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    How are you.?? Im so new this thread, Im not sure where to begin. Im going through so much emotions with my marriage, I can't seem to let go of the cheating back in 2010, and my financial issues seem to just be going down hill......I feel as if nothing will ever change in my marriage or finances.....I have asked for a divorce, he states his not leaving, I feel like he wants to make this an ugly sepration, when there is no need for it, just face it (him)......I feel he will never change this is just temperary......Im sorry I know Im all over the place....What in store for me & my cancer..??


  • Hi TW8,

    I am so sorry to hear of all the difficulties that you have been going through , i feel your energy your are so overwhelmned with it all and i have felt the same recently with finances My husband and i are still together but most times i feel as if i am on my own in this marriage a single Mum wearing a wedding band . My husband works so much and i am very grateful for that but there is no family quality time for the kids and they are growing up so fast . how olng have you and your husband been together ? Do you have kids ?

  • I'm sorry to jump in this thread intended for dear Loap, i felt drawn to it...and now i know why, i can relate since i have been through a lot in my previous marriage...and my current relationship proved to be an abusive, exploiting one...Taurus woman8, sometimes i give rune readings for friends, if you ever want one feel free to ask, the same goes without question for Loap as well 🙂

  • Hello Chrysalis ,

    Welcome and thank you one again for that reading you done for me in the lounge . I know you have it hard i felt your pain my heart goes out to you , my DH (DEAR Husband ) emotionally abandond me no talking it went on for months its was horrible . Have you ever heard of this b4 ?

  • Unfortunately yes dear Loap.....Ego....and men (boys actually...) have tons of it....i sense something is going on behind your back however....there is a dark energy inside your house, a person close to you that affects your husband.....male but....strong female energy inside him. lol not gay that's not what i mean....but karma from this person's past life where he was a woman......this person has some "female" traits evident like attention to detail, uses beauty products,powerful intution , is an empath but uses his gifts to manipulate others....ring a bell ? Also, recent death is on him...someone close to him passed away recently...i think you need protection....a talisman or something....more when i'm able to focus more, my life has become a rollercoaster lately !

  • Welcome Chrysallis, no I don't mind you jumpin in this thread, even if was intended for Loap.....I appreciate you offering to do a reading, it's been yrs since I last had one......I would like a reading on my marriage & financial situation.....Im tired of struggling, feel as if I continue to be with this man, we will never be stable financially, and he will continue to cheat, maybe not now, he will when his energy is back....

    We have 5 kids all together, He has 2 kids from someone else, I had 1child from my preivous marriage, and we had 2 of our own....I have 2 step-grdbabies.....Our kids age range from 25-14 yrs. Yes my husband still lives in the house.....No we are not separated.....

  • I will have your reading ready tomorrow dear TW8. Taureans are notorious for their capability of enduring difficult situations as well as having a hard time letting go....i feel how tired you are. And i can totally relate....

  • Chrysalis ,

    Omg you are really worrying me , my Dh has had alot of mood swings lately it is like living with Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde and i feel as if i am being watched by something unkown i could really feel its eyes penetrating into me like it was angry with me , it was in the bathroom again when i felt it watching me . I did have an evil eye symbol in my house but my DH through it in the bin years ago do you think this could have caused this to happen ? The evil eye was left here bye the people that used to live in my house .

  • Your reading TaurusWoman8 :

    1st Rune, Yourself Now : Kenaz (upright) The Torch/Fire

    Drawing the Kenaz rune in a reading indicates that you are coming into a new understanding of life and it’s meaning. It shows new beginnings via the letting go of the old. Kenaz is the flame of transformation and regeneration. It is the fire of the forge, the volcano and deep earth energies. It is the controlled flame of the artist and craftsman. It holds the power to create or destroy. For the New to come, the Old must be released….or burned to the ground. Through this Phoenix archetype we make room for the New to be born from the ashes of the Old.

    2nd Rune, the Past : Algiz (reversed) Horns of the Elk.

    it is a warning to proceed with caution and to not act rashly or hastily. You may be vulnerable to hostile influences at this time and need to concentrate on building your strength physically, emotionally and spiritually before moving forward. The Elk’s horns mean protection and right now there’s a lack of it. So don’t make hasty moves or decisions. Proceed with caution, take your time and make sure none of your decisions are made in the heat of the moment.

    3rd Rune, the Future : Othila (reversed) Home, Possessions.

    The message is to allow everyone and everything to be as they should. Now is not the time to be held down and bound by old conditioning and behavior. Adaptability to change must be fostered, as change is inevitable. A refusal to go with the flow of change will result in more hurdles and obstacles in your way. This rune means change. Spiritually and materially. The now will be no more and loss of current “possessions” will take place.

    4th Rune, the foundation of the current situation : Teiwaz (reversed) The Warrior God Tyr.

