'm deffinatly NOT shy, I love social interaction, just not all the time. I very much so enjoy my solitude. I do however like to give constructive advice to people..only of course If they come for it, or I sense that they need it, and I actually care enough to give it, same goes for nurturing and protecting.. cept' when it comes down to's quite uncomfortable and tiresome for me but if it's someone I care about I'll work through it ..I was very emotional when I was younger, but now, feelings are hard to keep, sometimes I don't even know WHAT I feel..I don't like anyone depending on me cuz' I know I'll screw something up, no matter how pure my intentions are, I constantly change, and I'm quite impulsive..I don't like to wonder "what if" so I usually plunge head first into just about any situation, and worry about the consequences afterwards-if at all..I don't try to clench tightly to someone with my "claws" cuz' I wouldn't like to be either..

    I work more efficiently alone..It's also more comfortable that way, cuz' then things go my way, how I want them to be, therefore I work harder, and become a success..It's just against my nature to follow or conform...Though I love hearing multiple perspectives, In fact I play the devil's advocate all the time. 🙂

  • I would have to concur with you July 8 is an awesome Birthday. I was born in 77 what year were you born in?

  • 🙂

    ..I was born in 92'

  • Ahh Cancer.... I do both traits, I nurture and I back off. I back off when I feel the environment isn't exactly safe per say. It's like I have antennae or something and I'm scanning every room I walk into. I give everyone I meet a chance, but I do hold people at arms lenght until I let you into my inner self (which I've only let maybe 3 people over my entire lifetime into my life like that). I'm a Sag Moon and at times, especially if there's a full moon in Sag I take on Sag completely, I almost change and I'm spontaneous but my emotions go flat. My rising is a Virgo and I notice that I am an introverted personality and prefer one on one jobs rather than say, a corporate setting where I have to deal with a lot of top notch people, I don't trust easily and I certainly don't trust that type typically.

    I'm protective of my family and close friends, I'll stand up for them before standing up for myself. That's for sure!

  • oh my! i have a question for all of you cancers out there! i am so in love with a caner man. i have told him this one time and he told me that he though he loved me but he was wrong. but still every day he calls and texts me, and kisses me, and worries about me. everything someone (in my opinion) would do if they loved me. it seems that he finds my love to be a flaw, and that his doesn't exist. but its there. i've been patient and i have respected his distance, but its getting old and now i'm tired of not getting "love" back (not even once).

  • what do i got to do to get him to love me or get rid of me?

  • hello cancer friends, i myself am a cancer born 7-7-79, i always consider it a good luck deal but at the same time what makes me happy gets me down... you could say typical for a cancer, but i would like to ask some cancers for advice on what to do as a cancer in my situation. i have been married 10 years to a virgo a good man but also dominating turns out to be i know he hasn't been honest with me and cheated often but he is so dependent on me for many things that as a protecter i am afraid of what will be of him if i leave him i have tried seperating myself but when i see him weak i get weaker and fall again for the same story, he has been good for over a year now but my feelings have changed for him but i can't leave knowing he will not be okay without me. please cancers give me some advice

  • as a cancer man born 7/11/67 at6:21 am i find sometimes tis a curse as im very true to my sign ,seems to drive women away from me always finding myself the friend then the lover .all my life ive looked to find my soulmate never finding both within same package always one or the other never both .i tend to be very caring and giving and nutureing to friends and family .would love to learn how to end this curse before it ends me alone at the end ..tis very heart breaking at times ..

  • Hello everyone, obviously i am a cancer(7/15/90), and i believe its a curse within a gift for me. Because im so empathetic everyone can come to me for advise, but when push comes to shove i end up getting walked on because i am so sensative. I dont exactly have many friends, and i dont mind but at times it does get lonely. Im greatful for my sense of feeling and amazing cooking skills=] and my close family ( i wouldnt trade for a milliontrilliondollarsorfriends).

    I just wish sometimes i can just be spontanious and not over analyze every lil thing. Sigh** like i said it has its ups and downs, but thats all of life.=]

  • THIS IS TO ENNE************

    Take it or leave it=]

    Its simple, really sit him down and try to talk to him about how you feel. Tell him your getting tired of not getting the love you have been giving him. If he blows off the conversation give him a day and bring it up again if hes still blowing it off tell him straight up im getting tired of this, im thinking of moving on. So if he doesnt step up you'll know what to do.


  • i am also a cancer!..i was born on june 23,1992. as being on the cusp i have to also agree my personality traits contradict each other too much. i often times have a tendency to cling on to things from my past and i like to be alone..especially if i am strongly feeling an emotion. other times im pretty outgoing and i love meeting new people and being around them..can anyone relate??

