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  • I am a cancer sun, virgo moon, scorpio rising.... QUITE a mix. I am a homebody to the extreme. I don't care for crowds so a lot of people around make me a bit nervous and flighty. I've been told I don't seem it but if they lived in my skin they would be amazed at the gut-twisting that goes on.

    I do have a decorative and semi organized flair (guess that's the virgo) and I get fussy when someone messes with my order. Though I usually keep the majority at arms length, those that are in my care do tend to get the full treatment. I over pamper and care take. 😉

    The Scorpio rising puts an interesting twist. As a cancer I'd be protective and nurturing anyway. I tend towards a more calm, balanced, quiet nature. However, as my husband has said so many times, whatever you do, do NOT make her angry! LOL! My protective side goes all out. I'm not usually a violent person but I think if push comes to shove I know I'd to anything it takes to protect those in my care.

  • hey, ima pisces (february 27th) and im completely falling for this cancer girl (july 3rd). she's so beautiful, intelligent, but moody as hell. Its like, she tells me she can see herself falling in love with me. Then she tells me she wants to take things slow, and then she makes me tell her "i love her" eventho we're not dating or anything. In a way I do love her but I can't fully love her until she opens up to me and she made it very clear that she doesnt share her emotions with anyone. But then when I get fed up with her and flat out ask her what she wants from me, her sensitivity shows and its like she wants break out in tears. I dont know whether to keep trying, or what.. can any cancerian girls tell me the secrets to ya heart so i can find my way to hers??? ive been reading all ya posts and i know and understand how yall feel about people using you for emotional support and advice but not giving the same in return. well i would like to break that cycle, I wana give this girl my all and be the one who nurtures her when she's done taking care of everyone else.. can yall help me??? pleeeaaase beautiful cancer women? i love yall lol

  • Sure, you can be there for her, after she's done in by giving to her circle, by just doing it quietly and naturally nurture her in return.

    A cancer doesn't need the big neon lights, or a circus, no need to dress in dazzle, with an I love you sign on the billboard, as a lot of people do. They can see suggestion, quiet and behind the scenes, in fact, it is the behind the scenes that means the most.

    Zoom into something she zooms into, maybe a hobby, or watching the moon, and that is where to be her painting that big glorious moonface and hanging it above her bed or going to a second hand book store and hunting down her favorite paper-backs, then creating a little nook by her bed for them, a space for her thoughts. Make her special by noticing what's so special, she'll smile so much over you.

  • All cancers.....I have a question, since us cancers are emotional has anyone taken an herb or meds to control them? Im a cancer(june 27,1966). I get emotional when i hear wolves howl. Few weeks ago i went to church and i heard the preachers sadness in his voice and i almost cried. When i start talking about jesus to friends i almost start crying, Im just wondering what i can do to control myself in these situations. I used to be strong but after husband died in 2006, i have gotten more emotional than in the past. Over the weekend my boyfriend told me he drank some smirnoff ice and something in me cried. I wasnt sure if i was crying because of what he did or maybe something in my past about alcohol, im not sure. I would like to take some herbs to control my emotions any idea? I dont get hysterical, i get teary eyed and sensitive to others needs.

  • Luckystarr,

    Hi, i just got on here after a few months of absense, summer stuff ..!!!

    forums usually goes quiet !!! but tonight, i got curious to read new posts....

    Dear Luckystarr, i read your post & I want to offer my sympathy for your loss of your dear husband..!!!! he is at peace now free from pain and sickness....!!!

    Dear Luckystarr, emotions will always be a part of of lives- it's what we do with our emotions that lead us there - We cry or get teary eyed because we have empathy for others - why do you feel that it's wrong to feel other's need ? you said you are not hysterical..!! just sensitive .... is this correct ??? Emotions can becone a danger if the mind goes to a darker harmful side.. Know what i mean ?

    Valerian Root.... has helped me to calm down, Valerian Root relaxes the hyper sensitivity and balances out our emotions...

    i hope this helped you some..

    take care...

    love and light


  • OOOH i am also a Crab Sister..... !!!

  • HI, i just feel sensitive thats all and i sometimes wonder if its an gift to help others? Im not exactly a people person and im somehow tuned into peoples voice and wolves howl and i always can look at the animals eyes and see the pain or happiness with them. Maybe i just pick them out because no one really cares about those people/animals with feelings? I dont know. I just wish i could control, i do cry but i want to be able to stop it, for example at an event , i would rather cry at home lol. Indiana is gonna get a storm tonight (sept 24). Thanks for replying

  • Hello Mille and other Cancers.

    I am new to this forum and have read some of the posts, but not all. I was born on June 26 around 3:03 am. I have had my chart done but I can't remember where all the signs are....I would say that the best aspect of my cancerian attribute is that I DO know how to be everyone's mom. I am good at it, but it also takes its toll on me. The down side is that I don't keep the shell on too well, so I get worn out by the hysterics of other people, I seem to take on their pain and then can't always get rid of it! I tell myself to 'keep the bubble on'.

