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  • I'm a Cancer woman (06/28/1972) who appreciates her sensistivity, MOST of the time. It does help me understand my kids. The crabbiness - well, yeah I could do without it , but it's part of the package. I try to just retreat, brood and when i feel a little better make a joke about it, I am pretty typical- I LOVE being a mom, and I totally spoil them both rotten with food and love. My hubby and I are not supposed to be that compatible- he's an Aries, and that can be rough at time, but we make it work. My Leo son is the center of my universe; my Scorpio son and I cuddle and hardly need to speak to him to understand what it is he wants. I was raised in an adoptive family where all the kids are water signs ( brother Scorpio/brother Cancer/ me Cancer) and my parents are air signs- Aquarius and Libra. Made for us siblings becoming very tight as adults.

    I've seen some comments here on the boards about Cancers that say we are hard to understand, at times. Well, honestly half the time I don't understand myself! I'm ok with that... If you are here looking for advice on a cancer woman, ask away.

    As for the sudden episodes of distance- we are somewhat protective of our inner selves, and when we withdraw sometimes it is just to re-group and gather our feelings and thought about things before we make up our minds. Or it's just a phase of the moon where we are protecting you from our darker side. Most of the time- not about anyone in particular, just "the world is too much with us" and we need an escape.


  • Yes!!! Phoenixmom (my dob6/25/71)-- I so get flustered when it comes to making decisions on the spot. It is aggrivating when it is a complex situation and making sure the facts are all there, but at the same time making sure the decisions are what we want and not projected onto us. I am learning not to take myself so seriously within reason. We can be alot of fun once we are comfortable with our enviroment.

    Learning about myself is a full time ever changing journey. Learning how others play into my life is even more interesting. I was married to an Aquarian for 18 yrs( we are divorced now), I have two boys my oldest is Aquarius and my youngest is Gemini. I have an older brother who is a Leo. My father was a Sagittarius and my mom is a Scorpio.

    It is nice to know that there are other Cancerians who are also coming into themselves so to say. I was always felt on the outside as a child and never thought I would be a confidant adult... I am not quite there yet, but better late than never I guess .

  • Cancergirlfromtheheart -

    I too fluster easily. I was with an Aquar. man for 5 years before I got back together with my college sweetie and married him. maybe being close to the cusp makes us more likely to go for the mor difficult relationship choices there...

    My oldest brother is a Scorp as well as my younger son, my other brother is a Cancer too.. funny story about that. One time he and I got into a fist fight over a salad. I'm going to blame the moon for that one. We still laugh about that, but it was deadly serious at the time! My mom just stared at us, completely unable to process what the heck was going on.... it was a totally illogical moment.

    I was lucky, having two older brothers who understood what it was like to be a water sign raised by air signs, so my child hood was mostly happy and secure. I also had parents who managed the minor miracle of raising us so that no one was considered the favorite. I can only hope I can manage that part with my two boys.

    Keep up the inner work on gaining confidence!


  • I am cancer x3. Sun,moon and ascending !!! So much, I just want to hide in my shell. I really don't want to expose my feelings. I love people and taking care of them....but when it becomes an important relationship I start feeling very protective.

  • Oh darlin' how I relate!

    But we crabs are the most sensitiive of all of the zodiac signs, and that is most certainly a very wonderful quality.

    We make some of the best friends, lovers, confidants anyone would be wise to recognize and cherish.

    We do tend to be very idealist so we are also easierly disappointed when humans behavior in harmful ways toward each other as well Mother Earth,

    Yet, no matter many times we've been hurt there is a small portion of our being that remains hopeful for the world.

    Though I often times am adamant about giving up my quest for true and lasting love

    I remain hopeful of one day finally connecting with my soul mate.

    Don't give up on yourself or try to conform to what others want you to be.

    We are perfectly suited for someone worthy of the love we have an abundance of.

  • Unless you have some direct, in person connection with your Higer Power that has said "You are responsible for this man and everything he feels; cater to his every need now & forever" then Darlin' move on.

    You recognize his potential but he obviously doesn't. You desire a grown up person to be a companion that compliments who you are.

