Hello Captain!

  • Could You please help me with compatibility reading for me ( 31.May 1988) and Steven ( 12. July 1991). Thank You very much 🙂

  • This relationship works best as a friendship or working partnership. It can be magnetic and extremely persuasive in getting its way in the world, highlighting both your charismas. Creatively you two can accomplish a lot, since any artistic or even social endeavour you are engaged in will usually have a certain magic, that extra special something. This goes far in keeping you together. Manipulation and persuasion are your fortes as individuals and your relationship magnifies these qualities, which is all well and good as long as you use them in pursuit of external goals. Games within the relationship, however, can prove destructive. Any battle that shapes up will pit a consummate role-player (you) against an emotionally savvy partner (Steven). Ultimately, you will prove no match against your partner's ability to get his own way. He will sometimes be irritated by your nervous chattiness and you would do well to try to be more grounded.

    A love affair will clearly reveal Steven's ability to determine the relationship's course. If he is attracted to you, he will not be deterred. You may shine and dazzle, but Steven can zero in immediately on your insecurities and vulnerabilities, especially emotional ones. Should marriage be his goal, although you ordinarily hanker after freedom, you will probably recognize the benefits of domestic life with this capable partner and will capitulate pleasurably. However if he shows no signs of interest in a love affair or marriage with you, you may as well forget about it as he will not be moved. Anyhow, a love relationship here could ultimately prove too lopsided - Steven will want to rule the roost, and his controlling and possessive attitudes may backfire as you may come to chafe at his dominance.

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