    Injustice and imbalance often appear in the wake of Teiwaz reversed. It implies dwindling passions and a difficulties in communication. A separation of some sort may be imminent. In the past, maybe you didn’t fight for what you deserved, you preferred to retreat than risk your family’s integrity. But whenever we give ground in order to avoid conflict…we are exploited. People tend to misunderstand flexibility and tolerance for weakness….and they take advantage of it. You have great strength, resilience, endurance and determination inside you, but until now you chose not to engage in direct conflict to claim your rightful place in the world (or could be your family). This choice, although right and virtuous, has brought about the current situation.

    5th Rune , The Challenge : Pertho ,Dice Cup (Upright) Fate, taking chances.

    The rune of the warrior who constantly tests himself against chance and luck. Mandatory changes brought about by external forces. It indicates not how long you live your life, but how well you live it. Your challenge is….to make the decision to fight for a better life….or not. Upright means the odds are favorable for such a venture. Deep transformative powers are at work. It is the rune of ‘what has yet to be revealed.’ It is the rune of taking chances. It can indicated mystery and secrecy. There may well be surprises, gains or rewards that you did not anticipate coming your way. The Pertho rune often brings in the unexpected. Claim your personal power in regards to the choices you make in life, particularly at this time. Do not allow others to compromise your truth. Do not allow others to prevent you from doing what you want and need to do. Only YOU know what is right for you, so have trust in yourself and faith in your decision-making skills.

    6th Rune, Outcome : Raido (reversed) The wheel of Life. A fear to move forward. By not walking your path of destiny, you are inviting more obstacles and difficulties into your life. There are lessons to be learnt, but you may be rejecting them in favor of pain and turmoil. Listen to what your own heart is really saying, then take heed and move forward towards better times. There will be hardships and great effort will be required for seemingly little gain. But this too is part of your path. There is no gain without loss of something, it’s the balance of Life. Challenges bring equal and opposite rewards. Keep in mind that when times are difficult, they will not go on forever.

    Hope it’s helpful my friend, if you want further clarification feel free to ask 🙂

  • Dear Loap, evil eyes are used to ward off evil usually....what kind of people lived in the house you're in now ? Maybe your DH shouldn't throw it away. I feel you need protection from negative energy, your DH is affected by it. Maybe it's someone in his work, anyway it's someone you know but not family related. I see a relatively tall, skinny man, but mind you this may be his "essence" and not his physical appearance. It's avery cunning and manipulative person, extremely selfish and loathes others hapiness of others because he never had any in his life.

    You must have strong ties with Ancient Egypt. I saw Wepwawet, the canine God who brought the souls of the deceased to Osiris, helped them find their way through the perilous twilight of the underworld.

    This is for you as well as your DH. You dear Loap must be the one who will lead your Hubbie out of his illusions. He's being mislead, thinking of chasing something valuable, possibly promised a promotion or something else that attracts him....but not all that shine are gold....this world is full of traps and deceit, like the shadows of the Egyptian Underworld....he needs a solid, dependable and wise Guide...and i believe you fit the bill perfectly !

    Try to find a dog talisman, dogs are the best and most devoted guardians of Home and Family. Maybe a chinese statue or Egyptian (Anubis is always so cool to have !) because Wepwawet is difficult to find. Anyway any doggie thingies will do the job i imagine, barking or biting away any meanie around !

  • Dear Chrysalis ,

    There is someone watching me from my bedroom window it moslty happens at night after my shower when the curtains are drawn but i feel them there . Its to late my Dh threw the evileye in a trailor or rubbish that we had all packed up and ready to go to the tip . I begged him not to . I will look around for one of these taiismans . Thankyou

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Don't worry about that evil eye Dear Loap, talismans that belong to others carry their energy and you have no way of knowing their true maybe your DH was subconsciously guided to get rid of it.

    By all means get a new, one that you feel drawn to, trust your gut instinct about what is the appropriate one. Don't let logic mess up things here, even if it's something that is not too attractive get it. Once home, wash it thoroughly to remove residual energy, rinse it well and sprinkle some salt on and around it. A good idea is to put in on the ground outside your house for a couple of days to get energy from the sun and Earth. Then position it at a "guard" key position inside the house, looking at the front door or the window.

    Do you feel threatened by that someone watcihng you ? Or do you feel a sense of "warmth" when you feel this presence? You ARE psychic, so you can feel spirits around you, but not all of them are malevolent. LIke the orbs you saw, this may well be a guardian spirit. Let me know 🙂

  • Hello Chrysallis......I have been reviewing my reading...and Yes I would like clarication. As I am new to this....

  • Thanks Chrysalis ,

    For all your help we have so many threads going i posted my reply at the lounge so i dont cionfuse myself lol..

    Love Loap:)

  • Hi TW8

    I hope you are doing well , i feel your pain at your DH not respecting you, i am starting to think that us tauruses always get taken for granted My DH is a scorpio and they run hot and cold , i never know where i stand with him and he can not talk at all for hours on end this drives me nuts , as i want to talk and get whatever is bothering me off my chest where as he just clams up . I dont know much about cancers at all . As for the cheating i can understand that the trust you have for him is broken but do you think you could ever see past this ? As i could be wrong but the energy im picking up from you in your post i strongly feel you want to make this marriage work again but fear is holding you back ,. My heart goes out to you my freind its not an easy descision .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • TW8. Your life path approaches a crossroads. And no choice will lead to an easy path. Deep inside you know how things will evolve with your marriage, but you still want to try and save it. As the runes say, it's time to claim the life you believe you deserve. That's the basic meaning of this reading.

