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  • Hi I was born on June 26/62... the second of a pair of twins... my son was born on June 23/85 and I have a daughter born on June 22/94... we all enjoy our "me-time".. I work at an educational facility full-time as a caretaker(of all things!)... I am finally after many years of abuse moving into the me I have always wanted to be...I have worked very hard to regain my self-confidence and am moving into a career as a full-time artist... I have read a lot of books by Abraham-Hicks, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield to help me along the way... I had a depression for a while but I really have stepped out of my shell to embrace myself... I do my best to stay away from negativity because I too will fall right in-line with it ... I go do something else when a scary movie is on... I'm a sucker for romance... and sweetness, good and light... I love Sci/Fi and comedy... I don't particularly like confrontations.. but will make sure that people don't walk all over me... I have learnt to trust my intuition much more and to allow the Universe to show me the way on my Journey... I will do my groceries with my ipod on so that I don't have to communicate with others sometimes... I just realize that when I need my time... I'm much better off taking it at the time I require it.. than getting to the point where I become agitated by not taking it... I love music... almost any kind... i love to create paintings and I believe the world is ready for me to take on that role... so I paint when I can...I love the water and to be out amongst Nature... but if I have to be in the crowds I can do that too... I am very careful of whom I call my friend... I have been too trusting at times so I just take it as a lesson and try to find the positive from that lesson... I love to be happy and am adjusting quite nicely to being true to my nature and to no longer fight who I am... I love being a Cancerian... we are just so lucky... and since most of you here are Cancerian... I can open up to all of you and say when you find your true self you will amaze the world... GO Cancerians......

  • Hi, I am Aries and I had a friend who is Cancer. We met 3 months ago in the trip to the Spain. These days were full of passion. When we went back he started avoid me - then I didn´t understand why, it hurt me so much. But now I know why: he thought that I want be his lover not a friend but fear talk about that for me and decided simply "run away". My principle is talk about your worries and all is OK. I understand. I wanted to be only a friend too not a lover! I want him back but how? Dear Cancers give me advice! I know I am on his heart.

  • ulle... cancers are very sensative it depends if you've hurt him or not...even if he percieves you will hurt him it wont happen. (what i mean by percieves you hurting him is that cancers are intuitive and some can sense what other people are feeling/thinking) I'm a cancer and when i am deeply hurt by someone i do not give them another chance.

    If you want him back you'll have to give it time. Cancers typically take there time with getting into serisous is very important to them. just Ask him out on date, dress femanine, make sure theres good food! anyways i hope this helped!

  • I say, if you don't enjoy the way a cancer acts, find someone else. Because there really isn't much you can do except try to communicate your feelings to them. Sometimes us crabs tend to assume rather than find out the truth. Our perception isn't always wrong, though! I love having an extra sense. I am a cancer and incredibly, mind-blowingly proud of it. My moon is in gemini and I feel like two different people alot of the time, but its fine, its like a double life! I embrace my sometimes extreme, sometimes fluctuating emotions because not only does the complexity make us human but it keeps life interesting. I am very moody which makes pms some kind of fantasized hell. Do any other cancers have terrible pms? Do any other cancers find that drugs enhance your perception greatly? Do you feel an extreme connection to nature and to the universe, as I do? Or am I just awesome? 😉

  • Hello angoragoats.... yes I do get terrible pms... but have learnt to let it slide when things get too intense... I am extremely connected to nature and the universe... I do something that most people forget to do for themselves... I take me time.... it can consist of a walk or sitting on a beach and watching the water flow ..... and you probably are awesome just because you're Cancerian... and because you are you.... my favorite time to sit on the beach is when there's a full moon over the water... go figure... have a great day...

  • Hi,

    What can you tell me about Uranus in Cancer?

  • Can someone please hel pme figure out which is my planet...not sure of what I need to know to figure it out? My birthday is july 4th..Thnx!

