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  • i'm a july 12er.

    alright. i don't know about the rest of you cancerians, but i have been really fed up with people's crap lately.

    and i'm really tired of it. it's definitely wearing me out. and of course, that makes my moods a little unsettled. i know you can't make everyone happy, but i think it is important to try to harvest positivity...

    has anyone else been noticing seriously intense mood swings (i mean way more intense than usual), vivid dreams, and the feeling that you just want to disappear and start off life in a different world?

    i don't know if that mentality is going around or if it's just me. i'm not so sure i'm enjoying it.

  • I am told by those close to me (and lately seeing it for myself) that I do tend to help anyone, I am the person to come to if you need a place to crash, a meal, a couple bucks, a shoulder to cry on, but I have a very hard time trusting anyone to be there for ME. I am involved now with a very loving, genuine, generous Pices man who gets a bit upset with me b/c I don't want to give up any of my independence, and b/c he says he can sense that I don't completely trust him.... I don't... I don't trust anyone completely. And, I don't see how it's that big of deal. Honestly, I feel that it's the right thing.

  • Not all Cancerians are phychic. I have many Cancer friends and they are so out of touch with the feelings of others becuase they are so involved in their own internal life that even if you wrote it down for them, they would think only of how it affected them. Having said that, some of my Cancer friends are very intuitive, depending on their moods. If they are insulating themselves, you could be in a severe depression and they wouldn't notice. My favourite things are Cancerians is their sense of humour. All my Cancer friends are funny and love to laugh (when not down). I have more Cancer friends and am very compatible with Cancer but you must always be wary of what you say because one moment what you say is funny, the next the may take it as an insult. You just never know. I appreciate this unpredictablity because I adore challenge and change but many other signs, no way Jose. I am a Virgo Sun, Taurus Rising with emotional watery Pisces Moon. It is this aspect that makes me so connected to Cancerians. I dated a Cancerian I meet in college and in 7 1/2 years, we never lived together which was perfect for both of us, freedom loving, lots of me time folks. We are still great friends and connect at the deepest level. But even now, I can say the wrong things and feel the air chill. Some don't want that much work in a relationship but I say, "All good things take time and effort."

  • EveBeltane, lol about some cancers being out of touch. This is true, as it is true for most other signs too. Being the intuitive Cancer, that I am. You probably can tell in some of my earlier posts that I detest cancers or anyone no matter what the sign they are who cannot take control of there own lives and are so involved in what others think and do to them that they have what my Mother calls( a Taurus through and through) her version of PMS which is (poor me syndrome) and while yes all cancers have there mood swings if they know themselves well enough they know that there are times when being around people just isn't good for them at the moment. and will use there retreat mechanism when need be.

  • June 24 - I am a cancer all the way around, my moon is in cancer and my rising is in cancer, I am very moody. I can be this way one minute and another way when the wind blow. I love my family, I love people, I enjoy helping others and I also enjoy being to myself. When things don't go my way I go into my shell and not let anyone in.

    We are good people, you have to get to know us to understand us, which takes a lot of patiens. Because we wear a many of hats.

  • Oh yea my sun is also in cancer.

  • why does changing your life around have to be sooo uncomfortable? haha. i want the change, but i really don't want all of the confusion and pain that comes with it.

  • Hello Francophile:

    Cancer's love your solidity, but they want (no, demand) in their quiet way, nurturing. They want the assurance that you (their rock) will always be there and they can be comfortable with you. Say no bad things about their mother: a BIG no-no, and they (like us Taureans) like to be home -We like the familiar; they like the security, although we bulls have to get out in our meadows and graze. Hope that helps. Meanwhile, I am dealing with the other end: Fire = Aries. It's also quite a challenge! Good luck!

  • Hey Everyone!..Hope that life is treating ya'll righ!:)t....alright well me i'm 21 years old and a Scorpio with Moon in Cancer n Rising in Pisces!...and i must say, with all those sensible sign rarely combine! IT'S REALLY HARD BEING ME!....i need life advice!:S....i feel like i ain't understand..i have only one deep friends in my life because others from this world are all sooo corrupted....i feel so compressed on myself! cause i can't find love....n you know when you feel and know that this world is changing rapidly its are to see the's also Hard to find tru love around. i'm so loving but girls are kinda scared of that cause guyz tempt to use dem. i am attache with girls cause i feel that i need trust n love to evolve but nobody seems to want of my love.without being cocky, i'm a good lookin guy but don't have a job for now...n girls only want a guy whom good money n dress like everybody else n are materialistic, but they ain't looking for they essential : LOVE!!!!...they CAN'T see a man who is wiling to love if you gave it a is ruling everybody mind and that's the change that scares me! i'm tired of this:S:S:S:S any ADVICES On ones and for all finding a cancer woman!:( PLEASE....

