Captain, can we try again?

  • Hi Captain, I just read your posts on being happy as a single and I absolutely loved them! You are so right and just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the insight!

    On another note, I don't know if you remember me. I had met a man online and was having trouble identifying what he wanted with respect to our relationship. We had mutual friends so we both knew who we were. At the time, you had said he was a deceiver and had multiple women he was doing this online thing with and it would not work out. I thanked you for your reading but it just did not ring true for me.

    Well fast forward and my friend and I are much better friends. We have been in touch all this time, still talking regularly and everything is fine. I decided to take one of your points and did not continue to emotionally invest in him and that has worked well for me. A nice amusement that lifts my spirits and gives me joy.

    I wondered if you would mind trying to read for us again. I have a fascination with tarot and you do such a good job for everyone else, that if you don't mind, I would like you to give our relationship. Nothing too heavy but maybe asking if we will continue to sail along as nicely as we have.

    I am May 24, 1971 and he is April 25, 1972.

    If not, I totally understand but please know that I have been following your articles and other responses and I come to you with a genuine request and with much respect.

    Blessings, Lizuz

  • I don't read the tarot cards, but I can do an astrological compatibility reading for you and your friend.

    No matter how light you try to keep it, this relationship is apt to stir up deep emotions, and magnetic attraction plays a strong role here. So strong is this attraction in fact that the two of you would be best off laying some ground rules or a moral philosophy on which you can both agree. Otherwise the relationship's tendencies towards love addiction, neediness, or codependency could cause one or both of you to be hurt by your own unrealistic assessment of what is going on.

    Your friend may be fascinated by your mind, and you by his physical endowments and prowess. But one of you may prove too fickle a customer for the other: infidelity, jealousy, and outright competition can surface here, marring an otherwise fruitful relationship. If forgiving, understanding or permissive attitudes can be developed, however, with each of you allowing the other free rein in spending time with other people (though probably drawing the line at outright sexual infidelity), the relationship might well stand the test of time. You Lizuz can learn much from your friend about hard work and sticking to the task at hand, while he will benefit from your example of flexibility and adaptability. The two of you can fill in each other's deficiencies and appreciate each other's strengths. Your strong physical attraction can lead to some intense sexual encounters and, as long as you can both freely exchange ideas in the intellectual or philosophical areas, you can be good friends too. your friend's patience may be tested by your energy and talkativeness however, and his need for peace and quiet at home after a hard day's work can be frustrated in this relationship. He comes from a background of feeling unloved and unwanted, and he wants to have a home and family of his own - yet he will rarely be there for his wife and kids, needing to belong to the public world more than his personal family. You do both want the same basic thing in life, however - to be in love, to be adored, and to share 'centre stage' with someone who returns your passion. Unfortunately you both also share a need for other people's approval that must be carefully guarded so that it doesn't undermine the relationship.

  • Thank you Captain! I appreciate what you did for me.

    Have a wonderful day!

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