• Hi TW8,

    Im sorry to hear you are struggling , on one income , it is very hard . I am glad to hear that youyr daughter is coming around . I am trying to change my thought patterns lately i have been envisualizing myself being finalcially well off you and i aam feeling a lot better for it and slolwy it is working we have just had some money come in so we can take a holiday something that we havent had in years . I also burnt my worries on a full moon that is starting to work as well as some of them are now being relsoved ,You should try it .

    Sending you an abundance of love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hi Loap,

    Thanks for the advise to burn my worries, as I am new, I dont know how that is done, please advise....My daughter moved back home, and broke it off with her GF. I just hope that she takes her time with dating....I will visualize myself being financially will off, Im will to do the same with find a place to live, I only have 2 weeks to find a place. So glad you & family are taking a holiday, I need to do the same. No time nor money. I'm try to see change as a good thing......Thinking of you....

    Big hugs 🙂


  • HUgs Tw8 ,

    Now the holiday was on my list of what i want and goals to achieve , start yourself one of those I cant believe it actually happend and i did myself a reading with my titania fortune cards and it said i was going to have a holiday . I am envisualizing myself now having everything i need . Dont worry that is my new motto as i have worried to the point where i have been phsyically sick .I hope your hubby finds a proper job soon . I dont know about you but i am so over husbands i just want to have a peaceful life .

    Sending you an abundace of good energy peace and happiness and evisualizing yourself having everything you want and need .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Loap,

    Hello my friend.......Yes I agree with you, Im so over husband, and just want to a peaceful life, filled with love, laughter, and all joys it has to offer. I will start to visualize that I have everything I need, as I to know what it's like to worry myself sick, and be filled with disappointments with myself. I pray all is well, continue to keep me in your light & grace my friend.....

    Peace & love oxox


  • Hi TW8

    How are things now has you DH got a job yet ? Have you written the list down ? I am totally over men and theire antics i am sick and tired of it did i tell you the story about the kangaroo hitting my car ? There was a big roo in the road when we were driving in the dark on the way to our holiday and i told my Dh it was there so he swerved to miss it and it bounced back and hit the side of the car and guess whos fault it was ? Mine of course as he said if i hadnt of told him the roo was there he would have missed ti alltogether Can you believe that ? If i hadnt of told him we would have hit it head on and it would have been 10 times worse . Men who needs them . I want to curl up on the sofa and watch coronation st in peace . lol sad but true .How is your daughter ?

    Sending you an abundance of love , light and hugs Mags xx

  • Hey Mags,

    I hope you don't mind me popping in, just to say hello. I saw your name and couldn't resist. Hope all is well with you & yours. Men issues aside. Oh and kangaroos too. No of course it's not your fault..... Anyway, you've been in my thoughts.


  • Hey Rc

    Wow how wondeful to see you here i think of you often as well , Men are such pitas , i have been having issues with hubby lately i am at my wits end i get the blame for everything . All i want is a peaceful life . How are things with you ? I was chatting with paddi on skype on the weekend . I really miss all the old gang. Is Neveah going to school now ? Are you still working ? How is daughter and pup ?Sorry I have a million questions RC, i am sorry that i havent emailed you more often

