Aries Man Always Resurfaces

  • I am very confused about a certain situation. All of the things I read on 'Aries Man' says that he will turn away if he is not into you. Well, this guy keeps resurfacing! I do not know why. He is in a relationship and recently disclosed he has "made a fairly serious purchase". I have said to him time and time again, I am not that girl, not going to happen. We have taken it down many notches and now only talk every once in a while. For the most part we are 'friends' which if you ask me, is a bunch of crap. How can you be friends with someone you were never friends with in the first place. He has been resurfacing a lot recently and making comments that arent very 'friendly' if you know what I mean. He will acknowledge that they are inappropriate and admit he is wrong as well. Last night, I ran into him while out with friends. Both of our mouths dropped, it was fairly intense. Then today, resurface with inappropriate comment.

    This is tearing me up. It is a rollercoaster. I would tell someone in my situation to ignore him, leave it alone, its over but for some reason I cannot.

    If this aries man in not into me, why does he keep coming back?

    Any input would be appreciated!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am in a similar situation with a Gem man. Regardless of his sign, I think that people resurface because they need closure. Is there a way you can contact him like maybe writing him an email? Ask him what it is that you need for me to move on? Or pray about this, or what I find effective is before I drift off to sleep, I ask, NAME HIM, i.e. John, what it is you need for me to move on? Or however you want to phrase it? Ask for a sign and give it a timeline like, show me within this week what it is that I need to do to cut off ties with him. Most recently I asked the universe to get rid of people who are not real or making my life better and ask for true and authentic people to come into my life. A week or so later, this happended for me. My Gem man did something to me that I will never forgive him or even talk to him anymore after 48 hours before he offered to be serious with me and he wanted to make up to me for being such a jerk. Ask for help, pray for help and it will come. It's really amazing and if you feel it deep down it will come. For my Gem man, I think he comes back when he doesn't have anyone else to boost his ego. He is busy with his woman (she has a boyfriend) and so I am just allowing nature to take it's course and in the meantime, I am taking better care of myself. I do not want anymore to do with this man, and that is what I asked for, to end it once and for all.

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