  • Just talk with your cancer friend, treat him like a friend. Be happy and dont think so much about the emotions and feelings. Let him talk about it. I am cancer lady, and just met an cancer man. I want to be friend with him, and i like him as a friend. He wants me, from top to bottom, soul to soul, nice, but still i am not sure. we have just met.

    Im feeling so vulnerable, have separated for 3 months ago, so I dont like to give in my emotions. We are distance friends. He is in East and I am in SouthWest. We have met, I told him that might the last. I dont know. I am not sure of my feelings either. He asked me if Im afraid to fell in love, i said, i guess, yeah, maybe. so dear friends, with cancer friends, its not easy to your cancer friends to understand themselves either, if you like them, be connected with them if you dont have connection thats gonna be a problem. Cancerian usually are intuitive in their nature, and when you get into them, you will enjoy their loyalty forever, but if they get hurt the scar will be there forever they will never come back to people who hurt them, like i do. I like familiar place, but i keep on moving, and i am happier now, my life is smoothier than ever. i am still conservative but now im taking risks and challenges, still careful and straightforward. the problem with cancers they are honest, i am very honest, too honest, that makes me too perfectionist, which is not good. i like changes but i never leave home, that is my sanctuary, my children, and my old sweet life, and every thing familiar as long its sweet i will go back there, bad memories is a waste of energy to think about. cancerians likes to stay in one secure place, otherwise they will find another place. another thing, is that i keep myself on the flow, i dont fight against that any longer, that makes my life sweeter, and the music is always in good rythm. My last advice, let your cancer friends alone, dont nag or force them to talk to you, you are talking on the wall, they needs solitude once in a while, they getting their energy from our mother nature, and being themselves is also a process for them to get through with their moods.

  • Cancer Leo rising here... I'm a hermit mostly. I find that I am not comfortable around too much 'other peoples energy'. So I pretty much stay to myself. I've been know to crawl out of my shell on occasion though, and when I do... WATCH OUT! Ever see a dancing crab? It's been my experience, that each and every 'Cancer person' is totally different. I usually don't get on well with other Cancers for some reason - can't figure that one out. I was born on July 8 - about a hundred years ago at 8:04am - in the city of Utica, NY. I also find myself surrounded by 'un-likeminded' people pretty much constantly. I'm extremely open minded. I have views and thoughts waaaaay outside the MSM (main stream media). Most think I'm just a crazy conspiracy theory person. It's ok - we're all doing the best we can. Anyway, I tend to be nuturing and understanding and my closest friends - of which I have TWO - always know that if they want a straight answer about ANYTHING, they're gonna get it from me honey. Might be my downfall - that brutal honesty and tell-it-like-it-is attitude. But I'm a comedian as well. I can find humor in just about anything. That's one thing I know most folks appreciate about me. I can make 'em giggle and laugh, and sometimes... wet their pants - hee, hee...

  • Hey,what's up? I'm an Aquarius sun,with Cancer as my moon sign. I love my mother,and I talk to her alot. I can get too emotional,and I feel others moods deeply. This moon sign comes with an added Pisces decan (there are decans in astrology).

  • ok. so change isn't so bad.

    a few months ago, i posted a couple of whiny, poor old me, love sucks kind of things around here. but i've come around.

    over this last year, i (july 12) had feelings for a scorpio (october 23) on and off. we were hot and cold and hot and cold, and things never seemed to want to come together for us. over this entire year, i have had and recorded almost all of the dreams that i can remember having of/with this scorpio. the most vivid of these was sometime in january or february...

    he came to me in my dream, and the only thing i can remember, of course extremely vividly, was him looking into my soul and saying, "i am a part of your future." it came to me at an extremely exasperating time in my life, when things we're going sort of ok with my old leo (august 7) boyfriend that i've been trying to work things out with-- FOR YEARS. mentally, i began to dissolve and become really disillusioned by all the negativity that was seeming to take over my life, and felt stuck in just settling. i remembered the dream and set it aside as a crazy fantasy.

