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  • Hi I am a cancer 7-18, I was dating a scorpio for 10 years we were engaged then every thing fell apart I thought they were suposed to be loyal!

  • Hi I am a cancer 7-18, I was dating a scorpio for 10 years we were engaged then every thing fell apart I thought they were suposed to be loyal!

  • we share a birthday and I feel your descripion of u was very close to Jeani

  • My best friend is a Cancer. She is nurturing and sensitve. She's the best friend you could ever have. Well, all Cancerians tend to be the best friends you could ever have. I love Cancerians, though I am a Taurus. KT Tunstall (born June 23rd) is a Cancer, and she is awesome! Listen to "Suddenly I See", "Through the Dark", "Universe and U", "Hold On" and "Saving my Face". Good Stuff!

  • I'm a cancer.

    My birthday is July 4 1993.

    I pretty much feel the same way everyone does.

    I'm pretty sure everyone is thinking why and whats the point in being this zodiac sign.

    Or at least I do.

    For my age I feel the energy around people and can tell when someone isn't right.

    I don't have any friends that are cancers.

    But I personally hate everyone around me because there all retarded.

    Or is that just the sign I have?/

    So I just hide away from everyone.

    I truly hate this zodiac sign. But I love everyone

    and would do any thing to help.

  • Hi, I am a 28 year old Cancer 18/07/1980

    I am Cancer woman with a Scorpio rising... I am a strong women, but very sensitive. I believe it is a blessing to be a Cancerian - The most loving sign in the zodiac. My best friend is also a Cancerian and is one of the most amazing people I know.

    A deep thinker and worrier, however I am learing to push past the negative (although it does always creep back in).

    Any advice I can give to live and love your sign -Exercise, eat well, sleep well - Love like you have never been hurt, and when everything just gets to much for us, change direction - Go for a walk, hug your partner whatever it is that will make you feel better do it....

    Embrace what you have been given as it will never change. It's a magical sign to be so deep and caring and loving - People will always remeber and love that about you.

  • Hi all,

    My birthday is 7/13/61 @ 1:21 AM. I am a single mom and currently unemployed, latest statistic of our recent economy.......A secretary / bookkeeper by trade, but have been rejected time and time again in this tough employment market. I am feeling very isolated and homebound. I'm in my shell. I am so moody that I need "feel good" days to come out of my shell and participate with the world around me. My 7 year old helps. She is a Capricorn, and is my joy in life.

    Some days I can be the most personable person around who is the hostest with the mostest. Other days I cannot tolerate people.....

    I feel that I am too sensitive to office politics and tend to push people away. Only a few get past that hard shell into my inner sanctuary. I tend to hold on to my past too. Friends still with my ex husband who is a self-centered Scorpio.

    At this stage in my life, I know that I need to change tactics and try for a new career that will make me happy and pay the bills. But what do I do?

    Any suggestions out there for going forward with a positive new direction?

  • I was married to a Scorpio man for 17 years....... He was intelligent, self-centered and always going 100 mph..... Always exciting but he could really exhaust me. Being a Cancer woman, my home was my castle and I catered to his whims and whimsy.

    We are still good friends today and he still doesn't understand my many moods or what I really needed out of the relationship. Scorpios can be very selfish and self-centered in many ways...

    Find mutual interestes to keep you close and as the song says; hold on loosely but don't let go. He will want things his way of course but you must make him see your needs and wants as well. Rewarding and "tweaking" Scorpios goes a long way. They do love the care and nuturing you can rain on them. They also love to be the center of attention and spoiled by you.

    Hope this helps,

  • I am a Gemini. My boyfriend is a Cancer. I think?

    He was born on July 21, at 11:27 pm.

    So he is a lot like Cancer, but more so a Leo.

    So people, which is he?

    Need opinions?


  • I read the postings on cancer yesterday and found it conforting and disturbing. Thank you all for your comments.

    I am 54 and have sensed the moods/emotions of all those around me most of my life and didn't understand it but knew it was real. I have to protect myself from getting too close to anyone because I feel too much from all around me. I strive to be a positive, upbeat individual but am extremely sensitive. I am very compassionate and have too much emphathy for others for my own good as I tend to neglect myself. I find that most Cancers are highly sexual and strong indivduals that make a statement (whether good or bad) wherever they are. We are definitely not individuals that blend into our surroundings. We take responsibility for ourselves and all in our lives. We are prone to having very healthy appetites and have to watch ourselves or can get out of shape. If we get hurt or rejected, we do not get over it. We tend to withdraw and be very quiet. We hide our pain but we never forget. Water features or water in any form gives comfort. We are nuturers, homebodies, love the sense of adventure and can be a soft place to land. 🙂