  • I am also born on july 8th and love being a cancer...I find that I feel things deeply but thats ok it makes me pause to explore situations and how I feel about them.....Life is an journey....why not enjoy the ride jeani

  • Wow you said that so well....I Love being a cancer too...It takes some time but when you learn to finally understand yourself it becomes wonderful...jeani

  • I am a cancer born 07/08/58 I have been sensitive and intuitive all of my life . I have been able to accept it as me ...who I am....and as an adult ,embrace it...we are who we are..and so...why not embrace it and enjoy the journey....I consider every new day a new journey and a new chance for great moments and learning more about myself....and life...and if I am really lucky...something about life in this great big world we live in.......Jeani

  • To be honest, I sometimes think that being a Cancer is a curse. I hate feeling moody, I can't defend myself worth a damn with a snappy comeback - I'm like a shock absorber. I take it and withdraw even more. I'm afraid that what I may say back will come out sounding stupid or that I'll hurt that person's feelings.

    Ulle - you received some great advice up there. I think Cancers have TOO MANY feelings that they don't know what to do with them or the feelings make them feel immobilized. Show that you care, BE THERE for him. That will mean a lot as well.

    I believe too that some, like jeani do have the ability to accept themselves and enjoy their "Cancerness". For me, part of it is probably the depression speaking. Depression is bad enough but I think being a Cancer and having depression is almost like getting a double dose of the negatives from the sign.

  • Ah, yes... My husband is cancer (6/27/79) and also suffers from depression and yes, it absolutely brings out his already socially-taxing Cancer traits. He would agree that it can be more of a curse than a blessing from the first person point of view, but though he can only recognize the stifling weight of his emotions, his outward show of his love and tenderness has made us an amazing family!

    I am 25, he is 29 and we have been wed for 7 years, producing a son, 6, and daughter, 4, and he has a brilliant talent to give Kaleb the nurturing he needs without missing the opportunities to pass down those necessary "man smarts". ^^ Likewise, can he make Adria feel like a princess while upholding the position of the Daddy in shining armour. ^^

    I am a Saggitarius (thats bueskytteren in norwegian) and according to every account i've read, we should avoid each other like the plague. It's true that my uncontrollable need for social interaction and adventure can hinder us... but we have learned to adapt to each others opposite needs. It can seem almost easier... often i can imagine he feels the exact opposite of myself and accomodate him more appropriately. ^^

    •You can't ask a crab to leave its shell behind, but if your gentle and quiet you might get to see him poke out his little eyes and do that cute little thing with his mouth...things... 😄

  • Born June 28, 1990 and 6:45 pm. Yes I do feel that it is a curse, and my specific birth time is even worse, to be honest; A cancer, gemini, aries, and other such things leave me one of the most confused and internally chaotic people I know... I'd LOVE to meet someone born on my birthday...

  • hi I am also a cancer 07/10/70 9:55am. My husand and first born are both libras my second born isa leo my parents are airies my siter is virgo, talk about peace keeping or sometime motivating my hand are full from thje time i get up to the time i fall asleep. I have learned to find my own space by shuttng them all down at the same time its called the cone by the family I retreat to my cone. I am a massage therapist and a cook 2 of the jobs that work wonderfully for me i can heal and feed and play psychatrist all at once. I also am real sensitve to energies and light. I am a home body but every now and again I have to cut loose and escape my shell. There are times that being able to feel energys have gotten me into trouble but I just say to the person involved that you look like you could use an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on if you need one Im available and that usually works for me.I think I ve figure out to have the best of both worlds but some times i wonder if I really do or if im in my own cone and think I m really in the "normal" world.

  • Hi. I'm a Libra on the cusp of Scorpio with a Cancer Moon and a Pisces rising. I do have times when I'm extremely social and definitely a dreamer. But I am most often reclusive and my family takes top priority. They are the world to me.

    I am deeply in love with a Cancer for whom I've been patiently waiting in an uncommitted, long distance relationship for over 2 1/2 years. I constantly get mixed signals. He's the one man in the world I feel such a deep connection with. He's not one for trust or commitment, and for the last five years, neither am I. We've both had difficult relationships and are very wary.

    We have an intense physical connection, but haven't seen each other in over a year. However, we text each other almost daily. Is there a way to lure him out of his shell? Although, if this is all there is, I'll take it, happily.

  • Buesky - that was beautiful. The biggest thing for Cancers is to have someone that understands them and their needs and are PATIENT. Actually, I think that Sagitarians are great for getting Cancers out of their shell and enjoying life. They all have wonderful positive energy. The biggest problem is that Sagitarians are like the Energizer bunny and Cancers need to be recharged frequently. I've had many friends and a few crushes on Sags.

    reada1 - unless the man wants to commit, it's probably not going to happen. Being a Cancer, it's probably easier for him to hide behind the text messages and communicating that way than doing it face to face. You probably feel that deep connection because of having the three emotional water signs prominent in your chart. I honestly think that after a year of not being together, you should start to consider branching out.

