How do you get a leo man to love you back?

  • I'm a scorpio woman and I met this leo guy in college and we knew each other for a year plus now.

    We once went on a college trip together and that was when we really got know each other well. We got really close playing together with the kids and during the recreation activities. He asked for a picture with me and sat beside each other many times. On the last night we also sneaked into the same rooms and he drew on my hand and we were just so close. But after the trip we never talked to each other again and I really missed him and that was when I realised I already fell for him.

    When we went back to school in the new term it was like we were strangers and we never really talked to each other except for a few lines and it seemed as though all the closeness we had together disappeared so suddenly and we were like strangers. I didn't even dare to say hi to him and it really hurts that we lost such precious feelings together. I miss him so badly every day yet I don't really show it when I see him in school. Can anyone help me find a way back to him please?

  • Generally water & fire dont match. Leos are arrogant & proud and he is already displaying it.

    This is a red flag.You are attracted to his strong personality but your possessiveness

    (also you are displaying it already) and jealousy

    will drive him away.The union gets heated up quickly and ends-up quickly also.

    But who really can say its not a good match unless we try it. When women have that

    strong feeling about it they ALWAYS want to try and see how it goes. There is no stopping them.

    You can say Hi again and see where it leads to but donot try so hard to get him.

    Its all up to you but you might end up being hurt.

    Just be careful.

  • Personally I suggest to try and talk to him and if still acts this way to forget about him and move even if I know it his hard and for me to tell you how to make him fall in love with you I would need to have both your birthdates to tell you if you have a chance.

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