    I have a wonderful husband who is a Libra...two signs that should be awful together, but somehow, we have learned to make it work for almost 42 years! We have three great adult children who are sensitive and caring...a Capricorn, a Virgo and a Pisces!

    My WORST thing is saying goodbye to people, even if they have hurt me. Those crab claws can really hold on, lol I guess I forgive too easily, or find that I can be compassionate for where they are coming from.... My worst habit is shutting myself down when I am hurt, instead of rising up like a lion and saying "That's not okay!"

    In the enneagram, if anyone knows that way of study, I am a "2", that is, the Giver. Cripes, I just don't get a break! lol So that study has helped me to identify where my giving is dishonest in the sense of 'giving to get' something from others.

    I have a very dear friend who is a Pisces, he is fun to be around and says "I love you" often. Now I know the pull of older women who give all their money to some unscrupulous salesman, who says they will take care of them. It's a strong pull fueled by fantasy,,,,I do really understand that now. But I'm not giving away my money, little as it is!!

    It's been fun to read all the posts here, hope people find it helpful. Mille, you seem to be a good responder, crab sister!! Thanks for helping the people here! <3<3


  • Hello LuckyStarr

    Hello Cactus & Everyone on this forum...

    For Cactus,, Hi -- I sometimes feel lazy - but thank you for your kind words.. I do listen and i do wish to contribute goodness- truth and wisdom- !!!

    In order for us tocontribute truth we need to De Clutter our thoughts and allow our higher spiritual source to talk to us- i believe them to be our true ancestors - Ever Wonder why we feel lost to the world and all it's people- maybe we have become clogged up with too much chaos of noise and word pollution.. that is what i call it... because noise and words can also effect us to not be in perfect balance... Does this make any sense??

    For Luckystarr, you are at just awakening and seeking answers to your life's purpose -

    I started the same way - Seeking and separating what is fact and fiction---

    the more we seek for truth the brighter the truth stands out before us....:)

    Our ancestors come to us through dreams and visions.. they leave us important messages - you'll recognize what are fantasy and what are real messages --

    and you trust them, and allow only goodness to flow inside your--

    search the web for spiritual teachers[ spirituality ] past and present.. !!! read their experiences- seek within yourself if you feel drawn or resentate their same spiritual energies..

    then once you feel a sense of Balance- you can open up and allow your gifts to do what they were meant to be doing.. to be healing - teaching- inspiring and loving--- :):)

    be blessed...



  • I knew that being of the Cancer sign makes us very sensitive and I appreciate everyones post as I know I'm not alone. I hope in my next life I come as a different sign although I'm sure that other signs have their own issues. I've learned how to be kind to myself and it does help.


  • Hi there nydiam & all my cancerian family.. (((( hugs ))))

    Hmmm, living a cancerian life is no pic nic or a bed of thornless roses.. LOL

    I do not desire to return or reincarnate into human form - i am hoping to evolve to the next level of my spiritual jouney to become a light sourse being.. !!!

    I'm done with this earth human experience.. LOL i want to experience again my spiritual life ..!!!!


  • Good morning to nydiam, Mille and other Cancers,

    Yes, living the sensitive life of a crab isn't a LOT of fun, but I think we do contribute a lot to the lives of others, and really, isn't that what life is all about! Does anyone also experience other strong senses, such as the sense of smell and hearing? Mine are really strong, and that isn't always a good thing, lol

    I work with a co-worker who needs a lot of oral stimulation, and about every 2 hours, she has to crunch something, like an apple, or carrots, or chips....whoa, it comes crashing into my 'ear zone' and I really hate it!! If I have my earphones on, I turn up the volume a little bit. I find it annoying, but I do love her, so try to talk myself out of being annoyed.

    Mille, do we get to choose what happens to us after death? I didn't know that 🙂

    Hope everyone has a great day, and do something nice for yourself!

    Hugs from cactuss ❤

  • Blessings Namaste..

    For Cactuss, HI !!!! YES, I have become sensitive to annoying sounds- specially the chewing- and crunchng noises like plastic & paper hubby seems to do this the best.. as though he reads my thoughts.. and deliberatly crunches to annoy me.. - noise makes my head hurt...

    Cactuss why does you co -worker need oral stimulation.. is eating food allowed during work hours.. she's lucky to have you as her work partner .. you're very tolerant -- i knowi can't - i would probably blow a cork- after awhile..and some nasty remarks to follow ... LOL my Crab Meanie comes out.. LOL

    Cactuss, if you remove all things that are earth religion and look up to the universe let the energy of our universe talk to you.. !!! please delete man's information of what they believe is holy and Hgh -- you'll recognize the truth of who you were and will become....

    I created ME and i will create my spirit life on the other side.. !!! so simple.. right-- but the catch is that we need to complete this life journey first- before we can pass over to the other side.. LOL

    love & light

    be safe be well..