    I believe it is very true that we all have experienced something that reminds us of those "Why did I trust that fool"? moments. But does that mean we can never trust anyone?

    No of course not, life is full of lessons we must learn from. He's not there yet. Are you going to wait for him to get there? Only you know that answer.

    Of all the zodiac signs, Cancers are much more sensitive to disappointments, hurts, & truamas. If they don't fully recover in a healthy manner, it is hard for them to move past these events.

    Even when they try to move one, and feel they are ready most times they've not done the essential steps to overcoming their let downs. These things effect Cancers on a much deeper level than most.

    Any level of hurt will send them in a fight or flight mode. They need to feel better sooner than later & that becomes their main focus. Not considering they need to take time to nurture themselves so that they can be in a better place emotionally before attempting to find a new love interest.

    Cancers think with their hearts, even when their gut is telling them differently.

    I am a Cancer woman and I hope this helps.

  • Oh Precious you hit the nail right smack the center of its head! You rock girlfriend!

    I look forward to more of your post my Cancer sister.

  • Girlfriend I was so excited by your post I left out a word, but I know you know what I meant.

  • Yep, birds of a feather sweetie.

    Nonetheless, we sensitives have to learn to embrace our own selves; for what we bring to the table is something of great value.

    Empathy for instance, can you imagine how worst this world could be if no one had our ability?

    It would truly be the hell hole we sometimes know for certain it is.

    We are the ones who don't understand why people suffer unecessarily, why there is never enough money to help the poor & the homeless, why there are hungry, unloved, negleted, & abused children in the world.

    We don't understand why people choose to hate one another, or why everyone can't share what they have to help one another.

    We are the peace makers & can disagree without becoming violent. We are those that are willing to show respect to someone who has a different viewpoint on something we are very passionate about, enjoy a spirited debate, and shake that person's hand in the end.

    It is necessary, not a weakness for Cancerins to remove themselves from the world more often than most signs, but that is not a bad thing Darlin' That is just taking good care of us. That is why meditation works well for us. This is how we nurture & replenish ourselves. It is our gift to the world to be who we naturally are.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    You know well, Cancers love to fight for worthy causes. Some when we become dissolusioned, we just need to step back, take some deep breaths & and readjust our game plans.

    One thing about Cancers that is very factual, we don't like losing at anything.

  • That's not something you should hate about yourself Darlin'

    People are naturally drawn to our kind & loving spirit. They sense our ability to understand them in their time of need, They feel protected around us and know that we will have their backs.

    I know what you are feeling, and it can sometimes feel like more of a burden than a good thing.

    But that is only in that moment, you've become overwhelmed which is part of our being such a sensitive sign. It is only a bad thing when we don't set aside time to take care of us.

    Once we learn to take care of ourselves as we like to take care of others, then that draining feeling will diminish. If we don't learn to be generous to ourselves, soon we will have nothing to offer anyone inculding ourselves. Child I don't even want you to know how many times I had to start that lesson over before it registered!

    Learning to know when to back away from people even when they are needy is not wrong.

    Sometimes when we are thinking, "Oh Lord, please don't let anybody else ask anything of me" & we are heading out of Dodge, we can still direct someone to other resources even though our own reserves are very low.

    When we decide to give ourselves, we naturally give more than is require, so how can we be everything to everyone without feeling drained at some point?

    Those who truly value us & care for our well being might show disappointement when we are not able to be there for them 24/7; but they will understand when we need to take a break. If they don't well, that is when we need to rethink that particular relationship.

    When we allow yourself to take a break & rest well properly, pamper our own needs, it is only then when can joyfully rejoin the world. Because when we bounce back! Honey-child! We are sure nuff a force to be reckoned with!

  • You have good instints about who you are Darlin'

    Yes, please feel free to chat with me here about All Things Cancerin.

  • Oh mercy, mercy me how I long for an interchange of intellengent conversation with some new people.

    In my shell all by my lonesome, but I am peeking out.

    I remain a spiceysweet1 in Georgia

  • My positive thought about myself today is: I Am Not A Quitter.

    I WILL be here everyday. This is my own challenge, any other takers?

  • My piositive thought about myself today is: I am more than good enough,

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