Astraangel ..need your insight please !

  • Hi Hiighpriestess

    Wow that does sound like you are heading for something based on what you were told? Do you feel that you are? Well I am happy to look at some cards...

    I am wondering what this change will be all about?

    Temperance, which is blending... plus a 7 (dreaming) wands and 10 (which is a completion and a beginning) wands which lately I associate with identity aspects of life. So I am guessing based on this the change is about your blending identities with someone, could be a relationship.

    What area of my life will see this change that too this significantly that it will throw a lot in my life out of balance? - Knight cups, knight swords and a 9 pentacles (and Knights are pretty sure footed). This is simply saying your life in the area of emotions and intellect become more focused which sounds good to me... and the 9 pentacles is a very solid, established security pattern, so the physical aspects look very dependable. So I would say in love and your thoughts, see change, in a dependable, home/security material setting.

    What exactly will happen to cause this change?

    Six swords, Queen of Pentacles and 7 wands (again). So the identity "dreams" ties back to the first question and a need to blend an identity perhaps. So what "happens" appears to be that something in thoughts of this Queen are imagined. This could be someone else thinking of you? (queen of pentacles). Six swords to me is a very romantic card so I have to say there is certainly something romantic being dreamed of here.

    Will it be problems in relationships, financial worries,love, or something else that i am not aware of yet? Well, lets see... The Lovers, 7 of swords and Wheel of fortune - sounds like this is definitely a relationship matter, it involves some imagination and the wheel is turning and you are waiting to see where that lands. So the sense is of taking a gamble with this. No worries though, this is all a part of the path it seems...

    how will I deal with it ?

    3 of wands, 10 of pentacles and 6 of pentacles.

    So, planning out this new identity (and that could be with another person) and beginning in some new way materially that builds on an existing stability, and sharing. So, I would you deal with this by continuing to plan it (a blended identity) out, and sharing in some way. So this ties back to the idea of "blending" as the idea.

    Will there be any help available during this time ?

    The Lovers, Empress and 5 pentacles... and the Hanged man. So the "help" appears to be within the union itself (this new identity that you are dealing with by planning and sharing). The Empress is very kind, nurturing energy... 5 pentacles tells of material changes for the better and the Hanged Man seems to show some waiting. So this sounds like the Hanged Man is the help (by waiting as needed), from within the union itself. The Empress is nurturing... Material adjustments... flexibility seems to be indicated... I think those areas would be where the 'help' is felt..

    I hope that helps Hiighpriestess... it sounds like something nice to me. 🙂


  • AstraAngel: Please help me. I want to adopt two cats. My lease states that I cannot have animals, but I am on very good terms with my landlord. I am an extremely clean person and they would be assured of no cat odor. Do you think I could convince them to let me have the two cats. They are buddies and would not like to be separated.


  • The Moon, 5 of swords, and Ace wands.

    The Moon is mysterious and that seems to be the cat's card.

    The 5 of swords does show some change of mind about something.

    The Ace of Wands and Ace of Cups does show a positive outcomes to that. So this does seem to be showing a successful outcome. I would say go for it...

  • Thank you AstraAngel, you make my heart glad. I want these cats very much and now

    have the courage to ask for them. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

    With many blessings,


  • It seems to me that emotions and individuality will be the focus of this change. But it all seems to be heading in a serene nice manner towards the actual change .i wonder why I got such an intense reading earlier pointing towards major decisions that I need to take in future and that could disrupt my personal and professional life.honestly I am confused as this reading provided by you gives me a great feeling as it seems I am heading towards much desired change in my life. I would like to ask few more questions only if you have time to do so to clarify certain doubts in my mind.

    Could this change require me to hurt someone/family?

    Would it require me to take my own direction leaving the dependencies in my life behind me?

    Will I offend others while choosing my path and following my dreams ?

    Will my current partner understand it and be willing to help/support me when I choose to follow my dreams ?

    In case you are occupied and can't do this reason ( for some other reason?!) please do skip it.i don't feel like bothering you with my queries. Hope you are well . Thanks so much for your time and insight.

  • Hello hiighpriestess

    Hmm, I dunno about your earlier reading... readings can change as our life changes... I can take a shot at your questions this morning.

    Could this change require me to hurt someone/family?

    Knight of Cups - this change will require you to focus on your emotions. I would say as long as no one gets in the way of your deliriously fun, fantastic, amazing, wondrous, exciting, thrilling, fulfilling, rewarding, exuberant, delicious, delightful, sex y nice, super duper, courageous path... no one will get hurt. 🙂

    Would it require me to take my own direction leaving the dependencies in my life behind me?

    The Sun, seems to be a yes, a new day for you, sunrise, dawn of the happiness you truly deserve. This kinda looks like a bulls eye to me, so focused and clear direction and purpose seems to be the answer here. Yay!

    Will I offend others while choosing my path and following my dreams ?

    Six of Pentacles. This card says sharing, material blessings, so others seem to be benefiting from whatever you are doing. Another yay!

    Will my current partner understand it and be willing to help/support me when I choose to follow my dreams ?

    Ace of Swords. Yes.

    WHatever it is that you are longing for, a dream you have kept in your heart, I would say

    GO FOR IT. Ten of Pentacles shows you in a very good place at the end of this change, able to help others and share your resources. ANd a 9 pentacles so manifesting energies are very strong with your path, nice things ahead!

    Hope that gives you something to consider... you are following your intuitions.

    And you are so very welcome for the readings, my pleasure.

    Blessings, astra

  • Sharon you are welcome about your cat situation... I will agree with you that you are able to do that... blessings... meow.... meow....

  • Honestly I have always felt that everytime I have requested you for a reading you have come up with most positive and hopeful replies . Thank you so much for bringing forth such positive insight to me. It is always joyful to read what you write. Hope you are doing wonderful . Have a great time ahed dear one . Please take care .

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