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  • If you're a Cancer, we want to hear from you. Do you feel the urge to nurture and protect others with your shell, or do you find yourself keeping others at bay? Do you work with others in your professional life, or prefer solitude?

    Perhaps Cancer is your Rising or Moon sign ... if so, we want to hear about that, too.

    Finally, maybe you have some Crabs in your life that you'd like to get to know better ... or maybe they're already close to you, and are even a little smothering. How do you get a Cancer to let you past their hard outer shell, but not to keep you tight too clenched in their claws? Maybe a Cancer here can give you the tips you need!

  • Hi!

    I'm a Cancer....still not sure if I like it, but do I have a choice??? πŸ™‚ My b-date is 6/25/67, 3:05 am, and lately I've noticed that I really, really want to stay in my shell because of the intensity of emotions that I am feeling. Full moons are almost unbearable. I have to be careful what I watch on t.v. and what I listen to on the radio because it really affects how I feel.

    Sometimes, I really want to be around people, but a lot of times I prefer to just stay in my shell.

    I find it hard to find the positives about being a Cancer. I would like to be a little more open and available to others, but the desire to be safe usually wins out. I would like to not be so afraid of feeling, of the ability to be empathetic; to be able to use it for positive, but I am not sure how.

    Any other Cancers feel the same way?

  • i am a cancer and i can be a little over protective and nourshing but at times i prefer to have others far away from me i can't stand to many people around me but people always seem to be around when i don't want them to asking me for advice and i hate it but i love to help people anyways

  • I love to help people, too. I'm a cleaning lady, gardener and a massage therapist. And, doing all of that makes me feel good. But, I just wonder if I am by nature an introverted being.

    Do you have issues with extreme sensitivity?

    I would like to talk with people who have similar astrological orientation, just to compare notes with.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am a Gemini, but I have Cancer in 5 of my houses! Then, to make matters worse I am dating a fella that is a Cancer and his Mom is also a Cancer. Talk about being nurturing! I am always having to say, β€œ I can't eat another bite.” to keep them from over-stuffing me! ; )

    It is a sign that likes to stay away from the world, and it is a sign that is very moody. But you know what? That's OK. I would rather know a cancer than any other sign. All that need to make sure I am happy and taken care of means I am cared about. You folks need to find the people that need you, and have the ability to gently say, β€œThat’s enough for right now.”

    Sure, he cries at the same things that make me cry; but what woman doesn't secretly adore a man for the ability to feel those things.

    Sure, I never know which personality he will be when I see him: the trick to surviving that is to not take it personally when he is "Crabby" or "Sulking" . And talk about Thin Skinned? You betcha, but realizing how sensitive he is has truly made me a better person. How insensitive this world makes us and we don't even realize it.

    Know what? A lot of positive comes out when they finally trust you not to hurt them. It took me years to get that close, and my perseverance has paid off. He is truly thoughtful of me and what I want in this relationship. I know for the first time in my life what a caring loving relationship is, and it's wonderful.

    The point I am leading up to is this; When I met him I knew I had to find out who he was. I made it my business to read everything and anything I could get my hands on about Cancers, and in particular Cancers and Gemini's. I looked on other sites and they all said I was too flighty for him and he was so moody for me it would never work. However something told me to keep looking. I found and was given a much more well rounded look at the two of us. Yes, your not the best match, they said, but if you hone your short comings and learn to control your tendencies to loose interest, and you can deal with a few of his quirks and not take it personally you two can have something very special that every one would want emulate.

    It's true, we do. And so can you. Spend your alone at home time learning who you are, what makes you tick, and what you need in a relationship. Then look for that person and don't stop till you find him/her. You just have to want the answers enough.

  • Oh, I've got my man! πŸ˜‰ I've been married for almost 18 years and happily so. I have a 20 year old son who is a sweetie.

    I think I struggle with feeling safe with other people, outside of my home, er, shell.

    It didn't help that the environment I grew up in was abusive and my sensitivity was mocked; a double whammy.

    Figuring out who I am has been an uphill struggle, thousands of dollars and years of therapy.

