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  • I'm a gemini with a cancer father who I was extremely close to...during my teenage years it was my dad who comforted me when my relationships broke up, it was my dad who encouraged me to enjoy life and he didn't bat an eyelid when I expressed a passion for motorbikes and heavy rock!! My mother, an aquarian, and I clashed solidly throughout my teens...complete opposite to my dad. I get on well with my mum now....but unfortunately my dad has dementia (early onset dementia) and is in his own world now, although he knows who I am he can't hold any conversation now. I do grieve for the person that he once was and I miss our closeness. The only cancer lady I know was my ex husband's mistress!...and as you can imagine I have a very highly biased opinion of her!!!

  • I'm definitely a cancer. July 19, 1957. It's 5 am, checked my scope, and found this forum. I can't even tell you how much reading the posts has helped me this morning. I've always been oversensitive, shy, afraid to speak my mind etc. etc. and pretty muched chalked it up to being psycho. Was married to a controlling abusive Gemini/Cancer cusp man for 19 years.. used to be able to stand up for myself, but after letting him beat me down mentally for so long, lost my self worth so to speak. My daughters told me that I needed to get away (that was 8 years ago). I guess that was all I needed at the time.. problem being is that he wouldn't leave (he did nothing wrong, I made everything up, and I'm psycho.. according to him). So, my kids (who were late teens) helped me plan my escape, I got an apartment and split (run-away syndrome). YES, that helped me alot, but now I also have the "guilt" because I couldn't afford to take them and since I moved 15 miles away, I didn't want to take them out of their schools, or away from their friends. What an idiot I was. Still have the old guilt for that, but they are all fine and doing great on their own.

    Got remarried in 2007 after a 3 year relationship to a Gemini (again.. I don't learn), whom I met at work and we went to all 4 years of high school together, and grew up 2 blocks apart. We bought a house less than a year ago.. we never fought or argued.. we were best friends and I WAS the happiest I've ever been.

    Being the "rescuer", 2 months ago I agreed to have his 2 daughters (19 and 24) come live with us (mom took them away to Utah 3 years ago). The plan was they stay here, get jobs, saveand get their own place. I adore the 19 year old. BUT, the 24 is the most self centered whiny lazy person I have ever met. And her dad jumps everytime she wants something (she "claims" that she can't turn on an oven or doesn't know how to do he does it). Within the past 2 months our whole relationship has changed. Tells me to talk to him if I have a problem, when I try which is a Cancer feat in itself.. he jumps on the defensive, storms out of the room and then repeats anything that I may have gotten out to her. So I am feeling like a stranger in my own house. THEN I do the cancer retreat.. for my own sanity, and I am accused of all sorts of things. I woke up crying again this morning..surveying the house as to what I could grab and take with me when I find a place to run to... and thinking that I must need therapy as I am frustrating myself as to why I have the fear of SPEAKING MY MIND. Then I read the previous posts. I'm not crazy. Just the emotional cancer curse.. right? So now what should I do? Today is my day off, my plan is to sit in my art room, tune everything out, paint and heal. That will work fine, until she wakes up plops her backside in the middle of my couch, with her lap top on MySpace, TV on, a bowl of icecream on one side of the couch, and a bag of flaming hot cheetos on the other.. and there she will SIT until it's time for her dad to get home from work, and she will stand in the driveway waiting for him to get home so she can intercept him from talking to me, and then it starts again. Guess I needed to vent.. that was long, and it's only 6:00am. Wish me luck..

  • I am a Cancerian! I was born 24.6.87, with a gemini moon and Aries Ascendant. I have all the cancer traits but feel my Gemini and Aries planets a great deal,alot of my planets are mostly gemini which i think explains why i can seem insensitive, light and playful and sometimes 'whatever' . but i am so so sensitive and caring about alot of things especially animals,i just think they are soo innocent and cute and genuine creatures. My parents are a leo and pisces/aquarius and 1 sibling a scorpio. I have always struggled with my relationship with my Pisces mother which might sound surprising as they are mean't to quite gentle,caring and highly compatible with us cancerians. My scorpio sister is extremely intense,on the nail,no crap,party animal,loves a drink or anything naughty sort of girl lol. My leo father i would be lost without,he is my rock thats stuck by me and been there for me and know always will be for as long as i'm alive. And finally my Virgo boyfriend who can be an angel,sometimes,but i find on the one hand a logical person but with a crazy streak that flares out from time to time,especially if we argue which terrifies me. He loves drinking too,which is common in alot of virgo people i've noticed.