  • hi PEOPLE , Im a sun cancer gemini moon and aquarius ascedant I was born a month early so would have been a leo ..a walking contradiction! my mother and father are cancers as well as a younger brother and i have many cancer friends..

    I am an artist and a chef(at the mo).. I find that other cancerians are very intense..and I hve found it hard to find a balance between caring too much and pushing people away as i have to deal with things sometimes they cant admit to themselves..i love people,, and i find the best way to deal with my emotions is to paint, sculpt cook sing..the creative arts. All i can say is follow your gut instinct and your sensitivity is a gift..altho at times it can be a curse. But to be in a position where you cant help would be worse to me.

    I have a knack of finding the words to express what others are feeling which can be weird , to be empathetic to others even animals and plants. Can you love too much?

    The hardest thing is to vent to not suck up other peoples crap like a sponge no matter how much you care because you store it up and it can create self harm or unsurface built emotion at the wrong times..sometimes I want to be the most genuine connection so i open myself fully but as youll find it can lead to headaches, abdominal pains, sleeplessness and stress, you worry for things that arent in your power its not fair..for to help other people you have to be in a steady grounded place by flitering energies directed at you you can help more...

    Baths are awesome, or visual activities, like washing your worries off in the shower and watching them go down the drain, insence, time out:)

    I am a parental sort of person, keeping some ties far beyond thier date..but I am a loyal freind and a hardworker. I find it most confusing when the things you hear from a person dont match with the feelings you get from them. Im am both an introvert and an extrovert..but i like to be behind the scenes I dont need adknowledgement as much as other people. I love to feed people to make sure they know someone cares for them.

    Some people think im weird becos I will express myself even if its not understandable ie in gestures made up words lol I just get it out. And i find it hard to feel people that have a lot of emotion inside they cant let go of...

    The past..oh we have a really hard time to let anything go..but it formed who we are didnt it? I used to love antiques..etc just chillin in my comfort zone..but remember you can always come back to it 🙂

    Cancerians are family oreientated wether they are related or not and i think the aquarian in me relates it to the whole world..sometimes i have wordly moments where I am so small and I want to do big things to help the people and i can be stressed with current events etc . People are the treasure and I can relate to almost to me being a cancerian is a gift can be hard at times.. but would you have it anyother way.

    With some cancerians they want to please people so badly (ie if you feel good ill feel good) that they cannot possibly do everything they say or want to with the best intentions at heart and that can be frustrating.

    I ve noticed that in relationships the water signs are very intense almost magnifies in emotion so good times are really good bad times are really bad. I was in a relationship with a taurus(our perfect match) and that lasted 6 years..until we both had different life paths.

    Now I am with a musical Leo and he takes the spot light when I want to chill and we have a lot of creative similarities. he loves my cookin and nuturing and he makes me laugh entertains me. I can be honest and open because of mutual trust which can take a while to have..So for now I am happy 🙂

  • hello fellow cancerians (jeeze that sounds dorky)

    i am very much a cancer-- sun in cancer moon in cancer. (libra rising.) i'm extremely affected by the moon, especially in my dreams. i have a lot of water-influences as well, my pluto is in scorpio, and mars is in pisces... i feel everything.

    i have found that most of my best friends have been taurus's. but they haven't seemed to last. my past few taurean friends have been thieves, in some form. i also have an extremely extremely intuitively close cancerian friend. we write music together when we see each other. we don't need to tell each other what chords we're moving on to when we play because we just know where it's going. i like to relate to all people... aquarians are very fun to party with, but sometimes they party too hard, geminis are very interesting once you get them out of their box, sometimes i want to punch libras and saggitariuss in their faces because they either are extremely selfish, or sag's are way too energetic. pisces are always always easy to talk to but sometimes they are extremely flighty... capricorns... i had a capricorn boss and she lied like a rug... and aries. ooh they always act all mysterious, sometimes come off as jerks, but are mostly extremely intelligent and are very fun to play music with. scorpios. well..

    they know they're sexy.

