Why can't i forget this man?

  • I say a picture of this man and for some reason could not look into the eyes of the picture, it was weird. I then saw him in person and it felt as if i felt his thoughts. I kept pushing it off mentally ignoring it. i tried to ignore him. i could sense him trying to get closer for a better look or something. He got my attention by calling me out in front of everyone, and made his way to stand directly in front of me. When our eyes met, he just stood there staring, as if he was caught off guard. I was smiling, he was not..and In my mind I was saying to him " yes...it's me." It was as if I realized to myself 'it was him' ...whatever that means. It felt like a genuine love, no sexual thoughts just pure. I have tried every way that i can to not think about this man and can't stop. I don't understand it. I saw him again and looked up and he was standing across the room looking at me smiling, he waited for me to notice him. When i did we looked at each other and smiled..it seemed as if the room "parted", a clear path between us, no one walking through or standing by...even though the place was packed. He motioned for me to come to him, i didn't, i was afraid..he turned looked down and walked away. I stood there thinking, forget about it, he should come to you. It has been 2 months, i don't know him and I love him and can't forget about him. What is going on??

  • I get so angry with myself, because of the way i feel.

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