• Loap---No I don't think your being ungrateful to feel, how you are feeling. It's ok to vent....we need that sometimes...I totally understand about resentment towards your partner. I have been in that same emotion. My Cancer express to in action, and can be cruel, very hurtful. Thats when I started looking at my husband different, and I found out about the cheating, I had to get strong, because I got tired of being critized, and started standing up for me, I saw I was stronger then him.....I know you see yourself stronger then your DH. I don't wear my wedding band, I stopped wearing it yrs ago. I refuse to. He doesn't wear his, actually he pawn his wedding band. He's reasons was because we needed $$, ok if thats the case then why hasn't he gotten it out yet....It's been mouths. My dearest friend start doing for you, and look at your DH and think when did this change start & why......Look up ask your guardian for strength & guidence....

    Peace & love TW8

  • TW8,

    My i wont say dh i will just call him scorp as its more appropriate , stopped wearing his ring as well for a couple of years now it is sitting in my jewellery box , i have tried to make himwear it again and he has no interest he keeps saying it wil get ruined at work yet he always wore it before , and its bizzare how you tell me you stopped wearing yours as i just made the descion not wear mine anymore , even though i totally adore it and it is the nicest peice of jewellery i have it has lost its true meaning and all my rings are soldered together enagagement , wedding and eternitiy .I told him today how much he hurt me the other day as we had a argument over a text message that he took the wrong way , he thought i was having a go at him so i am never texting him again i cant be bothered with the BS ,and he apoligiesed but he only will when i tell him what he has done wrong and this drives me mad as well . Good on you for standing up for yourself i havent in so long i have just put up and shut up for the peace well its happening no more i havent spoken to him for 4 days and it really got him worried he has changed his tune but i do tap into peoples energies and his one it totally over me i can feel he thins of me as an annoying insect in which he would love to squash .

    Thankyou for your kind words love Loap:)

  • Loap----How was your hoilday..?? Mine went alright. I went camping with my Cancer & his family. I will never do that again. I felt like an outkast. I told my Cancer next time we are invited he can join his family by himself. Why is that us Taurus are missed understood. Always taking our comments the wrong way, that just gets me. My Cancer started a new job, which Im not so happy about, but again why should I be surpirsed, he's never givin a d*m what I say anyway....It would be different, if he would just stick to a job, in the past 2 yrs he's been in & out of jobs. Im not sure what is wrong with me right. Feeling empty, and just wanting for everything to fail.........Why.??

    Hope all is well...TW8

  • Hi TW8,

    I am so sorry your camping trip was a disaster , there is nothing wrong with you at all , all you want is a little bit of respect and that is not to much to ask by any means . I totally understand how you feel ive been there many times myself . I to have issues with my Scorps family , they only care about him and not the kids and i . I could write a book on the things they have done to pee me off over the years . I totally understand how you feel towards the job situation it must be very frustrating for you .Mine is the opposite he sticks to one job but can tend to be a work aholic not that i am ungrateful by any means but it doesnt allow for quality family time . I had an argument with him this last weekend over taking time off to have a family portait done as he was away all week interstate i thought he would at least have taken the weekend off and the portrait was a big deal to me and i told him so yet he still went to work , so i had to just get one done of the kids . I was so dissapointed . Have you heard from T7 lately ? I wonder where she has dissapeared to . I hope by the time you are reading this that your spirits have lifted .

    Love and(( hugs)) to you my dear freind.


    my scorp and i have had our ups and downs and i also have been very upset .

  • Hello Loap,

    Everything was going great until I get some news that Im not sure I can handle. Im so trying to deal with matter as calm as can be....I say this much Im tired of getting hurt & crying. I wish I say this is due to my Cancer, but it's not....Our daughter told us that she is interested in experimenting with same sex.....We both are having a difficult time excepting that. We haven't told her how it truely makes us feel....I have been crying for the pass 2days. Im so trying to have a open mind regarding it, of course I love my daughter. I feel as all my dreams of her becoming a mother & I grdma 1 day has been robbed from me......

    No I haven't heard from T7, I so miss our chats. I hope all is well with her.....

    Big Hugs my friend.....Hope all is going well with you..!!


