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  • DevineEvanescence,

    thank you a lot for your offer. whenever you can, I would love to have a reading too on my love life.

    whatever you see .

    Best of luck ! U

  • Dear DevineEvanescence, Thanks for the reading.. But I am not related to amy at all. not sure why you saw that.. well, we'll see.. May i ask another question., I broke up with my ex last Nov. and its almost been 6 months. I still think about him sometime.. his name is Scott. do you see how he's doing these days? does he still have feeling for me? will he contact me in the next couple months maybe? Thanks for your help.

  • Thank you Mistie,

    You are right that I worry too much about my career path. I can't get it through my head that I have nothing really to worry about! I'll manage though.

    I've stopped writing recently, but I am working on a novel. Well, I was, but I've hit roadblocks with it. So I guess Spirit is saying to continue it?

    Thank you for the reading!

  • Hi!!

    janet tam

    feb 1990 i would just like to see what will these 2 months hold... specifically in the romance department but anything is fine 🙂

    many many thanks

  • Dear DevineEvanescence, if you are still offering them could I be able to have a reading done by you? I just applied to my major program in college and I would love to know if you can see anything about me getting in? As well as any dating outlook and my family both her and crossed-over. thanks! 12/18/1990

  • I would love a reading about my financial future, thanks

  • Dear DevineEvanescence

    I would like a reading from you. You can post it here.

  • Thank you and many blessings!

  • Hi DevineEvanescence,

    Thanks for your offer of a reading. I would like to know about my relationship with Dennis. We had a rocky start 3 years ago. Things have improved and he asked me to marry him. I would appreciate anything you can tell me.

    I don't know if you need it but my dob 8/5/51. Dennis 5/15/53

    Thanks again

  • This post is deleted!

  • Asia,

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, What else would you like to know?

  • dmick,

    Sorry I am just getting back on,

    Spirit is telling me that your endeavors will be coming to fruition at the end of summer. They are saying hold fast to what you know is true. You are on the correct path that you are meant to be on. There showing me a picture of a beautiful bracelet, it's a gift that is given to you. I feel like you are very in tune with nature & love dogs! They want me to focus on a ivy tattoo. Also, this is what I got it sounds really off but I'm hoping that it all make sense to you :They want you to know the mountains are covered with snow & the beautiful colors are all blossoming just at the right time. Jesus is coming & he will bring back all the Devine knowledge that human existance has been wanting to know. Jess is Justin Is not going to look at the pictures sent to him he has every intention on letting you go & not telling you why. I have come to you in your dreams & i send you messages through butterflies & crions! I really hope this helps and makes sense of course it doesn't to me.. lol

  • Magickal,


    I am very sorry that you are having so many problems with your sister. I am sensing your sister has some bi-polar issues. These type of relationships are very hard on people that don't understand what is going on. I just want you to know your sister does love you, she has alot of issues herself and she needs to find a way to try to work them out. Right now her only method of dealing with things are to be vindictive and lie to people. I feel like she will calm down and eventually send you a email message back. Although I feel like she will never admit that she was in the wrong. There is so much negative energy on this earth, the best thing to do is think positive remain hopeful knowing that you are there for your sister and it's not your fault that you are going through this. Just know this is a form of mental illness and she does love you! Hope this helps

  • Sharon,

    They are showing me a picture of a car, there showing me the engine compartment they are pointing to the valve cover, like tehy are saying the gasket needs repaired, they are now showing me the inside of the car, pointing at the car, they want you to clean it and fix the horn or something to do with the steering wheel and you will be fine. They are talking about school opportunity coming up, they are saying that your teacher will be very successful at getting the credit that you need, and also showing me a yard with a old metal fence pole being tooken out.

  • Penancing,

    They are telling me to go to Seattle that once you get there you will truly love it there, and there telling me you would be able to stay with your friend for awhile until you find your own place. I am showing you renting a place at first for awhile and then things will get better.

  • Pinky,

    I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your mother, just know that she is always watching out for you. I am showing the house is a older house, they are telling me there are a few repairs I am sensing that you will feel like this is a daunting task but once you get those done it will be ok. I am sensing that you will feel very lonely in this house, I feel like you won't be very happy but its a place to live. I am seeing a temporary job at first at some gas station also I am not sensing anything in the plans with your ex

  • Raindeerdoe,

    I am sensing you were meant to be a healer, I am seeing the medical field. You are a loving and healing type of person. I am sensing Don is a very generous person, I sense you two are great for each, I am getting the number 3 and a picture of a 4 leaf clover. I am seeing a wedding, and a man in navy dress uniform. I feel like you both are great for each other you will be together for a long time. I am seeing a couple sitting on a front porch swing watching a little boy play in the yard.

  • Alenabrz,

    I am being told that you have to find what makes your soul happy, they are saying not to give up and you will find it. It may take a few months, I am seeing 8 months before getting a job. They are telling you to find some type of courses that you could take that are not in your career field. The course I am seeing is about a 30 day course and it has to do with computers. Also, I am seeing some kind of Receptionist job coming up, they are saying that this is in your field but not the position you are expecting. They also are saying that to find yourself you need to lose yourself in the service of others.

  • Undio,

    I am sensing a male energy coming in about 4-5 months, He is very much so a buisness man and very buisy at that. He will take you out to a wonderful place to eat, and I feel like this will be a great pairing but also I feel like it won't last very long because he is so reserved and also so buisy.

  • DDTT,

    I don't know why I picked up the army being associated with you, unless this is something that is coming up or you know a male figure who enlisted. But, I will tell you that it was really clear that which I saw, so the message was given to me for a reason. I am seeing communication begining in 3 months with Scott, I feel like it's going to be wishy/washy if this makes sense. I feel like it will be confusing to both of you, like you both are trying to figure out how each other are feeling towards each other and the situation. I am sensing he does care about you, the issues that I am seeing is revolved around commitment fears.

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