  • I have been living with a Cancer man for amost a year. I have never met anyone like him before, but not known many cancers. He seems to follow a lot I've read about cancers, but has some leo qualities as well, July 20.

    I am so impressed at the caring, protective nature. But also so confused ???? This man seems to be so perfect, such high expectations for himself....I am a gemini, I told him I know I can't possible live up to that, I am not a bad person, but I do smoke, and like to have a few drinks sometimes. He knew all this about me BEFORE we started living together..but still he came around, and still he stays, but I can tell he doesn't like it.

    Is it all cancers, or just mine...communication seems hard....anything not emotional is good...but says he'll avoid how do we work out the problem stuff. I'm an air sign, I don't always pick up on the " dropping of hints " as he puts it ????????

    Sure would appreciate any input....really confused ?????

  • lot2learn: I'm a Gemini, my Cancer has his birthday on July 20th as well! Cancer men, although gentlemen, like there women somewhat scrappy in a way. Although us Gemini's are already sophisticted in alot of ways, they like a little bit of a project too- he probably thought he can get you to quit and not drink so much. Then, in his mind, you're the perfect women- which he could take partial credit for. Weird huh? They can dodge the crap of any emotional conflict. Which can be so annoying. I suggest, as us Gemini's are the master of words, to go for a walk by yourself if something upsets you, and think of a calm, efficient, bottom line way to deal with the situation.

  • i am cancer but have a difficult time getting along with other cancer women, my sons girlfriend is a cancer and very hard to get along with my coworkers two of them cancer we don't seem to like each other well i am flexiable but they seem just plain mean and nothing make them happy. i don't know what the solution is to this problem i don't get to see grandchildren cause o the problems between me and those is hard a lot of miscommunication

  • Thank you !! I'd almost forgotten he did say something like that....I'd asked him why ?? when he knew I drank, and had told him back when we were very different...why he kept coming around, and wanting to spend time with me ???

    Basically on my birthday he told me I was an alcoholic, I'd had two drinks, and I don't drink everyday. He lives with me, but doesn't contribute to the bills, however he has purchased some groceries, a washer, and tires for my car. If I take care of my own stuff and my children, I don't think anyone has the right to tell me what I can or can't do. I told him this is who I am, you knew it in the begining. He still chooses to stay, but the last couple holidays that could have been fun have sucked, now he doesn't say anything, just sits there looking sad.

    other than that he's the greatest guy ever, very secretive tho ??? so I never know what is on his mind...when I ask I just get vague replies. ????

    Thank you for the input... it sheads some light !!!

  • How to answer such a complex question? I am thinking now of two cancers both born on July 16, sharing the ability of introspection and insight. I would rather crack my skull open than to get into deep philosophical repartee and debate which I am sure to lose. Think of someone who is on super alert with the moon and tides. Good days and bad, just pencil them in. Dark circles and digestive disorders, addictions to boot. A room filled with books. Crabby, moody, eclectic, foul, picayune, reasonable, punctual, intellectual, devoted, charming, artistic, philosophic, edgy, and creative and totally devoted and loving . . .

    The Crab

  • hola soy una mujer cancer y quisiera tener mas amigos cancer ..

  • Ernesth that is funny you said a room filled with books, I am a cancer and have a part of my bedroom filled with books!!! Yeah, I guess we are a mixture of moods...its funny though...I have Leo five times in my chart....either I am happy and sensitive or just plain moody...haha

  • I posted awhile ago, hello all fellow and female crabs! I just wanted to voice on one positive thing that Cancers have, which I , myself am. Out of the whole zodiac, we have the greatest hand- eye coordination of all. It's a given to play certain sports like baseball, or football, even frisbee and so on and so forth. If you throw me a ball, I will always catch it. If you throw me a punch, I will always block it. We own very quick minds and very quick hands. Although through most of your stories , we may have seldom used. Tis" not the case for me. Think about it, just like the crab, who's fast with his/ her claws. Weird, but looking back, I certainly can relate. I was just pondering this in my mind.

  • Just had a quick read of this forum and wanted to add my "two-cents"!

    I am a Scorpio who is very interested in a Cancer man. It's very intense and amazing and he can read me like no-one else has ever been able to. Scorpios are secretive people, but very passionate and intense and emotional. Once we have made up our mind about someone we are very loyal and committed. I find that my Cancer guy and I are so in tune with each other that not even the age difference makes any difference to us (he is 6.5 years younger than me). I really get along well with Cancer people as they are also emotional and loyal.

    The cons about Scorpios - well that sting in the tail for sure. Don't cross a Scorpio and expect to get away with it! And we can be very manipulative. But I myself try very hard not to display these undesirable traits.

    I agree Cancers have quick minds. I know a lot of smart Cancer people. I find them very intriguing.

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