  • I understand how you feel. What helped me was studying the Tarot and practicing ceremonial magick. Cancerians are psychic by nature and it is imperative that you learn how to protect your Self by casting white light about you before you go out and learning what healthy boundaries are with people. I used to hate my Self but that was because I did not understand my Self but noww that I had an astrology chart done, I realize all of my unique qualities and how I can use them to help my Self and others heal. Other options include, working with crystals, studying Reiki and looking into Wicca and the study of the moon and what the different cycles mean. Also, keep a log of your dreams because that is your higher self trying to reach you. All of the answers are inside of you and you will find a way to make you happy because noone else can.

  • well Put Yemaya , That's what I was trying to convey a little in my last post. That for a cancer Grounding and Shielding can go a long way. Though you don't have to be Wiccan or Pagan to learn how to do it though I know the intro Wicca books sometimes have some easy practical exercises that can help a person learn how to do these things. I don't want to get into some religious battle here because I respect all peoples paths and everyone has a different one, I'm just saying for reference reasons that you can find some relatively easy concepts on how to to ground and shield in them. That use nothing but your own energy and imagination. plus they are pretty easy to get, as any Boarders or Barns and Noble type book store will have a dozens of these books. But like I was saying anyone can do this. Example; I have a friend who though isn't a cancer is very intuitive and very much an empathic she is also very Catholic she uses the images of the cross and Jesus to help her ground and shield. Just like your belief system and spiritual path grounding and shielding can be a very personal thing. But once learned can also be a life saver for many cancarians who seem to wear there hearts on there sleeves. I know that since I've learned how to do this it has not only helped me start to enjoy my life and myself better but the talents I do have come shining through not all the emotions and feelings that I was picking up from others. It also made it a lot easier to listen to my gut feelings and not try and save every sad sack and needy person out there. Not that it will solve all your problems or is a quick fix and it does take some practice to get it right. but learning how to ground and shield can at least help you deal with some of your daily issues especially if you are sensitive to picking up on others, in what I would call a better way, or at least it has me.

  • Hello fellow Cancers: I am quite a bit older than most of you who are writing about themselves but I needed someone to hear my voice. I was born on July 12th 1947 at 8:28AM. I have no idea what my Moon or any of the other rising signs are but I really need to talk for the moment. My late husband who 11 years older than myself was another Cancer, we were together for more than 28 years before he passed away from Lung cancer. I miss him everyday, he was my true soul mate. Almost a year later I  met a  man who was a Sag. he was 11 years my junior. We spent almost 7 years together. I thought we had a match made in heaven and was gloriously happy. He on the other hand did not, when my money ran out he left me for another widow who is 3 years my junior but looks very much like myself. They were as he put it, "JUST FRIENDS" until the day he packed his bags and left to go and live with her in another state. He had planned this for almost a year. Seems everyone knew but me. It has been more than 2 years now and I am pretty well over this and learned a huge lesson in life and all about how Cancers give too much when they love. I walked away from my home in another state to come back to the state I was born in to live in my childhhod home to take care of my Mother who has Altzheimers Disease. I love my Mom and enjoy taking care of her and keeping her well ...most of the time. But lately I am feeling very trapped and extremely unhappy. I feel like I want to run and never turn back. I know I have obligations to my family and myself. Mom dedicated her life to us growing up and NOW needs help doing almost everything. Financially I cannot run nor would I ever do this to her. She would have never done this to us growing up. I am totally out of my element by not being in my own home and as I said before am very unhappy. I have completly withdrawn from the outside world and have become very depressed and alone. I have always been a very people oriented person and hate what I have become. I have not done this intentionally it has just happened. My finances are in the worst shape they have ever been and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. I was living in another state for more than 38 years so when I returned to my childhood home all of my friends have either passed away or moved. I don't even know my next door neighbor. No, I did not expect the neighborhood to be the same but I did expect to know at least one person in town. I have tried the online dating scene and found that it is just a game for the men I have met. I'm far from an unattractive woman but I have gained weight which isn't unusual for a Cancerian especially when they are depressed.  I am a very sexual and outgoing woman and miss the person I was along with the male companionship . I was a business owner for more than 18 years, so I am not a stupid or a lazy person and miss my contact with other people. I don't know how to emerse from this fog I am in and don't seem to see any resolutions in sight. I was brought up that family comes first and am trying to live up to that.  I feel like I loose a little of me everyday by not doing something but I don't know what to do to fix this. Has this happened to anyone else out there so that I know I am not alone? .