    I don't know any other Cancers - my husband's a Capricorn, my son is a Virgo who seems to have inherited some of my sensitivity. And I know that we all bring our own flavor to this world - I just seem to be out of step at times with others. Sometimes, everybody wants to watch a really scary movie and I'll be the only one in the room who dreads it because I just can't handle the impact of the adrenaline rush. Or, with music - I have to be careful about what I listen to because, at times, it can crank me around in just a few seconds...

    Maybe, I am just learning to be me and accepting who I am πŸ˜‰

  • Hi there! I am Cancer - born at 13.38gmt July 22, so I cusp Leo.

    I studied literature, philosophy and history of art and worked in PR and Marketing in creative arts for many years. At the tender age of 36 I decided to have a career change and studied three disciplines of complementary medicine. I also teach relaxation and meditation both one to one and workshops. Untill recently I have been working with a project to help people who have had long term health issues, preventing them from working, to be able to return to the work place.

    I decided about a year ago that both my self and my youngest son (older two having flown the nest) needed a change and we are in the process of moving house (in the next couple of weeks) to somewhere totally new. I have no idea what I am going to do other than something in Comp Medicine. I am letting the universe guide me....

    I have found that when I tune into my intuition and go with the flow I am much happier than when I listen to outside influences. I am truly dreadful at realtionships - I end up being in rescue mode and it ends in disaster for me. I tend to crawl back into my shell relationship wise when it all comes to an end. With age comes wisdom! I am very guarded about who I allow in my innersanctum these days and read people better.

  • i am a cancer born on june 23, 1990

    being so close to gemini i have many qualities of both cancer and gemini. i find it kind of funny that i have so many contradicting qualities. i feel sometimes a care to much or maybe everyone else cares to little, but at the same time i am a bit selfish and i think i am asking to much from the people around me.

    Gemini being the twins of everything, the ying and yang and being a cancer makes everything about me a contradiction what am i to do.

  • I am a cancer as well. July 8, 65 7:34pm. I find that I fit almost all stereotypes of being a cancer. I have to pay careful attention to not allow the strong negative aspects to weasel it's way into my life. So I stay mindful of it. I am a nurturing person, but have since learned that nurturing and martrydom are two different things... ah, but for so long, they were synonymous. I have also since learned that being a solitary creature by nature, that incorporating others is not only necessary, but imperative at times. When I first meet people who I feel will become friends, I let them know that I have moments where I need my down time, and to not take offense at this. It is not personal. As long as I understand where my boundaries are in the sand, I will handle situations head on... not sidestep to avoid being in uncomfortable situations. I love being a cancer. It has so many positive characteristics. I just had to learn how to use them all to benefit others as well as myself.

  • What do you feel the positives about being a Cancer are? Do all of you notice a great deal of sensitivity, and if so, in what areas? As I said in my earlier post, I don't know any other people who have the sun sign of Cancer, except my mother in law, and I just wonder what the similarities are between me and other Cancers.

  • Hi there Brighid

    I also have a son who is Virgo and like yours, he is a sensitive soul! I know what you mean about staying in your shell but I prefer to call it getting space!! There are times when I just don't want do be disturbed by the outside world at all - which includes unplugging the phone...

    I feel it is because of the work that I do and I just need to take time for myself to recharge.

  • Hey there!

    I was born July 16, 1981 at 1:20 am and have been work through some things since day one!

    It's been a long trip, I was pretty much a caretaker to my whole family. Dad was moody, mom was depressed, older sister was manic depressive and younger sis was born epileptic and developed mild autisic qualities. I have had to take care of all of them most of my life and while I love them, I couldn't wait to move away. So I am not that much of a Cancer homebody!

    Right now, I am in CA, my favorite place in the world and I plan on moving closer to the water in a few years. Maybe San Francisco!

    Although I am in partial love with this absolutely beautiful Pisces man ( who was born on March 19, 1981), man, if he only knew!!!

  • Help! I am a Taurus who cannot understand Cancers. There is a woman I work with who I don't understand at all. She doesn't seem nurturing to me. She talks about who she knows and what she'll do, but I don't see where it leads. She doesn't seem to want to colloborate on projects. She certainly doesn't seem impressed about what I can do. The small blurb on the compatibility of signs on this website didn't give me enough insight. My daughter and MIL are cancers as well. I'm sure any insight you have will go a long way for me! Thanks!

    cross post on Taurus site

  • hi im a cancer lady who is in love with a scopio man ..we was going out with each other for nines months .now we just friends who ends up in bed now and again when it suits him. i do know he loves me deep down but its something holding him back .i,d love use to be a couple but i think he cant trust me ..could anybody help me on this one thank you ..