    Cancerians are beautiful and genuine people, which alot of people see as a weakness and try to take advantage of. But cancers are strong,and get stronger and stronger and no matter how long it takes them they find their way,we can be very powerful people and have amazing effects on others and creatures around us by the love and nuturing energy we give.

    It would be a cold world without us!

  • "until she wakes up plops her backside in the middle of my couch, with her lap top on MySpace, TV on, a bowl of icecream on one side of the couch, and a bag of flaming hot cheetos on the other.. and there she will SIT until it's time for her dad to get home from work, and she will stand in the driveway waiting for him to get home so she can intercept him from talking to me, and then it starts again. "

    jyl tell that girl to grow up get a job and maybe some friends; maybe she could look at flatting/study and try and get some one on one time with your man..being a cancer you have a way with words. Like hard hinting lmao

    Maybe some simple rules of the house, theyd have to be with your partner though so you are united. Maybe talk with him?

    shes gota be doin her own thing its not fair on anyone or your relationship will suffer maybe to the point of destruction.

    Sometimes some tuff love couldnt go astray, while shes living with you she should respect your space..and time with your husband. Communicate alone without arguing or defences?

    shes an adult now time to start acting like one, responsibilty is feel lost without my independence. Maybe she has low self esteem but nothing will change if things stay the same .

    ps- a person should not feel like a stranger in thier own home!

  • Hello ... I wrote here a while ago... came by to see how all of you are doing.. Yep of course I'm a true Cancerian... sometimes I fail to speak up ... but I am learning now... that I am going to keep doing what I wish to do... I don't get explanations from others.. so why would I give them explanations... I think that really to be us is not a curse... if we handle things in different ways than others with our emotions on our sleeves ..then so what... we are who we are.. I have learnt one thing though... having been with the spouse for the past 27yrs... I have been trounced on and lost myself... partly because I felt that I had to change for him... but no more... now I will do what I want cause I value myself.. I finally learnt to take time for me and be proud of who I have become... I have a career planned out.. I know that I can do very ell for myself... and I know that eventually maybe even this year I will be out of here... I had to find my way and I certainly will no longer look for someone like him.. and when I get involved with another person.... I will lay the rules out so I don't have to end up pussy-footing around to have what I want in my own home... I will never again allow another to treat me in that way... so to anyone that is having that issue.. I say... you don't deserve to be treated that way and they wouldn't like you to treat them that way... so why are you taking it... all of us deserve love and respect.... even if we are somewhat more emotional... take care... and YOU GO CANCERIANS!!!!!!

  • Hi all,

    I’m a cancerian born 27 June 73. I’m quite typical of the sign being the homely family type. Although I enjoy meeting new people I’m not the most social of people and much happier when spending time with family or being on my own. I’m extremely sensitive and although some might say we are over sensitive I feel this is a good thing for me as I always know when thing aren’t quite right and use it to my advantage. Although I do not do it professionally I am physic and read tarot card in my spare time. I am also at the moment studying Podiatric Medicine and get great satisfaction from caring for others.

    AlyK xxx

  • I am a Cancer with a Leo rising, born 7/15/63. I am very nurturing. Family and friends are very important to me. I seem to be happiest when I can do something to help someone else out. I can be somewhat shy, but believe my Leo rising helps me out in this area. I have a tendency to be more laid back around people until I get to know everyone and then I am able to easily open up. I love going out and doing things, but I do find that I also like to have my home time or time to myself. I am a very sensitive person who can easily be hurt, but I get over things fairly quickly. I also find that I will put up with a lot, but when I say that I am done, I am done with no going back. I find that in situations that bother or hurt me, I don't always speak up to defend myself. I will take a step back to analyze the situation and then sometimes I will confront the situation and speak up about my feelings and how it bothered or hurt me, and other times I never say a word because of being afraid that it will just cause more problems. I also find that when I don't speak up and I just let things go without explaining how it bothered me, I have a tendency to always keep it in the my hurt feelings tank, I never let it go. It's always there stacking up with one hurt feeling on top of another until I blow. I am very intuitive and sense the feelings of other around me. I have always had a discernment about me, in that I can sense when I need to stay away from a situation. I am very passionate, caring, and love to be in love. I am creative. I can be moody, self-centered, have a big ego, self-pity, selfish, withdrawn, determined, but overall an easy going person, who chooses to let things go for the overall good of everyone involved, who loves her family and friends and does what it takes to make everyone happy A people pleaser.