  • KarenH61 -I wish I could reply to your post, but I am not a cancer and I've never been through what you described, so unfortunately I have nothing of substance to say 😞 The only advice I can give is to focus on whats good and right, instead of what's wrong. Once you start to think more positive, you can start to act more proactively. Eventually you will dig yourself out of your rut and not even realize it.

    I have a general question. There is so much I want to say to a particular Cancer, but I don't know how to do it or say it in a way that will be comfortable to him. I don't want to rush him or put pressure on him, I just have this thing where I always want everyone to understand what's going on. So, I would also like some information from him, for the sake of communication. I feel like there isn't enough communicating going on between us. How should I go about this in a way that is comfortable to a cancer?

  • I am a aries whose mother happen to be a cancer, born july 8, 1914, it is quite true that they are very sensitive people, but they care immensely for thier families, my husband was also a cancer, born july 11, 1953, he also shared similuar aspects with my mother,, today my eldest daughter who happens to be a gemini, is married to a cancer, also with the same qualities,

    Between my mother and my deceased husband i always enjoyed the fact, that they were always looking for ways to take care of me.

  • MariaRia-

    I know just what you're saying - I've been with a Cancer (on the Gemini cusp) for about 9 months. He gets very uncomfortable when I try to tell him how I feel about him. We are both divorcing - he's been separated a year longer than me. I don't want a "committment," but I do want to tell him I love him without him turning purple and looking like he got stuck with a big tab!

    Also, I haven't met his family or friends. He's met some of my friends. We don't have a lot of time to spend together - maybe one evening during the week and a weekend once a month. I know he cares about me, and I try not to get hung up on the "words." He is very sweet and always wanting to help me. I'm not a delicate flower by any means (I have a Harley and I ride it!) and don't need someone to do the things I don't want to do. I really enjoy being with him - very easy and fun. We cook a lot!

    There are times I think he wants to say something to me, but he stops. Then I don't hear from him for a few days. I know - protection, regrouping. I want to ask him - what's up with the family & friends. He's looking to rent his house and buy another one closer to his kids. I'm renting a place that's not convenient to work or him - he must care if he drives nearly an hour to see me. So I say, I hope when we're settled, we can be closer as far as mileage. No response. I didn't say - move closer to me or that I would move in next door. Just like to cut down the drive.

    I think he's worth the uncertainty - but I'm a Gemini - and I like to know where I stand. I remember talking to my grandfather - spur of the moment phone call. Told him I loved him (we aren't a big "I love you" family. He said he loved me. And he died two weeks later. That sticks in my mind.

    This thread has been a big help. Thanks to everyone who has posted.

  • This is for KarenH61. I was born 6-30-65 at 6:30 pm. I work as a HHA for a Home Health Company and I care for the elderly. I understand how hard it is for a family member to br the full time caregiver to a parent or partner. I see this everyday in my job. It can be very isolating and you do feel cut off from everyone because of the demands of careing for your mom.

    Im dont know what state your in, but if you dont already have a home health co. coming in, open your phone book and find one. They can provide services covered by Medicare that will be a big help to you. Each company provides different things, so interveiw several till you find a good one.

    There is even Hospice, and that isent only for people on their death bed. Ive known people on Hospice care for years and they can provide alot of help for people and their families.

    Go to the internet and find out if your state offers any state funded provider care. That is people to stay w/ your mom for a few hours a day/week so you can have a break. Go grocery shopping, get your hair done, ect.

    There are also people who charge hourly to stay and do the same. They are called private sitters/companions but if your finances cant handle this extra expence, I understand!!

    Last but not least, talk to your mom's doctor or look in your local newspaper for Alziemer Groups. They are for caregivers to vent and learn from others going thru the same experiences. I think that would help you alot.

    Maybe once you dot feel so alone on the caregiver frount, You will have time to put your personal romantic life in perspective. As for the jerk who took advantage of you and left you high and dry....What goes around ALWAYS comes around. He'll get his!!! Thats Karma and its true!!!!

    I hope this info can help and I wish you the best!