    soooooooo....i like to express myself in every form of art. my hands are definitely my main weapon. i write my own music... i play every instrument under the sun, i love to make art, food, and it's funny so many people on this page have expressed this passion, but everyone tells me that i am a great masseuse. i also enjoy writing, photography...and dancing.

    definitely a caretaker. taking care of my grandpa... he's very elderly and doesn't ever take his pills... taking care of my grandma, emotionally because her husband through commonlaw had a stroke.... taking care of my boyfriend, a serious leo, well... because he doesn't really take care of himself... or his things...

    anyhow. so i had this fling with a scorpio about a year ago and it's kinda crazy. we had dreams together. like literally, i would fall asleep and wake up the next morning and be like, hey, i had a dream with you, and he'd say... woah i did too. the day before new year, i had a dream that he had put some new music up on his music myspace, and i went on the computer and nonetheless he had. i also hadn't talked to him in a very long while, and he called me and we talked like it was yesterday. he said he wanted to see me and all that stuff.

    the only thing is, when he finally did get a hold of me again, he almost immediately started ignoring me. so of course, i figured he didn't think i was worth it after i had called him a few times and he didn't want me over to his place because he didn't want his roomate to feel awkward.... and me being impatient after waiting a month.... i moved on. i felt like crap so i figured it was best.

    so i went back to my leo boyfriend of 5million years, and guess what happens?

    scorpio sends me a message (after i've had about 3 or 4 dreams about him) saying he still wants me to come over.

    he makes me crazy, but the wierd thing is every time we were together i was sooo alive.

    and the dreams are so intense sometimes they make my heart hurt.

    so now i'm trying to make things good with my leo... but he's a freakin handful. i love him very much, but i really feel like i'm just being his mom a lot of the time... and i'm sure he feels the same. over the last year i've really worked on the whole smothering thing... but i really feel like that is the only way i can get across to him that that is exactly what i want back.

    i just want him to commit. i mean not necessarily marry me or anything... i just want to know that maybe if we have a future together.... that he's trying to work it out so i can be his love. ugh i just want to punch him. half the time i feel like he's just "using" me (but not using me) to further himself, and that everything is about him. i mean he really is a leo.

    so what am i really even asking, right? i just want to be in love and love someone, and mr. right seems like a long shot away sometimes, and other times, i feel like i'm looking him in the eye.

    what do you think?

  • airies annoy me:) and scorpios theyre a well of emotion and you can feel them even what thier not saying, maybe we r attracted to the people that cannot vent and maybe they find us so we can vent for them?? Ive past the stage of games and mystery altho i love it at times; right now i just want people to be straight up !Sometimes im so straight up its brutal but luckily people understand. that id rather hear the truth no matter what,.i cant keep looking to avoid hurting other peoples feelings.. I ve never met a thieve taurus?? Bt im finding that leos are good for us and i myself am partenerd with a leo they are the loyal companion type although at times i need time out as they seem to want to be mothered I just get angry at it lol people depending on im hard on him but we have a mutual understanding for music and the arts.. We had a friendship first and that i find keeps the foundation of our relationship 🙂

    scorpios are deep but somethings they need to do alone

  • hello, yes I am a cancer through and through, birth date is 7/8/77. can be as moody as they come and I shift just as the tide does. I for some odd reason to be attracted to Scorpio's and while most don't seem to get along with these people I seem to be able to. Don't know why growing up both an Aunt and my Grandfather who are both Scorpio's are still two of my most favorite family members and am still close to both of them. I also ended up marrying one and several of my good friends are Scorpio's. I have yet to figure this out but hey I'm good with it they seem to all be good people and love them all dearly. My marriage is great we have been together for 10 years, married 6 of those. While it is not a conventional marriage it works for us and have been happy thus far. I think part of this is that we can almost read each other before we talk and as our passions in life are similar and both being water signs we both run deep.

    Oddly enough I don't have any cancer friends and the Taurus's in my life go one of two ways I either truly love them and want to spend time with them or I don't like them at all and we just rub each other the wrong way.

    As for me I love adventure and travel and think of myself as a pretty out going person but I have times when I could just as easily stay in curled up with a good book or movie on TV, I do protect myself from others by showing a hard exterior shell and protect the ones I care about the same way and will fight till the end for someone or something I believe in So I have been labeled as a pretty tough cookie but the people I let through that shell which aren't many know how soft and mushy I really am inside and see how easily I can be hurt.

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