    In the past you looked to avoid direct conflict, not let things escalate. No, the runes don't say have a divorce or not. The message they convey is the current situation will change one way or another, and you will have to adopt a more aggresive stance, not throwing dishes but not retreating any more.

    So if you choose to follow the divorce path there wil be strife, since he is not willing to let you go. After this you will be totally on your own, which means further financial worries.

    The other path is remain with him and give your fight to change him. Not easy too.

    I asked for further guidance on the path you should follow, this time from Egypt. 3 gods showed up, none of them in reverse, so i take it as a clear message here.

    Horus, the avenging son. He defeated Seth, the murdered of his father Osiris in a series of bitter battles, but in the end his courage and determination brought final victory. His message is quite clear, fight for the life you deserve.

    Renenet is the child protector, a fierce defender of the newborn children and the goddess of family. She gave each a secret name, giving the child the power to create it's own fate. Her message is also clear, consider what's best for your children, you have what it takes to win and shape your destiny.

    Finally, Taweret, the goddess who helps women in labor , deity of household, warding off evil spirits and demons who intended harm to mother or baby . You have your Guides help on this.

    As 2 of the gods are related to home and family, the message is choose the path of remaining with him and fight valiantly for the life you deserve to have. You will eventually win, but you'll need all your strength, endurance and determination. All typical Taurean traits eh ?

  • Dear Chrysallis, I dont know how to say hello, its my first time here. I need your reading. I am a musician, i have once did a video, but before then, i was living with my brother who gave me money to buy thins but later i worked and was able to live on my own, my brother felt jealous and start hauting my life most especially when he heard i made a music video and its been displayed on local and satellite tv. since then i started having spiritual attacks and the direction of my life is not balance, sometimes i see him in the dream, feeding me, or being cruel, later on i found out that all my brothers were not happy of my success. Now I am left alone struggling with what they had done for me, my music career which everyone says is supposed to succeed across the world quickly has been deteriorated. I dont even get my bearing, i dont have anything doing with music and financially i am nothing. but I was kind. the second was my girlfriend who lives with me and use to touch my head when we use to sleep, one day i found her hand in the middle of my head(scalp/brain side), and i removed her hands, she is acting suspicious, i trusted her before but i guess she is evil too. I dont seems to undersand why my bright future is in coherence with bad people. I hardly meet good people, even my girl friends want my music to die and she knows i will rule the world with it, she even dated me because of my lovely song but now she is with me acting like a demon. I am here alone, seeking for your reading as what i can do. Thank you

  • Loap---Your right i do believe we Taurus's are taken for granted, due to our patiences. When we have an out burst, its considered childless behaivor, because we exploded and get to the point. I feel I have to work on me, to feel confident to move pass, as Im not a well figured women, I have been working on myself confidence. I have been wrking out here & ther not as faithful as I was before, he still cheated on me, while I was wrking on myself.....I do feel I deserve better from him, and I expect him to respect me, as I have done all these yrs. towards him & our marriage...My Cancer can be cruel with words & have the attitude of I dont give a f--k. That my friends was something I tolerated, thinking he was just mad, blowing off steam.....What was I thinking..? My mistake....I've gotten strong by verbally defending and speaking up, not backing down on my words....As he knows "I'm Done" with the marriage, if he can't fix his ridiculous explosive behavior....I"ll admitt I love him dearly, enough to walk way from everything. Just so that he can live as he wants, with whom ever, and be happy....After my reading..I realize I desreve happiness to, have I givin the big fight to make him see all the hurt that has built inside of me...Our finanical issue we need to work on that. I can't do it all...Im not willing to anymore, I believe our house (2nd time around) we will lose to foreclosure. Im trying to be optimistic. I know we can't afford it, maybe it's a new beginning, for both of us. I will continue to look up and ask the angels for strength....I hope all is going well with you. You can never know what a Scorpio is up too...I bet that is hard, as you can never know what going on in their minds. Not sure if your dealing with the Hot personality or the Cold one...I have a sister, who is a Scorpio, as kids she gave Mom a whirl, and still does as a grown women....I got ya in thought & prayer my friend....hang in there.

    Peace, love 🙂


  • Hi TW8

    I am not talking to my DH , he can go and get himself well and truly stuffed , he has no respect for me and talks to me like something he dragged ina workoholic i have begged him to take a saturday off so we can be together as a family and this has been going on the bottom of his shoe , and i am not standing for it anymore . I am at a stage now where i dont want to be in a relationship as basically i am a single mother wearing a wedding band anyway. I know people would say dont be so ungrateful he is working providing for his family well they are not on the other side of it ,. People change and he has, you say you love your Dh dearly well im not sure how i feel anymore as resentment is starting to build up. Scorpios might not say much but their actions say it all , they are cold and heartless at times .

    sorry had to vent

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • sorry for the post being muddled up but thats exactly how i feel myself lol.

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