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • I didn't mean to intrude on your conversation but I'll give you a quick update. I'm doing pretty well. Yes I'm still working, doing great at my job, got a raise awhile back which was a blessing, I feel appreciated and that is very nice. Nevaeh is going to school, she is in kindergarten, we entered her in a private catholic school as we couldn't get her into public kindergarten because she didn't meet the age requirement. I refused to make her suffer through a wasted year and was determined to find her a placement, we did, it's not cheap but a good education is a worthwhile investment. She is really enjoying it so that makes it work it too. The pup is great she is my pal. Daughter is doing well, she finished her classes for medical assistant and has been working an externship in hopes of being hired, that comes to an end next week but they really like her and her work so I hope they will hire her on. She really likes what she is doing. She has a new boyfriend, just recently and they hit it off very well, almost too well if you know what I mean but he is a cute one and he treats her with respect so so far so good. She has completely fallen head over heels for this one. I feel that marriage could be a possibility if things continue as they have so far. As for me I'm single, probably always will be. I still pretty much have no life but I hope to have a car to call my own in a few months then I will have more independence. I crave to get out, to browse or go shopping. I love to have company and daughter does not so it is a conflict I bear. I had an issues with a bad tooth that became abcessed had to have it treated and dental surgery but I'm much better now. Life goes on....doing my best to stay positive. I do miss our chats. How I wish I could again afford internet at home but it's not in the cards with the kindergarten tuition right now....someday....for now I am just grateful to pop in as I can. I hope things improve for you and I hope my relatives are not a bother to you. How I love your insights though. Take good care and email me anytime I can get that on my phone but typing back on the little keyboard takes more time. Love ya. RC

  • Hi RC, ,

    Dont be silly you are not intruding at all i am so happy to hear that all is going well for you all .Funny you should mention browse or go shopping i was debating doing that before as i have a big shopping mall near me that i can walk to as my car is in for repairs due to the kangaroo saga ., the thing that stopped me was that i wish i had company somone to chat and browse and have a nice lunch with as i never ever buy lunch from the food court and look at clothes or little trinket thingsstuff that i am interested in the end i decided to stay home as it is no fun on your own and all i do is end up looking at things for the kids , dont get me wrong the kids have everything they need but i just cant help myslef if you get my drift. That is great that Naveah is going to a good school , my daughter got into the secondary school i really wanted her to go to it is a public one but with a good reputation .so i am extremely happy about that .Sorry to hear about your tooth those damn dentists if they didnt charge like wounded bulls we would all be able to go regulary . I understand about emailing on the phone i have trouble as well as i cant see properly but i do have reading glasses now but with the keyboard being so little it takes me a while as well .I am glad to hear that your Daughter is happy with her new man i hope this is the right one for her . I am updating my resume now and trying to get back into the work force as well all my kids are is at school so i feel it is the right time but it is these dam school holidays that are holding me back as i have no one to look after the kids , so i am trying to find something i can do from home . maybe on the computer . I would do readings but i dont want strangers coming into my house i feel uneasy about the whole idea ., and i dont want to go to them either so it has to be something online . I just dont know how to go about it .That is great you are doing we at your job and getting a raise as well how wonderful . That is great news . I hope you have a great weekend

    Lots of love Mags xx

  • Hello Loap......

    and RC i dont mind at all......

    Well this is my last week at my home, I dont know where I will be living. Yes, I'm done with Husbands, and there childish acts....What list..? anywho, my spouse found a job, will see how that wrks or how long that last, I'm grateful that I have a steady job. My son who is in a wheelchair is having a hard time getting to his class, seems we can't find transportation to pick him up, this is the worst I have ever been, I can handle daily life struggles, but struggles as to where I'm going to live & meeting the needs for my son is to much to bare. I feel great disappointment, and feel as if I continue to live with my husband I will struggle.....We defintely have the same interest, when it comes to home, and family. As for each other, I feel I should have done better......I'm starting to question my relationship...We say things to each as if we are just dealing with the relationship.....Well off to wrk I go.....Hope all is well with you & family.

    Hugs xoxo,


  • Mags, TW8 thanks for letting me join in. I wish we could meet at that food court and just chat, browse around a bit etc. Like you I always make sure the little one has what she needs. Lord I saved up and waited a good number of weeks to buy new underwear for myself as I always put their needs before my own. I don't mind that but it does leave one feeling a bit unimportant at times.

    Sorry to hear about the relationship issues. I never married. Relationships yes, some good some not but never crossed to the altar to join another. I remember at 17 saying very distinctly to my mom that I wanted to be a mom and have kids but I wasn't sure that having a husband was in the plan or really worth it. Little did I know the universe was listening but who knows perhaps that just means I was spared a great deal of pain, agony and trouble.