    on the fateful day of may 14th, i had a sudden realization. actually, it was more like panic set in and i woke up from another bad dream. i realized i was at a fork in the road in my life with my leo, and that there was absolutely no way i could continue my future with him anymore. it was insanely strange. i hadn't been thinking about breaking up with him, but apparently my subconscious had. i told him there was no way this could continue to work out, and he completely agreed. i only talked to him once a few days after that, and haven't spoken a word to him since.

    the events that took place after this were marvelously breathtaking. i have never in my life experienced a falling into place of circumstances as profound as this. the little things include me being able to attend the school i've wanted to go to, finding an excellent roomate in an extremely convenient location and at a great price, finding the perfect job- just walking distance from my new home, finding tons of opportunities to play music and be creative, the list goes on and on.

    the best part of all of this life in sync, is that my dreams came to life. my literal, falling asleep and waking up dreams. i experienced some bone chilling synchronicities the day that i found love again. almost exactly a year before, i had written a very heartfelt love song of longing for this scorpio: the chorus goes like this- i'm hoping that you'll pass me by in the crowd, cause i'll be sitting here by the singing trees, on a grassy hill where you'd imagine i'd be. and i'm hoping that you'll pass me by in the crowd, cause i'll be waiting for you in the park be the sea.

    under those same singing trees i had written about in song, time took a long, heavy, sigh, and let us establish the roots of our ridiculously intuitive relationship. and if you've ever felt time stop-- you know that love frozen in time is miraculous.

    i guess what i'm really trying to purvey here is that if you find the love in yourself, and you will it and let it go, it will eventually come back to you.

    just let it happen.

  • lepapillon: So happy to hear things are going good for a cancer! Your story revives hope that my Cancer man, that has been going through a hard time like all Cancers, will get over his Leo ex who's no good for him. Now hopefully he'll come back to me like he said he would this summer! (Only if he's ready of course...)

  • brighid, you made me believe even more in astrology............

  • I have a question for you guys. I'm a Cancer sun (July 13, 1978 at 4:53 PM or 16:53 in 24 hour time) with a Libra moon, Scorpio rising, and Leo Mercury. My b/f is a Gemini sun (June 19, 1957, unsure about the actual time of his birth, but put noon) with a Pisces moon, Virgo rising, and Gemini mercury.

    The question is this: Every time my b/f and I get into blows or even just talk about things, I get the last word and/or manage to outwit him in some form. (With his Gemini Mercury, mind you, that is the same as his Gemini Sun) Why is this? This is something that I just plain don't get since somehow I feel like I'm stupid whenever I'm around him (just coz he's a Gemini to my Cancer).

    Anyway, let me say that this post isn't totally irrelevant because I'm talking about my b/f--his Mars and Venus are in Cancer like my Sun and Jupiter are.

  • I share a birthday on july 8th.....greatest birthday of the year. !does anyone agree?