    Mille xox

  • Mille, what is it that you do when you arent on the computer? I mean, your job or what do you do in spare time?

  • HEYYYY !!!!!

    For lucky.... Happy Autumn --wow we had some nasty storms rain and flooding .. thank goodness finally over with and the sun is back and it's sunny and bright...

    We're into October..- Wow a blast of cold air suddenly blew in- I mean it's cold enough to turn up the heat & fireplace.. !!!

    I guess it's time to re do my wardrobe & closets-- pack away my summer shorts and tops.. !! and say fare thee well to the end of summers brutal hot endless heat and humidity.. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luckystarr, you asked what is it i do in my spare time when my butt is not planted on my computer..!! HMMMMMM

    I keep busy with house - the usual boring cleaning - but when the day are gorgeous & sunny I take my lazy butt and park it outside on my back deck..I soak up as much sun as i possibly can -- i meditate with the sun on my face. & when i'm done.. i tend to my vegetable garden and my flowers.. !!!

    i take walks around our property- collectting twigs and stones for my farie cottages - sometimes if i'm lucky i will find rare fungi growing among the pines red small fungi are the rarest and most magical of all the white fungi--.. though these are not the editable . they are known though to be magical and they bring inner balance and harmony to whomever finds them.. one might. even a faerie or two.. :):):)

    Dear Luckystarr, i am what you consider, semi retired homemaker... my sons are grown my younger has moved in with his girlfriend- my older son is happy right where he is- living with us- he works-- his life is happy - he never seems to have a bad day- which is rare LOL - even for me- and I'm home and i manage to have bad days-.. lol go figure... !!- am doing what i have dreamed- - even though i am not all that alone... lol but you know what i mean... To not have to deal with the noise or the people & the traffic of going back & forth to work--!!!!

    Dear Luckystarr, does my simple retired life make me less of a human being- !! ???

  • Hi Mille and Lucky Star,

    Mille your life sounds lovely! soaking up the sun is great, I enjoy that also. Although I am still working and just thinking of retirement!

    I work in a public school in the special education...we do the testing and meetings to provide specialized services to children, and sit at computers when we are not meeting or testing. We have one large room to work in, so crunching happens sometimes at our far as I know, eating is okay as long as you don't create mold anywhere by sloppy food handling.

    My friend is very different than I am, def. not a Cancer. She is controlling in very open ways (I perhaps am more covert, lol) and knows how to get into people's faces. She doesn't do a slow boil, she is just va-voom, up there in anger. She also is very up-front about apologizing if she has offended or made a mistake. We actually bump along pretty well together and have good talks during lunch.

    I think there is something wonderful about being a Cancer and being a nurturer. It does make me happy and makes me feel needed. I also enjoy time by myself, gardening, welding metal art, painting and writing. I am actively riding my bike and participating in charity rides, so that keeps me pumped up and have less energy for worrying.

    Lots of hugs from Cactuss!!

  • Good morning-

    I was wondering if some people could give me some insight on here. I have been been reading this forum and decided to finally ask my question.

    I briefly dated a cancer male (6/24/68) for a while. Things were great in the beginning... seemed almost perfect. He came back from a vacation with his daughter and asked me if we could just be friends for now... Of course I had a feeling something was wrong since his demeanor had changed, the communication had changed etc. Although I was crushed, what was I supposed to say? So, we are still friends...Sometimes, a little more than that.

    Anway, not that I AM a therapist, but I have spoken to my therapist about how all of this happened (along with some other information I was privy to) and I was told he might have 'committment issues' for one reason or another. I get that. We all have our own things that we need to work through. I guess my question to all you Cancers out there is.. am I wasting my time? Of course I care for him, but I really don't know if he wants to hear that. I am not in love with him or anything, but I care about him. MORE THAN ANYTHING- I know/understand what he is going through, however I am not sure how he will react if I tell him this. He flat out told me to my face that he has trust issues... I just smiled at him and said 'Honey, we all do.. " I am very confused. I believe this man has SO much to offer, yet right now it is a constant head game that he doesn't even know he is playing. I am scared to say something to him.. that he might take it the wrong way and revert into his shell... but then again if I never do say anything... I mau never know.

    Can anyone give me ANY advice as to why he may be acting like this? Why he is the way he is? Any suggestions for what I should/should not do? I real;y appreaciate it 🙂

  • mille, i believe you can be happy and young at any age!! I wish i could retire but i have along ways to go. If i had a man who had a good job and security, i would quit and do volunteer work for the senior citizens or doing something with nature-taking care of cats and dogs or whatever comes my way. One of these days i will get some pictures of my dogs and cats and get them posted if i can.

  • sometimes its so hard with these emotions.. like a roller does one cope??

  • i agree ..i do hope and i do believe that this is my last human experience, and this life has and will teach me all i need to know to move on to the next spiritual plane..

    blessings to you

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