♥ Free readings!!! I ask that you do not abuse this offer!!

  • Jina,

    Thanks so much for your kind words, I am just starting out! I have always been psychic but I never put it into a reading format or asked for money. Until recently when I got laid off, so I feel like I will be fair and keep the scales balanced.


  • arieslost,

    Sorry that I missed you

    The first thing that spirit wants me to talk to about is the arguing thats going on, they are saying the person you are arguing with is just the way he is and theres nothing you can do to change it. So its like talking to a brick wall! There saying if he's not going to listen then don't waste your energy talking at him. They are saying you deserve so much better. And there is that special one out there and he's coming as soon as the door closes with this one. There telling me in 5 months that theres going to be alot of moving around, they want you to be prepared with what is coming, it may be stressfull but everything will work out and it will be ok! There is a older female coming through she is showing me a strand of pearls, and pointing at a antique dresser drawer. I hope you can make sense in what she is saying 🙂

  • I think you missed me (hi again) I believe Im on page 6 or 5

  • Songofsharon,

    This may sound negative, but they are telling me no & that you are more suited to work with animals. But remember we all have free will!

  • Could you give me any messages from the spirit world please

    My DOB 10th nov 1976.

    Thank you.


  • Hello! Thank you so much for offering free readings. That is very kind of you.

    I would like to know what Spirit can tell me about this long distance relationship (or whatever it is) between me and my ex? Like what does Spirit see happening with it?

    My DOB is Jan 4, 1985 and his DOB is Apr 25, 1983.

    Me and him have been making plans to reunite with each other this year, but this year seems to be going SO slow and it seems like there is obstacle after obstacle at times. I guess I am wondering if me and him are actually going to reunite this year... 😞

    Thank you! 🙂


  • Dear DevineEvanesance,

    I was wondering if the following reading was for me? I copied it and pasted it below. If so, is this my car or my son's car? My son just got a car from his father for his eighteenth birthday.

    Love and Blessings,



    They are showing me a picture of a car, there showing me the engine compartment they are pointing to the valve cover, like tehy are saying the gasket needs repaired, they are now showing me the inside of the car, pointing at the car, they want you to clean it and fix the horn or something to do with the steering wheel and you will be fine. They are talking about school opportunity coming up, they are saying that your teacher will be very successful at getting the credit that you need, and also showing me a yard with a old metal fence pole being tooken out.

  • Thanks a mill for the reading DevineEvanescence. I cant wait to be with him 🙂

  • Mistie-Devine...that is hilarious about your husband in the supermarket! I love that you have an active link with him that is soooo precious. I also want to thank you for the mention about the energy we send out or call to us with our thoughts and attitudes. I need reminding that a positive attitude will go a long way in helping this situation work best for all involved. Peace!

  • A reading please. Me 7/7/70 dob. In regards to my current relationship. Is this girl able to free herself from her past to be with me and is she being truthful with me?

  • Dear DevineEvanescence,

    I would appreciate you give me a reading about someone. His name is Todd.

    Do you see any thing coming along between us ? What does he think/feel of me ?

    any thing you see I would love to hear !

    thank you and God Bless you ! Tcur

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for the reading. I would like to know if you can give me more information or insight as to the 5 months and what is coming in the futre.

    Thank you and God bless you!

  • Good Morning Devine, Ive put this ? on your 2nd post also. Seems like theres some confusion. " I feel like sprit has somthing I should know about. Could you help me and be a go between. Many Blessings. "

  • Dear Devine,

    If you are still offering readings can I ask for one? I have many questions and I want many answers for them, I will however ask for only what the spirit needs to say. If, of course, it would not be too much trouble. I only want to hear whatever I need to and nothing more.

    If you are being bombarded with questions then I will understand if you do not answer any more. I do know people are greedy and ask for so very much of a kind offer.

    Please and Thank you,


  • I am trying to get to every one's readings! I can't do that if your coming back with 20 more questions added to your original questions! I wish I had the time to do that for each and every one of you. I'm sorry to the people that I have skipped I will go back and do you now!

  • Asia,

    If he didn't want to be in contact with you he wouldn't be doing it, I feel like communication will be about friendship

  • Tissy86,

    Spirit is saying no...I am seeing a window of opportunity for you to go and meet a love interest in the fall!

  • glede,

    I am being shown a picture of jail cells, I feel like the window of opportunity is closing in and its closing in on you fast. they are saying now is the time to do what you need to do get yourself in a place where you can live with what has resulted from miscalculations,motives and decisions. I am showing once you have gotten to the point of making amends then your life slowly gets better from that point on. Admit,say sorry and move forward with a clean slate

  • highpriestess,

    I feel like right now is the time to tell him what you are truly feeling about him. I feel that you will get the same in return and this will allow room for another stage in the relationship.

  • The one who fades away,

    Did I do a email reading for you already? They want to you to know, that sometime when the world feels like it's so unkind and no one is there to life you up. They want you to know they are there with you lifting you up. They are showing a communication starting through a online service and this will be a wonderful insight into the world of dating . They are telling me the boat is really shaky right now, and the way things been going that it might not work out. They want you to understand that if it doesn't work out to not hold to let go. Every thing is going to be alright and there is someone coming in 2 1/2 -3yrs who will kiss the ground you walk on

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