  • Hello cancerians, I need a lil advice...I have been friends with a cancer male for about 17 yrs. we have been in and out of each others lives really in between relationships with other people. I have always had very strong feelings for him but kept them under tight reign for fear that I would scare him away. he came back to me last summer after an awful breakup with his ex. we became instant friends like usual but this time was different. we became involved in a serious relationship and I was so happy with him...then things took a turn for the worse when he moved away for a job and I became insecure and really scared that I was gonna lose my fave guy again. we had a terrible fight via text. and when he stopped talking to me I became totally insane and ruined everything. Now we are back on speaking terms and he has come to see me a couple times. I have been playing it as cool as possible and giving him lots of space but sending an occasional text just to let him know im ther. I miss him terribly. I dont know what to do at this point. i did apologize for what i did wrong. do you think he will come around and open back up? i just dont know what to do? please help.....and btw i am an aries w a gem moon and virgo rising. he is a cancer with a taurus moon. any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi everyone, especially people who read this. I'm a 29 yr. old man. I'm Cancer sun, Scorpio moon, and Pisces rising. I'm all water. Very, very deep person. Love music, play it. I write. I sing. I have the most vivid dreams ever and including premonitions that have really happened. I believe I am truly psychic, but I keep it a secret. I love my life , honestly! I hold all traits from all three of these signs. I'm a very outgoing guy.( Leo in Mercury) I never had trouble making friends and enemies for that matter. My best friends are Scorpios and Pisces, Saggittarius, Leo , Aries, and Gemini's and Libra's. I can read people like a book, in an instant, it's truly a gift. Before someone even says a word, I know what they're thinking. I do love my solitude. I take on too much of what other people feel. When I am out , though, I shine like the North Star. I use these characteristics to my advantage. I feel that I can be manipulating. I have always gotten what I wanted in life. I'm a fierce fighter if you cross me. I never forget anything. My moods change like the wind blows and I've accepted that. As far as looks go, everyone tells me that I'm handsome, but that mysterious guy you want to get to know. I believe that. I'm very intense and probably hard to approach, but once you're there, I am compassionate, understanding, kind and charming. I'm actually growing into this understanding of myself. So far it's been quite a trip because I can take on many personalities and even impressions of people to a tee. I think I'm blessed with many talents. On the negative , I believe I'm selfish, bullish, a know it all, it's my way, stubborn, cruel with words sometimes, neglective, and angered easily. I'm not that bad but I hold some resentments. I love water though. I swam across the Delaware river into New Jersey on Memorial Day wknd just to see if I could do it. I truly am a fish in the water. I believe this stuff. Anyways , what I really wanted to say is , that I think Cancer, gets a bad wrap sometimes. Not all of us stay in our shells. Cancer is a very powerful person, if you can overcome those false fears of reality and step up and out. I did.Get over the insecurities, because everyone has them.Step outside of the box , Cancers, and see what life really is about. I love people. I am a people's person. Remember it's that gift we all possess and it's called intuition. Use it to you're advantage! By the way, my birthday is July 5th, 1979. The day of the Showman. P.T. Barnum was born on my birthday. Or I was born on his. Anyway, gotta love the freaks of nature!

  • hello everyone, i am also a cancer 7-11 to be exact. woooow, cancers can be a hand full i know. but my life is upside down right now. i am 25 and goin through a divorce. been married almost 7 yrs. and he was my bestfriend. hes in the military so its stressful,2 deployments and this 1 tore us apart. he no longer wants to talk to me, we are seperated now, and its so hard for me because hes all know and love since i was 18. hes a taurus and what i am trying to understand is how come hes the best sign out there for cancers like we have scorpios and virgos and pisces that are good but i just cant find any man thats better sign. i am very old fashioned and dont care to much about what goes on in the world besides pleasing my man. i love him so much that its not a word to describe it, its beyond love, i can love you so much you would think ur walkin on air with me. its so hard because nothing is going right for me. i never worked the entire marriage and now its hard for me to find a job with no expierence, i have been tryin i will never give up on myself now that im on my own, with nothing, he has it all. im not a bad person. i know what i want, i was made by god and he took his time when he gave me my heart. i am a great woman but he gave up on me and everyday i cry before i get up because i miss him. hes leavin to go to iraq for the third time and wont even talk to me,the person who knows him like the back of my hand... it hurts so much because i have been through so much this past 2 years. i wish cancers could just be a strong as other signs, and not show so much emotions because men feed off of that and i hate sometimes that i am so damn sweet. my husband knows hes wrong for leaving me in another state and goin back home without me. tauruses are so stubborn at times, makes you wanna pull your hair out when they dont listen. i really put all the other signs up against me and the tauruses are the only one who can put up with our emotions and love to be at home and eat all your cooking and make you laugh.virgos and scorpios and pisces. i have a great husband and i can never complain but i think i may have smothered him with all my love, and mood swings. i hate im so emotional. i love being a cancer because we are the best when it comes to loving another human being. i argue alot and im working on that, but man when cancers love they give you all they have inside and sometimes its to much. just trying to understand myself, i have been told i have difrrent personalitys but thats not true, im jus diffrent,in everyway and i can be any woman you want. im great at being me though...a cancer. i just wish that things go right for me in the future, i like to stay in my marriage but how do you bounce back and be strong because we tend to care about love above all else like life stops when we end a relationship. i hope my husband stays with me, im not good at fighting for my man, we are in two diffrent states and he wont talk to me. i know god hears my prayer and still loves me as well. im writing this because i read my horoscope every day hoping it better for me. i have never did this before though, i just thought that since its my month i post my feelings and thoughts on here for someone to explain to me the best things about cancers because i dont know anymore. i know we are big romantics. my husband doesnt know what he did to me so im gonna leave at that. whats the best thing about cancers??

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