Help please!Pyschics only..

  • Having a really rough time atm and im wondering will it ever get better?? Will I ever feel good I and why do I feel like none of my friends are real friends is it all in my mind or what?? Also will I meet bf soon or will i just stay single forever? And why wont this cancer guy leave me alone when i repeatedly tell him its over and i show him by not calling him or seeing him why is he torturing me like this why wont he just leave me alone? Please help and tell me what you see in store for me thanx in advance...

  • HVR, You're wanting to turn over a new leaf, but you still have unfinished business. Your healing work involves forgiving others and yourself. You are going to meet somebody, but you've got to take a long look at yourself. The reason you're not meeting someone now is that you're not loving yourself enough. You need to start standing in the mirror every day and telling yourself how much you love yourself.

    It would also help if you saw the attention of the Cancer male as a compliment, rather than an intrusion. When we go from low self-love levels to higher self-love levels, we have a tendency to spend a little time in narcissism, so keep watch that you don't come across as arrogant during this growth period.

  • thanx for responding ill try but will be very hard to look in the mirror and say i love myself when honestly i hate me and my life right now i feel like i will be lying to myself

  • There is a strange healing technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique that could possibly help you. Look up and follow the instructions they give you, it helped me with depression and grief, and low self-image. It's very empowering, as it is something you can do yourself, and feel like YOU are in charge. Truly, you ARE in charge. It's your life, heal it and live it to the fullest. Best of luck to you.

  • thanx! looked at the site and it looks very interesting im going to try the techniques thanx so much

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