Tarot Interpretation Please :)

  • To whoever may enjoy: Thanks!!

    Lesson: 4 of cups

    Challenges: the Tower

    Situation: Knight of Cups

    Advice: 5 of Coins

    Future: 10 of Swords

  • I would say, that the lesson in this issue is to stop being so dissatisfied with the things you have. You have much offered to you at the moment, and all you have to do is stop and look around. I've found that the Four of Cups often symbolizes too much inward reflection.

    Your challenge of the Tower is to face the truth of your issues. This is very hard, but after the flash of lightning, and the destruction lies, can a new foundation be built.

    The situation, as the Knight of Cups says to me that this is about some sort of proposal, something that has affected you emotionally and perhaps has to do with an intimate relationship.

    The Five of Pentacles as your advice says to me, that you have resources, and someone to lean on, but you have to be the one to push yourself out of the cold and into the warmth. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

    The Ten of Swords as your Outcome says that although the ending of this situation might be painful, do not forget to view this as a lesson, and that the sun will rise again, and there will be something new to learn and experience, not all is lost.

    Hope I helped a little. Best of luck to you 🙂

  • Wow, very inspirational and positive! Thank you, IMElizabeth!

    The Five of Pentacles has me a little confused, maybe it means that I should learn to trust those around me?

    The ten of Swords throws me for a loop- the first three would suggest that while my intimate relationship has been detroyed, a new foundation can be built through recognizing my blessings. But this one says that this situation ending will be painful. What does that mean? Any insight? Thanks 🙂

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