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  • Wow! JC let em go, no good. One night does not constitute a lifetime as us Cancers fall victim to. I am a Cancer man, and I feel you, but a year waiting?? come on even for a woman that's bad. I have a long distance relationship with a Cancer woman right now and I don't think I can do it anymore. I actually broke up with her, she never wants to talk! I wish you luck , but They say Taurus and Cancer are a good match? I don't think so. Been there. Too many trust issues. Most of it Lies upon us.

  • I'm a Cancer woman, getting a divorce and looking for a new relationship. I like to keep everyone at arms length, but I'm a big flirt. I won't actually settle on any one man unless he can pique my interest (and most don't understand how attraction works, which is why women like me stay single for so long between relationships)

    I had an interest, and I guess it went sour, and he won't even speak to me or take my calls. I know what he thinks I did wrong, but I'm not sure I can care. Fact is, I still don't feel like I know him. If you don't know someone, how can you care if they're mad at you?

    I am a very nurturing person, I LOVE to make people feel good about themselves, as long as they don't try to use me to do that. I spend the majority of my time alone, but when I'm around others, I really make it count. I try to connect and nourish the people i'm with as much as possible, because I know that when I'm back in my shell, there is no giving, only being.

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  • Now I acually get Cancer women. Maybe you are a crabby ole bat! lol! Who knows, I was with a Cancer woman for over 6 years how, I dunno. My heart I guess. I'm a Cancer too though.I seem to attract other Cancer women, but that's no good for me. You Cancer women will break a guys heart more then any other woman, because you better find out what you want in life , and stick with it. Otherwise the tables will get turned, and you'll find yourself heartbroken. Really, I don't blame the men that treat you like trash, in general. Maybe if you women stop hiding behind walls and say what you want, it would be different. That's just my opinion, but don't hang me for it lol!

  • Hi Waterman

    How are you...well I hope? Wishing you lots of good thing in life. Have yu been doing Shaman things.. or just hanging out.? Peace and love

  • Hello all!

    My birthday is 22nd June, 1982., so that makes me a Cuspian. Not entirely sure what that means though!

    My rising sign is in Scorpio, and my moon is in Cancer (it's home =]).

    I'm madly in love with Sagitarius, which makes for interesting times. I can never be in a bad mood when I'm around him. He's always cracking jokes and making me laugh. We also have a Taurean daughter who clearly has he Daddy's sense of humour!

    I think I'm more Cancer than Gemini. I'm shy, reserved and ALWAYS putting other's before myself. I'm eager to please!

    I worry about what people think of me. I have a "unique" sense of humour, and I'm terrified someone might think I'm wierd. I find it difficult to becme close to peopl and make friends, because I have been burned many times, especially during Highschool.

    I used to very clingy, but I've learnt from past relationships that I need to let go. Having a Sag partner can be trying at times, because he always disappearing! But he's there when I need him, even if it's to look after our toddler for half an hour so I can have a relaxing bath in peace and quiet.

    And I hate to think I'm nagging him when I call him to ask him if he's going to be home for dinner or not.

  • Hey High Priestess! Long time huh? I want to say I'm good, but I'd be lying. No shaman yet, that's for sure. I'm sucking in everything around me too much that, it's finally taken it's toll. At work, family, friends, well the ones I have left, I guess. I've put myself out there and just basically got shit on by everyone. Bad idea huh? Some things you should really keep to yourself. But, that's not me. What do I care anyway, but I know I'm headed for a big change. I see it AND I need it. My attitude sucks, I'm mad at everyone , I have no patience for anything, I can only stand peoples bull - s h i t for about 5 seconds anymore. I've got grays in my hair and facial hair and i'm only 30. I mean, come on. LOL! Even I have to laugh. I understand that I am an empath now. I researched awhile ago and I just know I am. I notice different things now that I never did before. Like entering a room full of people. I can change a room full of peoples moods in the snap of a finger. If I'm smiling, their smiling. If I'm not , believe me they're not. It's that power that I can't seem to harness. I take to much of it from others, u know, the energy?

    I feel I'm really negative and I can tell when people pick up on it. I can still read minds though. Thats my problem and it has me screwed. I don't even remember the last time I went to a wedding but, funerals, I can't go. Too much emotion for me because I'm too aware of sorrow. I feel it even before it happens, death, that is. For days it will linger on in me until I release it somehow( usually through booze) then that just makes it worse! I think I've been drinking too much lately, that everyone thinks I'm a loon. Oh well.... So, How are you? 🙂 still gotta smile sorry for all the negativity. I know you're a good soul, I just had to vent

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  • Dear Waterman

    Vent away my's tough being a's with nature, birds and animals that you feel the pain of the universe; it's time to feel the joy too. One of my cats kllled a sparrow yesterday...pulled its head clean off its body.. Chr---t that brough tears to my eyes....such gratuitous violence...the cat didn't even try to eat ithe poor dead bird...there was no excuse..that's what (some) cats do.

    Can you find a set of people with no joy in their lives? Could you make them feel better? A shaman is an about joining the outsiders,; help those without any joy in their lives to laugh this possible? If not, perhaps sticking with the animal kingdom, would be a better option?. What do you do as a job (if you don't mind me asking.?