  • Hi!

    I'm Cancerian with my moon in Leo and a rising sign Sagitarius (so I get restless as hell and constantly stirring up stuff by asking "why?") Yes, we are natural nurturers and home-bodies. In fact my home is my sanctuary and wherever I go I have to create what I call "sacred spaces". the older I get the more affected I am by full moons. My daughters laugh at my "howling" once a month. Most Cancerian women I know are highly opinionated, but I do hate to generalise. I love good food, and I'm hypersensitive (including feeling energies in people and places). Very intuitive and have incorporated this into my work. Also very empathetic (which is also incorporated in my work.

    The protective shell of the crab is there for good reason, as we give so much out and need to retreat every now and then to protect something of and for ourselves.

    Love to be near any body of water (though I can't swim).

    Interesting all my good friends are Taureans (both male and female)... they tell me they help keep me grounded. Ha!

  • Pastel Queen- Thanks for your insight. I'm still curious as to why the cancer women I know stand on the sidelines and give out comments but don't really get into the thick of it and show how it's done. My philosophy (and I'm Virgo rising with an Aries moon) is that unless you are willing to get involved in the solution you shouldn't really be throwing things out there only to retreat. Sounds like Taureans and Cancers can make good companions if they can work it out. I'll keep at it- we are determined animals.

  • I'm a Cancer with a Pisces moon and Virgo rising, 7/12/90. I am sensitive, especially to other people's feelings. Disney movies are a cry fest for me (don't ever mention Bambi).

    I've been feeling very vulnerable lately and as a result I haven't spoken much to anyone outside of my immediate family. But I'm generally very nurturing, I'm going to massage school right now and I love the comfort it allows me to give people. I'm dating a Leo and his mom is a cancer as well, so her and I get along very well. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that.

  • What I meant about other people's feelings is that I almost tend to take on other people's feelings. Even fictional characters. I'm not sure what it is but even comedies like south park can get me crying.

    Okay that sounds a little dumb, sorry.

  • I was born on July 17, 1962. My Moon is in Capricorn and my ascendant is Gemini, though for a while, based on older astrology books, it was in Cancer.

    My home is my sanctuary and gardening is my therapy. After working all week I look forward to hiding out in my home and getting nurished by it. There are times when I go somewhere on a Saturday or Sunday or both days, I need to (really want to) take that Monday off just so I have that extra day at home. I am childless, but like my username says, my pets are my children. I'm going to be the crazy "cat lady" when I get older.

    I've always had issues with a lack of confidence in myself. I never give myself enough credit and it was tough when I was a child because I was the child the bullies loved to pick on. I was an easy prey for them. I always thought that I must've been the one doing something wrong. As I got older and wiser and realized with each success that I do have something to offer, my confidence grew. I'm also battling depression and have been for the past 16 years.

    I love to laugh - I have a great "cackle". πŸ™‚ My sense of humor is a little off color. I do consider myself a loner, though I do enjoy going out and having a good time with my friends every once in a while, including traveling. Speaking of traveling, I ALWAYS feel homesick when I first arrive at my destination, no matter how much I looked forward to the trip. I'm not comfortable with unfamiliar territory and I don't like to just hop in my car and drive anywhere.

    I am opinionated by I reserve my opinions for people that I know will respect them. If I don't agree with a person's point of view, I will state so, let them know where I stand and then not say anything else. I hate confrontations.

  • Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Rising, Chinese Snake, Zoroastrian Horse, Celtic Oak/Fig. I'm more open to my friends than my family. I tend to keep to myself like a hermit. I stay in my room most of time, well mostly because I'm playing WoW. I play an Ally Druid. I tend to make jokes alot though most of them are dirty. Besides being a gamer, I enjoy watching Sci/Fi, Drama & Comedy movies. I do not like Horror movies. I like listening to a variety of music but mostly power and 80's hair metal.

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