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  • SEANYMPH, I agree, the energies are similar,

    ONE does know spiritual alignment, the physical self feels Good all over...

    like a warm silky sweet feeling washing over you.....

    known as Synchrondestiny & Synchronicity....

    Brothers & sisters vibrating the same circle of love & light....:):):):)

  • TPooter I adored your post 🙂 I loved what you had to say and it meant a lot for me.

    I am a gemini girl who sounds so much like your special girl, it kind of sounded like you were talking about the things I'm into. I'm just friends with my Cancer, we keep in touch and things are good then he disapears again so I'm not sure whats going on. I got a bit up tight about it a while ago but that kind of made things worse. So now I am just chilled out and taking things as they come and being open to the things he does and says so it is currently going well.

    One question though.... Lately he has taken some time to answer a few of my 'more important' text's. I mean days not hours. What would this mean coming from a cancer man? Does he need to think about things that much or is he just not interested? Not sure, it's very odd, I thought maybe the texts are getting delayed days but I dont think so. It's only happened about 3 times but it's always about bigger issues.

    I can't wait to hear back 🙂

  • When ever i ask something important regarding our relationship (with a cancer man) it can take him up to 2 days to reply he always apoligised for the delay but it batters my head in those 2 days waiting for an answer i always tell myself next time i'll ask him to his face but it takes me a while to anyalise something first n then i cant stop thinking about it so I end up texting it cos it plays on my mind. Another thing i find is if i'm negative about him he just doesnt respond at all. Ha ha he is a typical male cancer.

  • would like to give you an honest compliment as I think only a Capricorn really can. I have read your post and found your writing to be expressive, clear and you made me feel what you feel...and I'm a CAPRICORN. Do you know how hard it is for Caps to understand Cancers??? You write very well. I feel for you and other Cancers I've known. I wish for one day I could let you enjoy the sheer determination, focus and butt kicking ability that Caps have. I would trade you for one day; I'd like to see what it's like to read between the lines, pick up on hints, see 32 shades of every color and mood. ...but I couldn't take more than one day 🙂 peace sister

  • Im a 7/16/77 at 8:03 baby, with my sun and moon in Cancer and Leo rising.

    Im a total cancer, have to have my home just right so I feel comfortable, Mother over people and every darn stray or injured animal I find, I take things too personally sometimes, and sulk in my "shell" of a home, I have a very good second sense or premonition I guess you'd say. Oddly enough I always seem to know when my friends are pregnant, sometimes even just before they do themselves. Although, I cant seem to find love and a real home of my own. I wonder if I am doing something wrong, or if I am right where I am supposed to be at this moment. I don't know which sign would be my ideal match, I just had my heart broken by a Taurus. And while he was an amazing guy it was total wrong timing. So there again, I must be doing something wrong to bring in a good man at the wrong time, right?

    Any insights or advice?

  • HI all, im a cancer, june 27,1966. Im a quiet person until i get to know you. I will help you out when you need it. i tend to be sensitive to others feelings and sometimes shy. im dating a pisces man and im not sure which way this relationship is going. After i became a widow, i was ready to date and i was also struggling with what type of man i want. My late husband was a tauras and i knew i didnt want that again, so could anyone tell me what other good signs that are compatible with cancer?

  • I was born in July 7th 1989 and I'm a Cancer. I'm very shy, quiet and sensitive person who is hardly to express myself and socializing people but I can be helpful the same time! The problem is I'm very moody and bad tempered that I can't even deal with my emotions when it comes to unpleasant situation. Plus, I can't deal with others though I have feelings for them. I'm also very timid and insecure that I can't overcome with those things that I can't do and I fear of.

  • Pam, try being a Cancer sun, Scorpio moon and a Pisces ascendent. All water. We have to figure those things out along in our lives and make changes. Try not being sensitive and shy! Just do the opposite and see what happens. I learned that along time ago. There are always answers to questions. Whatever isn't working, change it. Here is a question for everyone. Why are Capricorns so attracted to me? They are my opposite sign.

  • To Lucky: I'm a Cancer man and I don't even like going out with Cancer women. Too bitchy or never talk at all hmmmmm My ex Girlfriend. Go after your opposites! It's true that they attract. Go after a fire sign. I found Sag. was the best for me. She had everything that I lacked! I'll tell you what , I love Capricorn women but they never get me or they are too closed off and cold. I would love em' if they opened up! My first love was a Cappy. Even though she is married, I still love her and always will and she knows that. I called her today. I'm an idiot but I don't care. I think we will always have a connection in our lives. If you ever feel? You just know and that's it.


  • I'm a 7/7 Cancer with a Virgo ascendent. I am intensely emotional and anyalytical at the same time. With that combination I often find my heart and mind in conflict; debating the rational with the irrational.