    Love and peace my friend

  • Nature is my best friend . And yes, I have tried to help those people around me that can't find their way. That has gone on for years, and still I never focused on myself. That is why I'm where I am. I figured out that these people will never change, and in fact I am all about it, even for myself. I finally am at that point where I give up on them and now the focus is or should be on me. I can't handle their troubles anymore. It has taken too much out of me. I think that's why I'm lost in a certain way. It's time for me now. I have helped and helped and helped. Just never could do it for myself babe. Now , it's time.

  • To answer your question, what do I do? I work for a company that's called , and I quote, " Lucifer Furnaces LLC inc. I build Industrial heat treating furnaces. It's a trade job. It 's what I kind of fell into. I was always good at building things. I have been a paver , a landscape architect. I have worked with cameras, hidden, surviellence equipment , I can do basically anything that has to do with building. I'm one of those guys that is the jack of all trades but, master of none. My father was a tile setter by trade. He was the best. Bathrooms, kitchens , bachsplashes, foirs. Just the best. I work hard like him. I miss my ole man. He was my direction in life. He died when I was 18, right before I graduated high school. That basically killed me. I was a Marine. I went into the Marine corps. I was a good soldier, but I failed, got involved with the wrong people there , where my superiors told me that I was great. Left the Marines and became a Lifeguard. And the story goes on. I'll tell you more but I have to go babe. Talk soon 🙂

  • Dear Waterman

    What a shame about your fathe; that loss is somehing that cannot be mended, isn't it, but 'm sure he's atching over you from the spirit world. I think you were much too sensitive to be a marine.....too much bullying.goes on; too much of trampling your spirit and individuality into the dust.

    Yes you should concentrate on yourself now (sorry about your grey hairs), but I'm curious as to why nothing good happened in April of this year, when Jupiter passed over your Piscean Ascendant. Did you feel different at all? Isn't there a hint of a new relationship? A new job perhaps? Somethng should have happened I would have thought! Anyway, wishing you good times my friend; peace and love too..

  • Amazingly, yes alot of good things happened in April. I felt like I was on top of the world, now that I look back at it. With that, I bet on triple 888's on the daily number on my fathers death date which was April 8th. Mother F'r, I won that night! Sorry for the launguage. I won a thousand. Then I went up to Conneticut to see a girl I met online and we had a blast together. I just did it . It really was a good month, but I did feel the connection to the universe . I felt really good , like , really lucky for a good three weeks , almost the whole month. It only lasts so long though. I know that feeling. I wish it was everyday. I did start the relationship and saw her for our first date on the 10th. We had a great weekend but as fast as it came , unfortunately, it diminished by now. It was fast lived. I didn't know the movements of the planets , but if that's good, It's good. I just know the feelings and I go by that. Thanks babe, we'll talk , I hope I answered your questions lol tell me when more good stuff is coming haha love ya! I already know though..... I just need someone to tell me , like a second opinion. u know 🙂

  • I did want to say one other thing. My sensitivity, in the Marines, I used to my advantage. Remember I am still a man regardless. I was more aware of my surroundings then others ,now that I look back and wonder why I was a leader? I picked up on things that others did not. I could see things that others couldn't. I was grounded back then. I was a good soldier. I never could pinpoint out the fact that I have what I have. I only could go through life brushing off what I thought was real but would only be fake to others. It was hard . I didn't know until I started to research. I thought I was crazy. And that's it for now. Damn.

  • Dear Waterman

    Ah, yes, Jupiter is what I call the 'Las Vegas experience' was literally that I see with yor tiple 8s. In March 2012 i, Jupiter will be in your 3rd house of communiation and people will want to listen to what you have got to will start to "channel" all that Shaman's energy you have and start to heal will come through your mind,( perhaps your hands); you just have to 'think' it and direct it positively. Totally appreciate what you say about 'being a man' are certainly brave and who knows you could ever doubt it, or doubt your masculinity. keep on rocking my friend and stay in touch

    .. By the way i'm an Aquarian - not your favourite sign I know.........some are devious in the extreme ...with a Sagittarian Ascendant ...I'm that Las Vegas eperience in my head, although, unlike you, I've never won anything in my life.

    Peace and love

  • Thank you so much. Aquarius, I do like alot, actually.I think they like me lol!

    They have minds and ideas that I wish I had. Though the only thing that's different is that I think rationally. I figure out problems, and Aquarius , thinks, when I just do. That's the difference.

  • Dear Waterman

    Well yes, you're right...Aquarians do tend to have videos running in their heads; you on the other hand, aren't watching the video, you're out there doing and living. Have a good week...I'm off to Portugal on's somewhere I've never been..but California again for Christmas. Take care Waterman.... I;ll catch up with you when I come back.

    Peace and love

  • Hey High! You're right, I tend to see things at face value. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately , I can see right through that doubt. I wish you the best on your trip! Have fun, I know you will. By the way, I do watch the videos. 🙂

  • Dear Waterman

    Ahhh..the best of both worlds. Love and peace my friend.

  • Definately, the best of both worlds! Love and peace to you High, look forward to your return. Have a safe and fun trip hun!

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