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  • Hi DevineEvanescence,

    Could I have a general reading? Really just anything that jumps out to you at this time. I have so many questions in my head but I don't want to take advantage of your generosity. So, anything that you pick up on will be what I feel spirit needs to communicate to me the most right now. Thank you!

  • DevineEvanescence - thank you so much for your support and guidance! I think your words were divinely inspired and am so impressed at your special Keen offer for only $5.00. I hope everyone here clicks on your link and supports you that way - I think you are truly gifted and so generous of spirit. Blessings in all ways, allways!


  • Hi Devine Evanescence

    I really would like to know if I could successfully complete the Masters program as a Nurse Practitioner. Better yet, is this what I'm meant to do? It's going to take 3 long yrs and alot of money. I really would appreciate your guidance- Thank you

  • Thank you Devine Evanescence. The reading was great and it answers a lot of questions i had. Thank you again for the relief taken off my shoulders. god bless

  • Hi Devine Evanescene

    I would really appreciate a reading on my life's situation and guidance from now and how it will be from then onwards. Thank you. Glede

  • hi devine

    may i also sit for a reading from you ?

    i would like to know about my relationship with R . how do you see things standing between us by the end of year 2012 and beyond ? do you see separation or things getting better and prosperous between us . where are we headed together ? what will we be enjoying/contemplating together after one year from now is over ? anything else that you could pick up for this relationship with him will be wonderful to know.

    thank you

  • Hi DE, thanks so much for the reading, made a lot of sense. I have been drawn to healing for ages. So does that mean I should pursue it in a formal way i.e. study part-time, and which aspect of healing, could it be homeopathy? I have not in the past been the best student and am also a single mom, so I guess I'm hesitant to start something in case it's not right. Then re the man, everything you said is there, but he has major fear of intimacy & commitment. Do you see him overcoming them (any time soon)?

    This has been a huge help, thank you so much!

  • thank you , I will follow your advice. Does spirit see anything else career related or work related any advice on that? Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I think you missed me. I would like a reading on my love life, relationship and general situation

    Thank you and many blessings!

  • Hi.I would like to have a reading please. I will email you. I would like a reading having to deal with love and my current relationship and some life sittuations. I hope I don't seem like i am trying to abuse this offer. I feel like it is very nice of you to offer this. I will email you.

  • Thank you so much for doing this for me and for all of us here!

    while I have many fears, I think spirit is right! At any rate...if I dont do that now, I will never have the opportunity again, and I am trying to no longer be the kind of person that complains about the noise when opportunity knocks! I feel really excited more than my fear or uncertainty. Thanks again you are so beautiful.


  • I would love a reading, anything you can tell me about my love life. Maybe someone who loves me now or someone new that may be coming in? Thank you!

  • Tissy,

    Yes you two will be a couple 🙂 congrats 🙂

  • Mizgator,

    Spirit is saying to watch the breeze with the feathers blowing around. There showing me a dark haired brunette standing on top of a hill twirling a feather in her hand. So many thoughts going through her head, breath spirit says, breathe take deep breath's and focus. They know life is stressful right now, but God won't give you anything you can't handle. They remind you not to worry and think positive. They also said to call your mother and ask if she is coming to visit.

  • Thanks

    So much Penancing, Wish you all the best! I wish I had longer to go into detail on every ones readings, but I am trying to make them short. Other wise Spirit would be chatting all day, trust me my husband does! He likes to especially come to me in the super market and talk my ear off and I don't hesitate to answer back outloud. Thus resolting in people staring thinking I'm crazy, which is a laughing joke around these parts. lol But, Just always remember that some of us need to be very careful of the energy we are putting out, I have noticed since I have started doing these, I have gotten some menacing energies (entities) that have formed due to some one's negative thoughts. So lets all be mindful

    I am trying to go back make sure I have answered every one

    If I missed you please send me a email I will be sure to answer you, it's more organized and I'll know if I responded or not! So very thankful for the comments and thoughts



  • Hi mistie, may I have a reading please?

    Will Jeff contact me this week?

    Will I meet Paul this week?

    Thanks. Hope my questions r not too vague 😛

  • wickedmoon,

    Hello, I am seeing a partner coming up in about 3 months, very witty person.. just your type! Very spiritual as well, It will be hard not for you to like him. Also, Spirit wants to talk about how sometimes you get sad and depressed, they want you to stay away from those thoughts. They are trying to bring more people into your life that will help you through these dark days. I am hoping all the best for you, & if you ever need to talk I am here!

    Love & Light

  • hll,

    Yes I am seeing Jeff contacting you and I am hearing Paul and you will have a meet and greet in about 2 weeks

  • Thanks! R u saying that Jeff will contact me this week?

  • If I missed you which I think I missed a whole page please send me a email on your question, it's really hard for me to go back and forth. Hotrodmomma81@aol.com I am really sorry I am going to try to answer them now

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