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  • EAI,

    They are saying continue with your writings


  • Hey DevineEvanescence-just wanted to know if my ex thinks about me alot or more so misses me?

    And btw, your welcome 🙂

  • Elasticbubble,

    I see you interacting and going out dancing with a male energy I feel like this will be fun, and he makes you very happy and energised when you are around him. I feel these 2 months will be great and it will go amazing for you in your love department. I don't know why they are showing me a shower curtain in a bathroom? maybe you can tell me what that means?

  • wow your spot on! commitment fear.. thats pretty much why things went down between us... he moved away, and i havent seen him ever since.and it has been about six months... u said he still cares about me which is no doubt.. but do you feel if he still loves me as a lover not just a friend that he cares about? and you mentioned abt the communication.. what kind of communication? are we trying to work things out or just chat like friends updating each other whats going on in our life? thanks for your help!

  • Gino,

    Hello I am sensing that you will get into your program, I am seeing the number 3 so this may mean three months. I am being told that the love life won't happen until you done with you endeavors with school. It's like you are really buisy with getting into this program at school and you won't have time to give your attention to that some one. But, after all is ok and your settled in and a you are on a routine that you are comfortable with I see some one coming in. You will have a great time, and I am seeing the number 3 so this is in relation to your love life. I am sensing a female figure that is coming through. she is like a mother figure, I feel like she is above you. She is showing me dark hair, like she was from the 50's erra. She is showing me a picture of a brnette wearing a skirt and red lipstick with red plastic earings. She talking about the checkered table cloth, you more than likely know what this means. She is saying that it's put away for a later date. I am being shown a couple in wedding attire, I am sensing the male figure has a musical background, I feel like he played the brass in a jazz band. She wants me to talk about a male figure push mowing a lawn and her giving them the best glass's of lemonade.

  • Brightmoonshine,

    Hello... The first thing they are showing me is a 401k plan, they are telling me that you will loose 30% of it. I feel like they are telling me that this is a bad investment and a high risk. They want you to be careful with your money.

  • arieslost,

    I would be glad to do a reading for you! What kind of reading do you want? Do you have a particular question in mind?

  • Ruby Red Lips,

    Love the name, I am sensing a empending marriage!! Congrats to you and Dennis, I do see a wonderful marriage in about 2 years or sooner. I feel like you both are still wishy washy on the date so I am def. picking that up. Also, When it comes to moving, don't argue I am being told the two need to buy a new house and start fresh. I am seeing the two of you together well into your 80-90's and I feel like it will be a funny/ love but hate you some times relationship lol If that makes sense, if not I will explain better. I feel like it's like he is bull headed and you have to be his mommy sometimes, so this is what I am meaning by that. It's not a bad relationship it's just his personality.

  • alena,

    I am very glad it makes sense, and have a great weekend!

    Love and Light

  • DDTT,

    I feel like this communication is both, and thats why it's confusing... heck it's even confusing me lol

    Your welcome

  • Asia,

    He does very much so think about you often


  • I hope I didn't miss any one, it's very hard to answer people back on this type of form. I was able to do it better through my email. If I missed any one please let me know!! And I will check back daily for new requests. Thanks to all who allowed me to be the link in between! I surely do need the practice!!

    Love,Light & many blessings!


  • Hello,

    Thank you for replying. I would like a reading on my love life, relationship and general situation.

  • Does he want to be in contact with me and why hasnt he contacted me at all?

    And thank you soooo much-I feel as if Im very empathic and had been thinking about him feeling this way for awhile

  • Ah Devine...you are devine and spot on ! Dennis does want to move. We live in a house that I owned with my deceased ex husband. It probably would help to have a new start. An ex girlfriend of his has moved from another state back to about 10 miles from Dennis. I know she was very upset when he broke up with her for me. I feel like she has contacted him and would like to renew the relationship since she is local again. I am a bit worried, but have chosen to just be quiet..... I was ABSOLUTELY the mom in our relationship. Not something I like at all. I am happy to say, I haven't done that for over a year. I only control myself.

    You are wonderful and very gifted. If you have anything else to tell me, please do. If not, thanks again!

  • Hi DevineE,

    my question is; will me and S ever b a couple?



  • Hi Mistie,

    Thanks for the reading. I am wondering if my ex scott still loves me? and does he ever regret that he broke up with me? does he consider its a mistake?

  • This post is deleted!

  • You sure gave me a good reading.

    The problems she has with her husband (he has kids with his mistress) has caused her to

    have some mental issues. I hope one day she makes up her mind & leaves him. I know

    she wont have peace if she stays with him.



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