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  • Dear Waterman

    Thanks for the good wishes. ll try my hardest to have a Rocking 'm Rolling trip Catch you when I come back. I see you're giving out some great advice on the other thread flying the flag for Cancer men. Good for son-in-law is th kindest man on earth and he is ....yes, a Cancerian. Peace and love my friend.

  • Someone has to fly that flag! I guess it's me. Rock and roll baby, rock and roll! 🙂

  • Dear Waterman

    Great stuff. Take care.Peace, love and hugs x.

  • Airtwins I put it on the point I like what u said about us cancers...

  • Hell right now I have been tryn for a sag for going on 3 most and boy hes a tough one to rope down and keep.. But I have a very special bond with him too i can say anything to him tell my problems etc, but hes just not ready for a relationship right now just friendship and its killn me too.. cuz I really want to be with him real bad and we both live in different states..I live here in Ca and hes in NV...He means the world to me too...I know we are ment to be cuz I can feel it...when Im with someone else I cant get him off my mind and out of my i really dont know wat do do any more....I dont want snyone except him...I need help..


    I have not been here in a while, i think 3 months,

    Cancer Thread is very exciting to me, I get to learn about myself , Though we Canercian babies tend to be heart protective & build a thick wall of protection, We can open up and become tru;y loving and affectionate,

    I don't know myself (lol ) how i manage to stay committed for so many years (30) to one man..,

    if i were single today, My Life would very much different, I doubt, that i would ever marry... !! i would be very very picky at selecting my soulmate.....!! andd probablly live a lonely single life...

    Dear Tularegrl,

    Are you thinking & trusting with your Heart or your Head..??

    We trust our heart to be in the right place,when we need to make decisions, especially when it involves. love connections.. we truly depend on it -- & then we ask ourselves why the relationship is not progressing or blossoming..!!!!!!

    May I ask why is your Sag not ready for a relationship? is it work related or just Life related..?

    long distance, is a tough one, i know so many couples who are long distance - and they love each other, but they hardly see each other, because Work & travel keeps them apart...

    I feel for you, & understand how upsetting frustrating it must be, to not see him !!!

    I hope somehow you both can get to meet & grow into each other in love & light..

    peace to you Tularegrl...

    mille 🙂

  • Hi all, my birthday is sunday june 27 and i will be 25yrs again (actually 44). I think i will stop having birthdays lol. Sometimes i think as you get older, a birthday or a special day will seem like "another" day.

  • Happy Day after your Birthday... !!!!

    i hear ya... when i turned 29 yrs-- & that was like 200 yrs ago... i told myself.. that 29 was going to be my permanent age -- lol

    each birthday that rolls around, i say the same, but not my siblings or my family they think different because they love birthday cake and prezzies.. lol.... i giuess they are right, a birthday onlyt happens once a year, we should celebrate, maybe not so extravagant... but something, sweet nonetheless xoxoxox

    happy birthday..

    mille xox

  • Millefeori, I did get some nice things from boyfriend and 3 birthday cards total. Last year i didnt get anything from the last guy i dated. So to me, a birthday or holiday is another day thats all. When my husband was alive (passed away in april 2006). I did get a few gifts during the first years of marriage but after that i didnt really get any more gifts from him.

    So I can take it or leave it. Its hard to enjoy something when it isnt consistant. I just would rather see others happy.

  • Hi waterbabe, not sure if ur still out there bcuz this discussion is sooo...old, but i reply bcuz although i am not a cancer...I am a fellow water sign and like urself...Im in PR/Marketing, currently in Talk Radio and im new to the field and wld appericate any advice or suggestions realitive to this field...I work on commission and have to find my own clients, I good with networking but havent been able to get a bite...yet! Some suggest door to door sales to businesses but gas costs money,,,n i have nun! lol...Open to suggestions!

  • Yes it is very common in taurses i know...they are romantic, funny, and know how to sweep you right off your feet...they are caring people but one of the most stubborn and often selfish..making them unreliable...He is showing you ALL the signs! U would have to be very flexible and selfless to win this sign...and still doesnt say they will remain faithful...r you willing to move to adapt to His life style?