  • Hello Fellow Shell Dwellers,

    I am a cancer born June 26, 1968 at 7:30 Pm.

    I think my biggest probem is that I am an enabler. I make sure nobody in my circle fails. I expect thanks for my efforts and when I do not receive the thanks I get upset. very upset and depressed.

    By trade I am a licensed aesthetician and bodyworker. I also am a sensitive and have been on many ghost hunts.

    It took me a long time to realize that I need to stop being other people's doormats. I get tired of hearing others people problems yet they can never reciprocate. I have problems in relationship with people when they seek my advice but do not follow that is something i have to learn to change.

    I will say I have answers to everything because I am very parental and protective of my loved ones. I have gone into situations where they were dead wrong and come out right...that is how determned I am for them to be right and unscarred. I am informed on things and I seek answers for things I do not know.

    I have been married to the same Gemini for over 18 years. I have enabled him to death and am now suffering because I want to branch out on my own and do things that now make me happy. I love the arts, wine, culture, new friends, comfortable things such as quilts and big pillows. He wants to stay home and watch the same old action or thriller movies while I want to get out and enjoy life.

    And I also have issues with things and people being untidy and unorganized.

    Does this remind anyone of themselves....I know there are things I missed but I will probably repost later.

  • Wow! I just found and read all your posts this morning and I need to say, "Thanks, I needed that!". I am the only Cancer I know and I'm so different from everyone around me so it has been like sitting by a babbling brook to read what you are saying. I seem to be older than any of you 6/24/51 and have been through so much of what you are talking about. We Cancerians are so sensitive that we are easily bullied and taken advantage of.

    My first marriage was to a Virgo alcholic/abusive man, my current relationship is with a Sagitarian bi-sexual cross-dresser and there have been some other strange birds in the middle. Why am I drawn to these people? I haven't really fixed one yet!!! Why do I keep trying and why do I keep letting them hurt me?

    I find I'm very moody and I share way too much info. with friends - I am a victim and I seem to want to continue to be one - How can I break out of this mold? I want to love and be loved but my caretaker takes over and I end up with immotionally immature, abusive men. I've tried to be with a really nice one or two but I end up leaving them for someone more exciting and put up with the abuse. It seems I'll sell my soul for someone who hugs me.


  • mountnlarl and others who seem to want to be the Cancarian victim I'm annoyed at the tone this thread has gone. I as a cancer plead for you to start using your hard crab shells and pincers. I know I am a bit of a youngen to some of you as I'm only in my early 30's but I have traveled down a very twisted rough road in my life and have tried to learn with every twist and bump I've taken.

    While yes I still sometimes let things bother me and can be very emotional and moody at time I have learned to surf the tide as the moon changes and take refuge in both the shallow and deep tides of my life. No one can tell you how to do this, but you. I know I can't, I learned a lot through trial and error but I do know that as a cancer I need my me time just as much as I need my social time. During the me time I focus on bettering myself and building my defenses not self pity and neglect. I know this sounds harsh but though you may have been a victim you don't have to be a victim as a cancer you know this. Think of the ways you can use your hard exterior and pincers to defend yourselves. the way I know that many of you have defended and protected your children and loved ones. It's not selfish it's self preservation.

    I hope no one has taken any offense to this but after reading some of the latest threads I felt something or some advise needed to be given.

    I do hope those of you who have posted and need help, get some. Life is to short to be miserable, take advantage of your inner crab and enjoy the tides of life.

