• Hi ladies, just wanted to let you both know that after an awful lot of hard thinking and observing that I have finally booked that flight to my home country for next week and I am looking at a couple of houses and meeting with the school principal where the kids are enrolled and checking out the preschool where I have enrolled my youngest daughter. You have both been telling me that it is the best thing for me to do and I have taken a long time to reach the same conclusion, so sorry for not listening, I am a taurean (just turned 40) and rather stubburn when it comes to listening to advice. I have removed my husband from the equation seeing as he lives his life without us in his equations, this is hard for the kids but I cannot explain to them that even moving to where he is working would never mean we would see him more, especially considering that he was discussing the move in one breath and his new idea for a job in a different country in the next. Wish me luck with the house search, though I do truly believe the right one will turn up if it is the right thing I am doing. And if nothing else, at least then I can say I tried.



  • Indeed happy birthday to you. Loving the Angel of Psychic Ability.


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