    I'm glad you were able to get your daughter into the school you wanted. And TW8 so sorry to hear of the struggles for your son. It's terrible when we really need help and can't seem to find anyone willing to step in and do just that. I've always been the one to run when others called and needed me or needed my help in some way. But I realized when the tables were turned few came to my aid, it was a sad realization. But one which brought with it learning. I hate to say with change comes lessons learned but don't be surprised if you don't look back on these times in years to come and think about how much you learned over the course of this journey in dealing with taking these next steps in life whatever they may be. Wishing you both well. Will try to pop in now and again.


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  • dmick59, thanks for your comment, you are absolutely correct. It's unconditional on our part we don't look for reciprocation but I must admit it stung a little when I was finally the one in need and it seemed like no one was there to offer help. Alas we continue on with life, we are still the same way, I'd certainly do it all pretty much the same given the chance, it's in my dna I'm the helper or so I try to be anyway. Hope one day someone steps up to remind you that all you do for them or have done means / meant a lot to show their appreciation in some small way. Not that you need the recognition I can tell you don't but every now and again it sure is nice to hear.

    Take good care.


  • Ok i ask the universe

    To help TW8 find somewhere to live and have all her financial needs be met . I am so sorry TW 8 ((HUGS)) my friend . Dont worry it will all work out i am sure of it . I am praying for you .


    ,I am at the point now where i want to be the one to make myself happy and nuture myself it is like i dont need anyone else except my kids dont get me wrong i love Dave but i could do without all bs. I just want to be happy .

  • Loap & RC....

    Thanks for your words. I agree Loap, I'm at that stage I love my husband too, I would rather just be with my kids, instead of the constant BS, I'm not his child to control and talk to disrepectfully.

    Our kids are older, at times ask me why I put up with it. Sad......Your right RC their is a lesson to be learned, things are about to change....I feel my spouse has to be willing to change along with me, I don't think he is willing too.....I'm ready to move on with my journey, where ever it leads. RC your so correct, I'm not even thinking of looking back, its as if I don't want to remember....Weird, but true......Thanks so much ladies for allowing me to express myself....

    (((Big strong hugss)))


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • dMick59-Thanks for the insight. It has made me stop and think of things a little differently. Hmmm how to explain...well I'm happy with my kids, although I don't agree, with there choice's it is there life & lesson. As for my husband I don't have to agree, nor waste my energy arguing over things that can't be changed, (Wow, just realized that). Someone else negativity can affect a person. So I will reflect on the things I love to do, like read a book, drink glass a wine, listen to some music, etc... and block his negativity. Move forward, he will follow if he chooses too.

    At this moment I'm thinking of my Sons who I have at hm, and still need me. Their my motivator & my strength.

    Thanks for the thought. It has me in a postive mood 🙂



  • Have you guys noticed that most of the threads on this forum are about love and relationship readings ? I think to myself come on guys there is more to life than this , but go back maybe 25 years i would have been asking the same thing . I have reached a milestone today i actually typed out my resume on the computer i am so proud of myself as i never thought i could do that in a million years . Not bad for an old school girl . also i had a chuckle to myself under interests i so badly want to put reading tarot cards but somehow i dont think that would go down to well .

    Now all i need to do is start applying for jobs . I cant wait to get back into the work force .

    Positive affirmation for the day from my empowerment cards by Tavis Smiley

    Intensify your integrity

    Be open honest and honorable in all your endeavours . Establish high standards , principles , and values for yourself ,then kick it up a level . In everything you do be true to you .

  • WooWhoo congrats Loap....Happy for you.

    Well as you all know last time I was replied, we still had not found a place. Well good breaking news, got Apt. move in this Saturday, thou things at home between Hubby & I are on the rocks. I just want to move on, and be happy with myself. Busy weekend for me & family. Continue to keep me in prayer.

    Big Hugs & XoXo


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