  • Morning all. I really don't recognize any of you cancers except purplemaeve. I have a few friends that are cancerians and they are soft in the center and can be very tough nuts to crack. One is almost 65 and she could hurt my feelings easier than my own mother. She has had a lot of hard times in her life and over come them all. No one pulls one over on her. She works at the casinos now so she is around people all the time in this job. She is out playing bingo when she isn't working so she is in crowds a lot. The one who is a softer touch cancer is less likely to hurt your feelings but he over analizes everything and I have to slow him down and say now sometimes oranges are just oranges. Don't always try to make something out of a thing because it may not be anything more. Let it alone. He is soft hearted but he has a line that he draws and if you have worked your way up to the line will not let you cross it. He will help you as long as he sees your trying to help yourself but if your not then thats it you are cut off. Still your friend but nothing else and you get to hear it now. He is in his early 30's but so wise for his age. And then I can think of another one who is very opinionated. Of course you know that what is a negative is what your here to turn around. You have to change yourself before you draw a different circle of friends So every cancer is not hiding from crowds my male friend also goes to the casinos and he DJ's at partys too. Harden your shell and go out in the world you can't be hurt if you don't let them get to you.

  • Hi I'm a cancer too, i understand what you mean about your feelings, it took me a long time to learn to put up shields, still working on it, see i am an empath which i believe you are also, learning to put protective shields up around people help not to get any negative energies and feelings from them and or just their feelings.. once you get to understand what being an empath is you learn to incorporate this into your life and learn many new things.. you feel more aware i know and different but your not alone.. there are benefits of being a loving cancer.. hope i helped a little, merc

  • Hi All,

    I would like some relationship advice. I have made a list of both our planetary influences if it helps.

    I have recently met this new man who like me is a cancerian! This is my first relationship with a another cancerain! We do get on well and I like the fact that I finally found a man I can hold a conversation with! However I do find myself lately picking up more on our differences and worry that we have nothing in common. Am I just being a typical cancerian looking for problems that don’t exist and dwelling on past mistakes or should we just be friends ?

    AlyK xxx


    Sun - Cancer

    Ascending -Taurus

    Moon- Taurus

    Mercury- Aries

    Venus- Cancer

    Mars - Aries

    Jupiter- Aquarius

    Saturn - Gemini

    Uranus- Libra

    Neptune- Sagittarius

    Pluto- Libra


    Sun - Cancer




    Venus- Leo

    Mars- Virgo


    Saturn- Leo

    Uranus- Scorpio

    Neptune- Sagittarius

    Pluto- Libra

  • I am the same way. I don't answer the door or the phone, and because of this I carry a diagnosis of severe depression, dysthymic disorder and personality disorder, NOS with borderline avoidant, dependent and paranoid features. Do you think I should get a second opinion?

  • July 10, 1967

    Being a Cancer is very challenging. Some days are great and some really suck. As a Cancer I feel as though I have struggled all my life. It seems like I understand everyone and No one understands me. I'm always there for people and when I really truely need someone there for me, they are not. I married a Leo and it's been the biggest mistake of my life. We are both leader personalities but as a Cancer I am the submissive one. He has bullied and bulldozed right over me. I am currently in the process of getting a divorce and I can hardly wait to be free. I know that there is someone out there for me who will understand me and take the time to find out what a Cancer is all about.

    Right now I am in my discovery phase. I am figuring out who I am and what I need and want out of life. I care too much what people think about me and it has really paralized me and sapped my self confidence. I've been way too hard on myself. I need to learn to let go, take chances and know that no matter... I will be okay. Reading this forum reminds me that I am not alone, there are others going through the same emotional turmoil.

    I tend to find or maybe they find me, people who are very needy. I love to help but it has to be on my terms. I end up giving so much... that without my down time it really drains me emotionally. People think I'm nosy when I ask a bunch of questions, but it's just the way I try to figure out how to be helpful.

    I'm a mix when it comes to interaction. I can party all night, full moons are my wild nights. I definately fill the pull. Those are the nights that I'm most likely to let my hair down. On the other hand, I love my domain. It is where I reflect about the past, present and future.

    Right now I am land locked and I hate it. I grew up on the West Coast in California and I miss the ocean so... much. Being where I am and with whom I am with has really taken it's toll on my psyche. My creativity has almost vanished and I am rarely happy. Thank Heaven's for my postive side that just won't let me give up. My future is going to shine. I can feel it. I just need to get past this last hurtle and all will start to fall into place. Of course - not without a lot of hard work on my end. lol

    Being a Cancer is a love/hate relationship with one's self. I'm working on getting the latter emotion out of the equation. I am a good person and I do deserve to be treated so.


