I want Shuabby to do my reading

  • Is Bobby Martinez still in love with me? Am I going to have kids? What is my long term career? Am I going to be making a lot of money? Please help...

  • Playfurrika03

    You have many unanswered questions at this time and it takes time for life to flow and bring the answers you are seeking. BobbyMartinez does have some feelings for you and you can take the relationship where you want to as long as you keep in mind that he has feelings too, and must be allowed to express them when need be.

    Children will come in when the timing is right for them to make an appearence. I feel about two years from now you will begin your family.

    Making a lot of money depends on your gifts and talents you were born with and how you achive them and than present them to the world to make money with. I do not see you being very wealthy at this time, however in the futrue you will make enough money to fullfill your needs and than some for a rainy day.


  • Is bobby Martinez going to call me or see me again? What is going to happen between him and I? Is it okay if I ask for you again Shuabby?

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