Cancer Interpretation PLEASE!

  • So, Cancer and I had dinner at his house. He made me a steak dinner with all the fixings. He was quiet-not like him at all. Then, after dinner we made out a little and he brought up relationships. He told me he hadn't really seem anyone since me-been on a few dates but nothing intimate. He said he isn't sure he wants a relationship and sighted past relationships where he had been burned. He said because of that he's cautious and the person he ends up with (if he ends up with anyone) will be someone he grows into it with, but he also said maybe that person won't be ready when he is or that they won't stick around to see what happens. He acted like it was no big deal for me to go, but kept talking out the door and onto the porch. We sat and talked on the porch and when I started to share that I wasn't trying to have a relationship with him, he got shifty and went in to check on his dog. I said I had to go. He walked me to my car and asked if I had to work tomorrow... I said yes. He said well I guess you should go home then. He said I would have to cook for him next time. I got ready to kiss him and he said if we're not in a relationship I can't kiss you on the lips. I kissed him on the cheek and left. Anyone have an interpretation of what the hell he wants?

  • I'm a Cancer female, so I'll give you some insight on how we are. We are really cautious people and tend to second guess things A LOT. He acted like it was no big deal for you to go, but secretly he didn't want you to go. We also tend to do this crap in like "oh well since you have to go to work, perhaps you should go home and get some rest" although in our heads we're more like "i really don't want you to go and i want to spend every last second, minute, and hour with you" but even if you did stay we'd be like "gosh i feel bad b/c this person has to get some rest and i'm the reason they didn't get that much rest, at the same time I really want them".

    He wants a relationship and he likes you, but when you said you weren't trying to have a relationship with him, it threw off flags. I know if someone said this to me I'd feel like crap and I wouldn't want to kiss them b/c I wouldn't want to get attached. That's another thing about us Cancers...we tend to get attached mighty fast and it's honestly something we just can't help.

    We really need things broken down to us b/c well we think, and then overthink what we just thought. We're just people who have to be sure about things. We are just big worriers by nature.

  • Yellowlove, thanks for your reply. Cancer and I pulled away from each other around a month ago because I was too emotional and was pushing him to be in a relationship. He has told me the whole time he wants to "see what happens". I took time to work on me and I get where he is coming from. I want a relationship with him but I know I have to earn that trust. He's been really hurt by two women-one only about a year ago. So, truth is I love this man, but telling him would scare him far away. I'm trying to use my kid gloves. Plus, I need a break from relationships and seriousness because I just got divorced. I want us to hang out, do stuff together, cook for each other, and be intimate without calling it a relationship. It's dangerous for my heart, but it's truly what we both keep saying we want. Anything else causes us to fight and be so serious that it's no fun. I think if we happen into a relationship (please tell me you think we will) it will work, but trying to make it happen makes us both a nervous wreck with too many expectations. I'm trying to disarm this thing between us and make it fun. He's still skeptical about my intentions I think, and we haven't had the official conversation but it's been hinted at by both of us. I want this to work out into forever but both our hearts are damaged and we have to learn to just let it take it's course instead of pushing and protecting. Any advice on how to say what we both are thinking and hinting at here? I never want him to feel like he's just a booty call. He saved me when my heart was broken. He's a very special man.

  • I'm sure he likes you. Us Cancers love to be loved and we also love to love but you can NOT push us into things we don't want to get in just yet. It's a HUGE turnoff and I'm somewhat in a similar situation with you except the guy is a Libra/Scorpio cusp (I think he's more on the Scorpio side) so yeah. I really adore him, but I agreed on seeing what happens b/c I know for sure I'm not 100% ready for a relationship. Don't push him, just go with the flow. We're water signs lol. You're a Taurus (I assume by your screenname) and so is my sister. When you guys want things you want it NOW! Lol, that's when your stubbornness comes out and you push and push until you get what you want. Just take this time to work on yourself. Btw, if he felt like a booty call, he'd tell you.

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