    I generally see myself as an introvert and content with my time by myself, but I can be very social, small talk comes easily, I like to see everyone have a good time and it's just like me to approach people who are alone to make them feel apart of things. I get along with everyone, if I like them, if I don't I can be cold as ice and completely indifferent. On that note I don't get into relationships very easily, I'm pretty black and white about it. I suspect that I have caused some men confusion with this, but only because they aren't listening to me. I am very honest when I feel no attraction to a man but I don't mind being their friend. I think this causes problems because men will confuse my friendship then as "possibility" when there truly is none. Unless my heart feels something early on, there will be no change in my position. I'm not a believer in "love in first sight", but I either feel something I connect with deeply in a man or I don't. If I don't, well, I don't want casual relationships where I risk hurting someone, or the emotional complications of it, so I will go for long spells between relationships waiting for one that is worth investing myself in.

    When I do...then real trouble starts, lol, because there is no middle ground. On the bright side I am totally faithful, nurturing, supportive and endlessly understanding. On the down side I expect the same out of my partner and tend to get touchy if I feel emotionally shorted in any way. I forgive and forget easily, probably too easily, but if enough little hurts pile up I will, in the blink of an eye, end a relationship and never give it another chance. I may reflect on the loss in sadness for a long time, but I won't go back because I am so confident that I had already given the relationship every chance I could. My little crabby claws won't unpinch until everything in the relationship has shaken me loose. Once I'm pitched back in the sand I crawl away for new territory.

    Otherwise I love creative pursuits of all kinds. Love to write. I have a great sense of humor, laugh at myself very easily, and I adore people who don't take themselves too seriously because they make me feel so comfortable. I do take things too personally and get my feelings hurt when I probably shouldn't have. I feel very connected to the natural world and can't live without some garden space to watch things grow and change. I think I have a natural intuitiveness but it's very unfocused, not like I have psychic potential, but it does allow me to get into people's heads and often help them to resolve painful situations or confusion by seeing things going on with them that they are overlooking or won't face. I'm never afraid to tell someone the "bad" news, because I serve it up with that "Cancer Mom" love that reminds everyone that none of us is perfect and we all struggle with life issues.

    My most fulfilling relationship in life was with a Taurus, my worst were with Scorpio's (never again!), most fun was an Aquarius. Met a Pisces that I thought was THE One, but he wasn't. My current "work in progress" is a Virgo who is shaping up to be like the "final exam" of all my relationships. Think of the quote; "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times". I guess it could be worse though, when I look at all the threads discussing Cancer man angst, lol.

  • waterman79: I dont even think i can be with another cancer because i just know it wouldnt work out. This pisces im with, hes great with everything except his anger and im gonna find out from a family member as to what can be done. I was married to a taurus for 16yrs and 10yrs of it was problems, and the inlaws especially mommy dear keeps stepping in so our business is their business. I wont do taurus again. Something is there between me and this pisces man but he has some things i cant handle so he has alot to work on. Again i just may stay single, i dont know right now. Its tough.

  • I'm probably the youngest cancer here 😛 I was born June 24th 1992. I'm always shy until I get to know someone and it takes me a couple of months to open up to someone. I fit most of the characteristics of Cancer.

  • admin>>>Perhaps Cancer is your Rising or Moon sign ... if so, we want to hear about that, too

    Sandran712>>>>I am Cancer SunPisces Moon~Cancer Rising

  • Oh, Lord, do I know how you feel. Other people don't seem to understand that it REALLY is tough being a Cancer. So many dismiss it but it all seems too common & similar amongst us to be a fallacy.

    The best thing I've been able to come up with is that at least the extremes of emotion can teach a certain degree of sympathy with how others feel. Even when we have to be in-the-shell, at least we know in our souls that we don't dismiss the feelings of others. That might be part of what makes us good nurturers when we're out-of-the-shell.

    Part of what gets me, though, is this: OK, Cancers are great nurturers ... who can nurture us?

    Heaven knows we need it, even though it must be very difficult for others to understand us.

    If nothing else, just know you're not alone.

  • I think Cancer is my Sun sign but am not positive ... will try to find some paperwork I've got on it and will get back to you. Thanks!

  • Extreme sensitivity - whoa yeah. The littlest things in life, that other people truly don't seem aware of, can make me want to hide in my bed for a week. Can be SO easily hurt so deeply - it really does feel like someone poking at a soft unprotected inside, just like - yep, a crab - sensitivity not just regarding oneself but other people, animals, the world.

    Just a slight change in someone's tone of voice, or even unspoken - those ever-present vibes - a certain sound or smell or even a change in weather. Very, very weird.

  • Airtwin, you are WONDERFUL. You can't imagine how much better you've made me feel; most people are so dismissive of all things Cancer (when they're not taking advantage of our nurturing!). You really helped shed a different light on things and I feel much better.

    If only there were more people like you!

  • Waterbabe, WHAT a relief to know someone else unplugs the phone.

    The phone is the bane of my existence and I curse the name of Alexander Graham Bell!

    Plus, you have to pay a fortune for the privilege of being driven crazy and feeling that people are coming at you, invading what little privacy you have, making you feel you have no right to that privacy, and that you're under siege.

    My mother, who's Pisces, has the same phone-phobia. Her grandmother used to joke that she must've been scared by a telephone ringing heard while in the womb!

    I love my friends so much and want to keep in touch with them but oh that machine ... it really does make me feel almost violated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sandran712>>Dr Phil is supposed to have a show that we are not supposed to pay attention to our Astrology Signs.We are ignoring people of another sign because they are not compatible.I am curious to see this show...

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