  • Ty Milleori,

    my Sag man we become best friends, and i think that is the only relationship we will have between us and Im excepting and respecting it too..I can whine to him about any thing too and i love him for it..He knows how i feel about him and I think he likes me too but is still not ready fro a relatiosnip due to he just got out of a marriage 5 mos he still have stuf to do with his divorce too... I just got out of a relationship with a Scorp and boy hes more moodier then me.. very cold stubborn etc... Hes passioniate when he wants to be but he turn real fast when he gets we just became friends at the end... now I got a Leo tryn for me, hes a swty but we donthave any thing in common.. hes in to politics and Im sure in the hell not and im a county gal and hes not in to country stuff...but we do get along with ea other for I really dont know wat sign is good fo me...They say scorps & Piecse I dont think so my sons ex g/f was a Piecies and she was moody and weird...very jealouse insecure too worse then us Im confused

  • hmmmm Tularegrl, Hello sister,

    Thank you for sharing !!!

    please sister, let the energies flow, your soul mate is there why are you putting up a wall of protection ??

    allow your male friends to get to know you, each have their own spiritual vibration maybe not to your own vibration..BUT THAT IS OKAY... we need to understand that love is like a recipe--- we don't always expect that recipe to tuen out exactly the same, this is life as we know it.. no matter how frustrating or disppointing, don't allow negative thoughts in.. .. we are spirits in human form..learning life has to be this way... lessons YES even love the most difficut .. please do not feel discouraged. just imagine, your man waiting for you his lovee sweetheart..:):)

  • Thanks Mille,

    I gave up lookn and Im gona let the universe send him to me...right now im just spending time with my new friends and learning from their mistakes and they are learning from If im ment to have a guy in my life he will show up when the universe is ready to send him to me..As for all the other guys i have mention in my last message.. we are all just friends..I dont feel any sparks from them but just closeness to the Sag one due to we have know ea other the longest...So Im just gona have fun while being single and date alot mayb one of my dates will b my soul mate but im not getn my hopes up too...Only time will tell me...I had real bad sparks with a guy I met online 4 mos ago b4 I met the sag friend and he even lived in my home town..It was like a magnet that attached us real fast.. I felt butterflies sweating and so on when we met but it only lasted for 2 weeks cuz he moved back to Texas and my heart felt like it was ripped out from my chest torn to pieces thrown and stomped on . It took me awhile to get over him cuz he was my dream man (cwby) that I was prayn for and some how he was sent to me then was taking away too...That made me not to trust or love again for I put my wall up.. now im letn it down alittle bit at a time...I want to find that kind of feeling again, but I feel like I cant now..I knew and felt that he was the one but he was taken from me real I guess we wasnt ment to be..So I guess life will go on...As u can see im in to cwbys cuz that just me cuz im a cwgrl..I just wish my dream cwby will come bk in to my life again..all I have to do is pray for him again and see..well thank again Mille..ur new friend Rhonda

  • Just discovered the forum & wanted to say hello to all. # 37 is happening on Sunday!! I am, in so many ways, a textbook Cancerian, with Mercury & South Node also being there. Some books place me on the 1st day of the Cancer-Leo cusp, and with other planets in Leo as well I believe i might be a more outgoing type than some who fit the more precise Cancer mold. My moodiness and emotional extremes mix in a fairly interesting way with the Leonine flair for drama and is a mix that has taken a long time to reign in a bit; so many are put off by excessive displays of affection, disdain, or whatever else. I think it is, in fact, the perfect place for me on the zodiac. I dated many Leos in younger years; I find myself coming into a stronger and more confident skin as I get older & therefore am not as eager to assume that adoring, nurturing, back-seat role that I would once take with much as I absolutely adore their passion, it would be playing with fire for sure (Mars in Aries here as well!!) ~ I can never rule someone out by virtue of their sign (especially only knowing the basic sun sign) but I cant wait to see which type I will gravitate toward now after years of being single. The only thing I know for sure: proud Cancer as I am, I'd never date a like sign as I know I'd lose patience with them. Ok, I'll end this ramble. Happy birthday to fellow Cancerians out there! Glad to be on board ~ Sammy

  • Hi again Tularegrl ..

    For, Sammy Hello & welcome to the Forum,:):) nice to meet you .:)

    I hope to get to know you more!! My thought's my feelings, I hope to be always of the positive - pure - good- and inspiring.. .. !!!

    For Tularegrl, I'm sorry for your sadness, if we could keep the people we truly love to stay in our lives always and forever, I believe that humans all over the world. would never have issues concerning relationships...

    Dear Tularegrl, Since we can NOT re write our chosen blueprint of life here on earth .. those who show up in our lives and suddenly vanish or move to go on to do other things ... maybe those who showed up in our lives, were only meant to be a part of ours for a short while....

    maybe what they brought alongwith them was a message or a lesson , that we needed to learn and grow from, JUST LIKE EARTH ANGELS.. they appear just when we need encouraging,

    and then suddenly are gone, & just when our lives was going so smooth and perfect,




    I am maried to my first love, we celebrate our 30 years together, we are blessed and continued to be blessed everyday, we have 2 beautiful loving older sons-- !!!