  • to brighid, I hate scary movies and will only watch them during the day if I CHOOSE to watch it at all. I've had to sleep with a light on for days, after I've seen some of them at night. and heavy metal music gives me a stomach ache. I don't like spicy foods and, all people don't deserve to be part of your inner circle of friends. There's nothing wrong with you. You have your own personality!!! I'm a Scorpio and I LOVE, absolutely LOVE my Cancer friend and lover. He was the only one of my friends that understood when I was having "a MOOD" and he knew what to do. he had just flew in from working all week , in another city, I don't have them very often so, my other "friends" have nooo clue or interest,in what to do. I've been there for them when they've had drama! well, THAT really let me know whose really a friend! I know that my Cancer doesn't "fit in" with certain people and, neither do I. Have you ever dated a Taurus or a Leo? those people have wayyy too many friends and you don't feel special with them, they spread themselves too thin, they are always in some drama! Both signs are stubborn and full of BS.My cancer tells the truth, even if it's not the most tactful way( makes me chuckle!) but, I rather hear that then pretty lies!. Your hubby and you probably get along soo well because you DON"T have a bunch of people that you are always helping. I know I like my guys free time spent with me. he works 15 hours a day, 6 days a week so, he's pretty tired most of the time. I'm not jealous of his job but, when his free time is taken up with errands, I'm not the most patient person!! I think he likes when I keep texting him on his day off, lets him know he's wanted!

    Be kinder to yourself, you deserve it!

  • Thank you Allcancerallday: I would love to do the things you have suggested but Mom and Dad were hoarders so I am in the process of clearing out the house and yard before I could EVER ask someone to come in and help me. The house is in total disrepair and it seems to be just as demanding as Mom. I pack a box and Mom empties it out telling me I am stealing all of her GOOD stuff. Then the arguements, accusations and tears start. I understand that she is trying to hold on to the memories she still has but the house needs to be THROUGHLY cleaned and painted, the furniture all needs to replaced, along with many other things that are broken or just plain don't work (and haven't for years). If the state were to come in here the house would be condemend because of the problems. She is quite happy to lie on the sofa and let the house fall down around her, she has no problem living like this. I guess she did this for so many years this is an acceptable way of life for her. I do have a brother who lives close by but he is absolutely no help to me. I have asked him to please take her for a day, just to give me a break, but his ONLY responsibility is to collect the checks and pay the bills. He reminds me that he did this for 3 years prior to me coming to live with Mom. "He put in his time", as he puts it. 6 days a week he spent about 1 hour a day collecting mail and made her breakfast then would leave to go back to his own home leaving Mom to fend for herself the rest of the day. Somehow 1 hour a day doesn't make much of a difference for her, I'm here 24/7/365. I don't think he ever helped her get into the shower or do any personal grooming. At least one time per month he would send his youngest daughter over to do her laundry and run the vacuum. On Saturdays he does take her to get her hair done but she is only gone for 2 hours. She buys him lunch for taking her out, or believe me she would be back home before that. Before I came if Mom wanted to go out in her Pajamas it was just fine with him, he would take her in her PJ's. I won't let that happen. She had lost more than 90 pounds and was wearing the same clothing, she looked like a BAG LADY when he took her out. He just didn't care. I do. Needless to say I went out and bought her new clothing to wear and struggle to get her to bathe at least one time per week. Since I am living in Mom's home I do not feel I need to take any of her money nor does my brother ever offer. I am living on a very small income from the death of my late husband so hiring someone to come in and sit with her is totally out of the question. IIknow I need some time for me I just can't seem to figure out where or how to find it. Thanks again for the suggestions.

  • karenh61.

    i have the same birthdate as you.... and i also understand the weight of depression, having to take care of family members that are not well and moving back to my childhood home and seeing it as something that is nothing like it was.

    love comes to those who love themselves. negativity is a harmful pattern/habit. i know how easy it is to dwell on it.

    find the things you still love about you. focus on them. meditate on them.

    i know this sounds silly, but wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap yourself everytime you think something negative about yourself, or negative in general.

    are you eating as healthy as you should? i'm sure you know that the stomach is a weak spot for cancers... we sometimes tend to be emotional eaters. just because the ice cream seems like a good way to muffle the pain doesn't mean you should eat the whole halfgallon... a scoop or two is nice though.

    are you being creative? i know sometimes it is extremely difficult to be creative when you are a normally creative person and you are depressed... i play piano and when i am upset, most of the time, the last thing i want to do is write music. lately i've found that when i get into a dark mood that my creativity is best spent walking on the beach by my house and looking for shells just like i did when i was a child. it gives you time to think about how much has changed, yet how much is still the same. just because the people who once were there have gone does not mean the memories are lost. build new memories to back those up.

    lastly, clean. clean your space, clean your mind, clean your records. throw away the things that serve absolutely no purpose in your life. the old love letters that make you cry when you read them, the keepsakes... donate the old clothes that you don't wear, or that don't fit that you hope will, or that you only own because it fits but doesn't necessarily look good on you.

    the only way for you to receive what is coming to you is if you prepare the space for it. this is true for the material and immaterial world.

    love yourself, accept yourself, and especially accept your feelings. you are beautiful.

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