♥ Free readings!!! I ask that you do not abuse this offer!!

  • Hello Mistie , I wonder why I paid on the website that u put here so I can as question for you but

    The problem was I haven't receive any email from you and the money is already take out on my

    Account its not that much but it's till money and I'm a bit worried cos it might not happen to me may

    Be a lot or the customer like me I already reported to the customer support last 24th of this month

    I hope u don't mind me asking this thanks to you

    Bless you ,


  • Hi Mistie, I hope all is well with you. I to would appreciate a reading. I have been told my soulmate is coming in June. Do you see this too? If you do, where or what circumastances are surroundings. I have been alone quite awhile, it would be nice to have a companion. Also I am having quite a bit a trouble with my boss, (I think she is bi-polar) do you see her leaving or me getting another job. Thank you my bd 10/27/58

  • thank you for your time Mistie

    may the night bring you peace and love

  • Hello Devine

    Thank you for the reading. You were spot on the business part of the reading. Opening a shop has long been a dream of mine, and yes I have done some hair bows but mostly my focus has been on my cross sculpting reproduction framed wall art. I'm currently making more affordable pieces. I do understand the need to advertise and haven't done that yet.

    About the older woman you decribed, I don't know who that could be? Could it have been me? I am 57 with short hair, and have watched my grandkids play under the blankets with flashlights. Any insight as to who this is? Any other insight or advice is welcome also.

    Thank You so much for your time

    Have a great day!!


  • sorry DevineEvanescence put the wrong name but thank you

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  • DevineEvanescence, hello how are you? i would love a reading.... when will i find love? do you think i will change jobs? i want my cash flow to increase will this happen soon?

    thanks 🙂

  • I would love a reading also please: I was wondering what do you see as far as communication with an old friend of mines. Could you please tell me in what month do you see him contacting me? His name is (G) and his birthday is June 30, 1950.

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • DivyneEvanescence what do you advice career wise for me thanks

  • Dear DevineEvanescence.

    Thank you for giving free readings. I understand if you have stopped, I see there is a lot of people asking for readings.

    I wish to have a group in my spiritual way. I do a kind of spiritual excercise to surrender body and soul, my will, to the Light. We just call it God, but any religion is accepted as equally true, we do not argue about faith. It is the spiritual surrenderring that is in focus, whatever name we give that Light. Can you see it coming? Do you see a group forming around me? Do you see a woman or two come to be with me with this?

    Anyway, I have had progress. I have become happy. So I will just continue. Even if noone else wants to join.

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  • Hi Devine,

    I hope you find the missing person.

    Best wishes,

    the hanged woman

  • Hello, DevineEvanescence,

    I was wondering if your still doing the free readings?

  • DevineEvanescence,

    Thank you for your time & energy on my behalf.

    I am wondering if you see a move in the near future for me? Will my cancer retreat home be a well received & successful? Will S return or will there be a new man in my life?

    Blessed be


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  • Seems that the missing person is you, DevineEvanescence.

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