    And YES darling, like all couples in marriage we had our ups & downs... normal by the way... LOL.. When there are arguments - soon follows the lovein the huggin and the kissin... 🙂 the arguing is well worth it huh.. lo lol lol lol l

    I don't think i ever experienced what ALONE feels like, my question for me is *Would i feel complete - if my life was meant for me to LIVE alone ???? hmmmm

    maybe - maybe not-- or what would become of me if i lived a solitary ALONE life... ????

    would i become a basket case, lol would i go on to create my life totally different than what i am living now... MAYBE .. MAYBE NOT.. !!!

    are there still lessons for me !!!!! YES, OFCOURSE.. lol lol lol I Tell the Universe to *Bring It On * 🙂 !!!

    Dear Tularegrl, I totally understand & sympathize -

    The Universe and our Angels, I believe want what is best for us.... To grow and to live life's most abundantly - !!!

    Our life's happenings are constantly changing, & maybe today sweetie, your soul mate will appear...!!!

    take care and much peace light & love to you Tularegrl..

    🙂 Mille

  • Hello 🙂 I'm a Cancerian. Born on the 2nd of July at 5:25 AM AEST. My rising sign is in Gemini, My moon is in Aries, I have a double influence of Cancer, and triple influence of Scorpio. I'm sensitive, to the extreme... My moods are ever-changing (thanks to Cancer) and intense (thanks to Scorpio). I do not have a "hard shell" as Cancerians are said to possess. I'm weak, and most people can detect it easily... I have next to no self-esteem, I can't even stand up straight because it makes me feel exposed. I am highly determined. I also love to research and get to the bottom of things, this includes figuring people out, which is why I turned to Astrology. 😄

    I'm reasonably happy being a Cancer. Many people see us in a negative light. But there are positives:

    • Emotions are wild, but they keep life interesting.

    • We have a lot of love to give.

    • Our sensitivity to our environment give's us an upper hand in some situations.

    • Our sensitivity is a tool we can use to help ourselves evolve, even though the expereinces are painful.

    • We are compassionate.

    • We have excellent memories.

    • We're all heart.

    • We have an awesome intuition - giving us the upper hand in some situations, once again.

    And that is all I can come up with this present moment in time. 🙂

  • I am a Cancerian - 21 July 1983 so in some charts I am on the cusp for that year.

    Do I mother people? Oh god yes I do. I worry. I mother all my friends. I try to feed them. I tell them, very bluntly but with love, exactly what their problems are when they complain to me. They try to run away (no just kidding but they do try not to make me mother them). There is only so much mothering I can take though before I go nuts. And I am very firm with my friends. I had a flatmate recently and I ended up mothering her quite a bit more than I should have but she and I have a far better relationship now.

    Do I block people out? Yes, much to my detriment. I have a massive drive to be independent (I have a Libra rising with a Pluto right smack dab in the middle of the first house, both Pluto and Saturn with Jupiter close behind). And I don't quite know how to ask for help from other people. It always seems to come out as a variant of "Hey, you, I need this from you. Why can't you understand that?" (which I hate and never intend to happen) because my intuition helps me figure out what others need before they tell me but I forget that they don't think the same way. I go into my little world all the time. It's nice in my little world.

    I get cranky and crabby and I rant. I also become happy and then I make fun of myself and my ranting. I sometimes go too far and become self depreciating.

    But people tell me I am a good person. And I like the mothering. Somewhat. When my mother (who surprisingly is a Leo which explains her ego) wishes out aloud that she could have been born a "fat Italian mama with tons of kids to feed" I have to smile because I know what she is trying to say. The desire to nurture is very strong.

  • I am a Cancer, with my moon sign being Aries, and my rising Virgo. If anyone else shares this relation please help explain what that means for you personality. I would love to learn a little more about myself and help out anyone else who is confused and searching for who they are.

  • I have been blessed and cursed as a Cancer as I have 3 aspects, Cancer Sun, Moon and Mercury, and three aspects of Pisces, just to confuse matters I have Capricorn ascendant and Saturn. I assure you it has not been an easy life feeling everyone else's pains and sufferings. I have gotten a great deal of enjoyment since I have learned to use these aspects as a Reiki Master. Healing others is what I was brought into this life to do, it just took time to be able to control my own emotions to allow the flow of energy to be a positive force in my life.

    July 12 1961 7:02PM

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