  • Hugs to you my dear friend sorry i havent replied sooner my kids are taking over the pc

    I totally understand how you feel it would be hard at first to accept but in time im sure that you will be able to accept that this is your daughters choice thats if she does continue on this path it could just be a phase that she is going through as she is still very young . She has her whole life ahead of her . Its good that she has been totally open and honest with you about the way she is feeling. . and many same sex couples adopt and have children now adays all those dreams are still a possibilite even if they dont work out in the way you imagined them to be.

    Dont despair my freind im sure it will all work out for the best in the future .

    Love and hugs 2 you


  • Hello My friend....

    How are ya..? Sorry I strayed away for a while, had lots of things happening in my life.....My ex husband passed away about 2 months ago, I recently lost my bro-in-law. Of course my financial situation isn't all that great so I've been looking for a place to relocate my family. My hubby and I are still hanging in there....anyway i hope all is going well for you.....

    Big hugs....


  • HiTW8

    I am so sorry to hear of all the diffuculties you have been through and my sincere condolences to you about your ex husband and brother inlaw (( HUGS)) . . I feel 2012 has not been a good year at all for most people financially. I to have issues ,It s great you here from you again . Dont worry i understand about straying ive done it many times before, sometimes i feel so over whelmned with everything my heart is just not in it to post on the forum.

    Take care my friend

    Love and hugs xx


  • Hello Loap..

    Thank you for your kind words, and reminding me that, Im not the only one with financial issues. At time it feels as though I am....How is the family..? How are you.? I have slack off from everything. I need to get myself on track with excerise. School is about to start here in Texas, and having to shop for school clothes for one, Im not sure how to, since I've always used to shop for 5. My daughter will start college in 2 wks, Im scared for her & happy at the same time, she continues to see her girlfriend, though Im sure how long that will last. I hope all is well with you & family my friend......(( Big Hugs))



  • Hi TW8,

    As much as we feel it are never alone through these trying times ,, i went to the bank today full of trepidation as i am running low on funds but i do have money coming from my family payments which i recieve as a lump sum , but thankgod there is still plenty in there to cover the mortgage as i was waiting in the que i prayed to Archangel Michael to take my worry away and that everything will be alright and thankfully it was . Dont worry im sure everything will work out for the both of us .I am glad to hear that your Daughter is happy , i understand why you worry as Mums we cant help it is instilled in us , you will always worry and be scared , but at the end of the day as long as our kids are happy and healthy thats the main thing . I am so worried because my daughter has to have braces its not only the cost but her well being as she starts high school next year and i dont want her to get teased , but over here it seems so many high school kids have have them nowadays .I am slowly trying to work out how to worry one step at a time as i get myself in such a state over things and its not good at all for my own wellbeing . I hope you are feeling better .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hello My friend...

    Today was the worst day ever, I woke up this morning getting myself ready for wrk, was about to leave..I ck on my kids as a Mother you continue to do as they grow....I found my daughters gf in bed with my daighter this morning.....Needless to say I was upset, and calmly told my daughter, that her gf wasn't welcome in our home.....Why because the gf accuse my daughter about 3 wks ago of vandalizing her parents vehicle, and told my daughter to get her property, and we are not totally excepting of her was our home she needs to respect it.....Of course she got upset, and left with her gf......

    I called her after lunch and ask her if thats what she wanted to be with her gf....she couldn't undrstand where I was coming from. I said its a simple question. Yes or No.....she couldn't answer...I told I knew she was sneaking her gf in our home, and that its gonna stop, she said find, she will just come in through the front door...I told I don't think so that my house, she doesn't have a say.....She said well I dont want Juan there..(Juan is ex boy-friend), thats not up to besides he not there to see you, he's there for your brother (Brother is in a wheelchair needs assistants), she said I dont care, I dont want him there...Ok you have choice you live with it or move out......she said fine...I'm moving out......18 and thinks she knows it all. Im so heat broken...

  • (Hugs)) TW8,

    I can feel your pain , i know this must be hard for you my daughter is 12 and i have all this to come . your daughter was very disrespectful to do this to you ,but i am afraid the more you go on at her about it the more she wil retaliate , i know you are probably thinking right now i dont accept this and i do not want to sit back and do nothing , as hard as this is i feel you need to respect her chioce but you are to let her know that in no uncertain terms she is not to be disrespectful to you in your own home . Like you said she is 18 and think she knows it all at the moment, but this will change this relationship could just be a phase . I have noticed some attitudes with my daughter now and im thinking what are the years ahead going to bring. Maybe if your daughter were to move out it wouldnt be such a bad thing, it might be exactly what she needs as then she will realiise life is not always a bed of roses when there is housework to do and bills to be paid and i feel you never really know someone until you live with them , and then theres the comfort of home having Mum who is always there to clean and cook and but mainly care . I hope that you are feeling a bit better now , i wish we could swap email addresses , it would be great if this site had a private messaging system .I can do you a tarot card reading if you like but i need to you to ask a particular question .