  • I am a Cancer born on July 10, 1957. I never really got into Astrology to much. I would read my horoscope, but I never really relied on it to reflect my daily routine. What I do think is pretty cool is how similar all us Cancer's are. I am a homebody, I love to nurture and help others. Being by water is so calming to me. I also love to sit by a fireplace or campfire too. I am emotional so I need a strong partner to get me through these times. I am fortunate I have that in my life. He is a Aquarius. He is the Rock and I am the sponge. That what he calls us. My family really depends on me, whcih can be very overwhelming at times. I need some space or what you call a shell to regenerate my energy to be the caretaker of all. I am not to popular with others. I do have quite a few long time friends from my childhood. I trust these friends because I grew up with them. Usually the new people I meet come and go. My family is who I hang out with most of the time. My brother talks to me almost everyday. I have 3 older sons. We get together for potlucks. My youngest son is a Cancer born the end of June. He is a little like me, but he is much more outgoing and popular. I am very attracted to outgoing people. They tend to help me crawl out of this shell. I have learned a lesson to listen to myself and do what I think is best for me. I have done the opposite where I would listen to a person because I am there friend and it ends up backfiring. Has any of you Cancer's out there been in this situation. It sucks. Basically I think Cancer people are misunderstood, but once they are in your life they are lucky to have them as friends. We are givers not takers. We have big hearts and are very compassionate. Animals are very important to me. I feed the birds the deer the squirrels the ducks that wander in my yard. I also am a Petsitter of Dogs and Cats. Tell you the truth with me I seem to like animals more than people. I guess because they cannot hurt you. To end and roll this up be proud of who you are if you are a Cancer or something else. Everyone has there quirks. Also because I am a christrian God wants you to talk to him. He loves all the signs. I hope to hear from someone. I never chatted with anyone online.

  • Nos,

    that is exactly what I was saying. It seems that many cancers are empathic as I know I am too. I had to learn how to shield and block negative energies not that I don't ever let them in or put my guard down as I am not a harsh person. But I have had to learn how to block so I could at least live with some sanity in my life and not get bowled over by others and there problems. I feel that many cancers have to teach themselves how to be a little selfish as we give ourselves away to easily and sometimes don't hold back anything for ourselves which drain and plague us to the point where we are unhappy or in situations that we can no longer control.

  • hey,

    my birthday is june 21, so i am on the cusp and it is very annoying! i feel i am both gemini and cancer in so many ways and i always have to read my horiscope for both signs and try to make sense of it. I can't decide if i am more cancer or more gemini. My son was born on june 20th which makes him a genimi and boy does he have all the characteristics of one its hard to keep up with his wit and energy. He is a true free spirit with a love for life. Always wanting to try new things.He could convince you of anything because of his skill at communicating as well as persistance. And of course there is that dual personality he posses. Loving and charming one minute and annoying and a brat the next. But you got to love him everyone else does because of he wit and humor.

    And than there is my husband iborn july 15th making him a true cancer. as for my husband , he sure is a crab and i mean that in a good way most of the time. It takes a lot of work to get to his feelings other than anger which he has no trouble in displaying . His volume alone can be heard down and around the street when he gets ruffled shall we say. Yet he is the most loyal and thoughtful person always, putting his family first. Cancers make good husbands!

  • hey - i ran out of room

    back to my story! as i was saying my husband is great i think i'll keep him

    but now about ME - the two sided sign person. i guess i do have a lot of cancer characteristics in me for my joy in life is always my family, they always come first and of course as the saying goes i am only happy as my saddest child. having three kids i am not always sooo... happy- yet each morning i wake up that way. i can be sensitive but i get over it quickly and i am usually making excuses for other people's behavior trying to understand them and giving them the benifit of the doubt . i am pretty tolerant of others. I have always been on a life searching journey and more wise than my age. I love music, art, and dance but enjoy watching documentries and i so get into politics. i am a liberal democrat which says alot about me i think . The gemini in me makes me restless at times needing to go out and try new things yet i also love the comfort of my home. Oh yea my kids say i am annoying cause i ask so many questions and try to plan their social life but yet they come to me with their problems and i am happy to help. I usually say what i think and at times i can be too direct and forceful about my point of view when i am passionate about - i don't know if that is the cancer or the gemini in me when i shout out that god is not a man but more likely a women ! but than again maybe god is a true gemini having two sides a male and female. Anyway you can see i always think there are more than oneway at looking at things there are so many ways so many paths and thery will all take us to the same place in the end lets hope.

    thanks for reading this it was fun writing

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