Help with child support

  • GOod afternoon

    I would like to know if anybody can tell me what is going to happen

    for my son. I have to go too the child support people for my son.

    They had lost the dna test but I had the papers. So then they said

    I have to go on the 17th of this month. My sons dob is 03/25/2002

    and mind july 12 1961 will his father have to start paying child support

    that is the question

    thanks BLD

  • Hello blackladydiver,

    Yes, he will have to start paying child support, along with this he will also have some visitation rights given to him as you well know. Does he live a distant away? As I feel the emotional distance , and possible milage too. Your son will be fine and will adjust to whatever comes his way where his father is concerned. You will be the backbone of how all of this plays out and of course you will be your son's mentor and teacher along with being his Mother.

    I don't feel anything to dramatic here in this transition.


  • Hello Shuabby

    Thank You so much. You know my sons father does live about 1 hour away but he has never really try to come and see him. My son is a little angry because my other sons father is awesome and my little one gets upset but I can understand what he is feeling. Believe me I am

    not going to let him hurt my son no more. So if he really ones to be in my sons life good he can

    if he is just going to be playing because he has to pay then he can stay where he is.

    I really think that everything will play out awesome when we move.

    Thanks again BLD

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