    Love and hugs 2u LOap xx

  • Loap 😢

    My daughther moved out Friday, and I understand that I need to respect her choice, each day is a step to excepting, and very hard for me. I dont feel this gfriend is the 1 for my daughter. Why her gfriend talks rudely to me, and that is a disrepect to my daughter and Me. I understand I may not be easy person to talk to, and thats why I continue to tell my daughter, she needs to give me more time than she realizes, and respect me. Your right maybe I need to let her be on her own to figure the real world. I'm so numb right now. I'm still looking for a place for us to move, and now my daughter has moved out. I always knew she would leave, but never under these circumstances. She is my only daughter, and miss her dearly......I would like a reading. Not sure what qestion to ask since my mind is all over the place, but only 1 that comes to mind, is my

    Family & Home.......


    TW8 :((

  • Hi TW8.

    I hope you are feeling a little better by the time you read this ,now i think i will do the reading for your daughter . I can ask the cards will this relationship last for your daughter ? I will await your reply as i dont want to delve into an area without your permisson to do so . It is very disrespectful of your dds,( Dear Daughter ) gf to speak to you like that . I want to tell you this and its coming from my intuiton no cards have been drawn yet but i feel she (GF) could be causing problems at your dds work ?I dont want you to worry but i just feel i have to tell you this , i hope i am way of the mark . Thining of you

    Love and hugs

    Loap 🙂

  • Loap...

    I do not mind if you ask the card if the relationship will last. ....Yes I feel some what better, but find myself lost in tears at times, mainly at night. I wish we could share e-mails. My husband was let go from his job again, whats got a hold on my family, we can't seem get to ahead....I worried my income can't provide for us to much.....

    😞 Hugs,


  • (( HUgs)) TW8

    Try not to worry , i know that it is easier said then done . I shall return with your reading its getting late where i am now and i am off to get some shut eye .

    Take care

    Love and hugs LOap:)

  • Hi TW8,

    I feel the same way sometimes like i just cant seem to get ahead .Im so sorry to hear about you DH losing his job , i hope he finds something else soon . Ive done your reading for your daughter and i feel this relationship is scattered . i do not feel your daugther is truly satisfied i feel there are alot of issues regarding finances that are causing problems in this relationship, as the cards that came out were the 2 of pents . the nine of cups reversed and the 3 of pentacles . The threes in the tarot can indicate situations with 3 or more people i feel that another person will soon be involved like a love triangle , i also feel one partner is using the other for money . does your daughter go to colledge ? If not i do feel she is going to take up some course or study , i feel she does have a good head on her shoulders and will be home sooner than you think i feel she is wising up to GF now . I hope this helps and you are feeling much better .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Loap....

    Thanks for your reading. I do feel some what better, not to much. So much is on my mind. I getting exhausted just thinking, and its putting a toll on body. I trying no to get into a depressive mode.....All I can do is pray for my daughter.....again thanks..



  • ((HUGS)) TW8 I hope you are feeling better sorry i havent replied sooner, I wish i could come over and have a proper chat with you all i can do is send prayers for you all .

    thinking of you

    Love and Hugs Loap:)

  • Hello My Dearest Friend,

    How are things..? I'm ok trying to make it, with 1 income is hard, and my DH is still looking for wrk. Im still looking for a place to live. I'm not happy with our situation, at time find myself asking a question. How long will I stand by this man, when will he settle at a job.? I'm tried of struggling financially. Seems as if nothing in our relationship changes, same pattern.....He gets a job, and once we doing great, something occurs....I'm just wondering what is next..? As for my daughter, she is coming around slowly...I'm not sure what holds her back, I can tell she misses home, and her space. I wish we could met & chat over a cup of coffe or tea. Praying all is well with you and family....

    Thinking of You,

    TW8 ((Big Hugs))

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