♥ Free readings!!! I ask that you do not abuse this offer!!

  • ~I have come to reallise there are a few things I am not good at when I am doing readings!

    ~I am not always good at time frame questions. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It has to do with my mind receiving the messages & if my mind is not calm then the connection is fuzzy.

    ~ I also have found that you cannot do a reading on a gender of a baby, because a baby that is still a fetus can & if chooses to change it's gender. I can however tell you if a male or female is wanting to come in.

    ~Sometimes I am distracted am owning it & have since started working on concentration & meditating.

    So having said all that...

    ~If you ever receive a future reading... The more specific questions you ask guides, the more specific answers you will get.

    ~Sometimes we are not meant to know everything and Spirit will only give us the answers we are meant to know at that time. If they tell us everything, that will inhibit our growth and there will be no surprises left.

    ~We all have FREE WILL and sometimes the outcome of a reading may change due to the fact

    that people always have the option to exercise it.

    ~Please remember that things take time to work themselves out. The Universe has its own DIVINE TIMING and there is just no way to rush it!

    ♥ If you would like a reading for free, mind you this is free & I ask that you don't take advantage of my free services. I am wanting to get more practice and by doing this it helps other's out as well as myself! Please only 1 reading per a person,be patient,curtious, if you are wanting to know about a person please give me there first name only.

    ~I recomend getting your reading done privately you can email me @Hotrodmomma81@aol.com

    If some one sends me spam just know that KARMA will get you 😉

    ~Also I am NOT a feel good psychic, I do NOT sugar coat anything, I am HONEST so that being said if you can't handle the truth then please do not request a reading because I tell you exactly what I am getting & not what you want to hear!!!!!

    ~Also, if you ever would like a reading & I am not available on here you can reach me instantly on my website: http://www.keen.com/psychic-readings/life-questions/mistiedawn/11128800

    ~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~Love,Light & Blessings~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~

  • Hi there, may I have a reading from you please? Will I get into K company in the next few months? Thanks for your offer. Hope to hear from you soon 😉 hugs.

  • Hi I appreaciate your honesty! Im a filmmaker and after years of research, planning and praying-I got my camera and immeadiately got to work-Im taking on a reality TV show, PSA commercial and a music video all after one another (back to back) and towards the summer (July to mid August) I plan to go to work on my first professional feature film. I hope to sell a script one day and really get my name out there and make money as well. Now I am aware of reality and know my chances of breaking in are slim but Im willing to work hard and roll the dice no matter what!

    My question is what can I do to increase my chance of breaking in-write more scripts or direct/shoot my movies myself?

  • ddtt- Hello,

    I would love to do a reading for you, would you like to email me? Or I can post your reading right here!



  • Asia,

    You are most welcome, Would you like your reading posted here or u can send me a email and get it privately?

  • Hi, yes you can just post on here 😉 Thank you!

  • never mind.. i wil just email you.. thanks for the offer

  • I am turning in for bed, send me your reading request in a email or I can do them here. I will be back on tomorrow evening after work! Love & Light


  • Sure you can post it here 🙂

    Good night, sweet dreams....

  • Asia,

    hello they are showing me some drawings, they are like cartoon in nature! It's like these are picture slides.. they are telling me you will have sucess in writing in 5 years, They are telling me that you will grow in your field and meet new and interesting people. The key will to meet some very prospecting people, people that can get you in the position you desire. I am seeing the actor who plays the role of the main vampire character in the Twilight series! This vision is in reference to your question. It's horrible that I don't know his name lol sorry! They are showing me pictures that you have drawn, you are very talented. Like I stated earlier you will include these into your recent efforts!

  • DDTT,

    I am seeing a bunch of men in military suits, my guides are telling me Army to be exact! I am seeing a blue badge on the upper arm, it has 2 guns crossing each other. I don't know what this badge means, but it is in relation to your question. They are telling me there is an advancement in 3 months or years. I feel more like 3 months, I am sometimes off! They are showing me there is some rearranging that has to be done and also you have some tests to accomplish, I am getting this has something to do with shooting a gun!



  • Thank you soo much and good luck on your future endeavors as well. I would like to ask you a tad bit more (not saying I didnt love the reading of course lol) but I know about how you are practicing and also willing to leave it up to the universe, so I wont. I think that it is great of you to want to help others and practice meditation for yourself while doing readings but aware that you can get caught up in your own energies. Your honesty is astonishing and very reassuring. God bless you and peace, light and love 🙂



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  • Hi

    I would like a reading regarding my sister Rachel. My sister is a good person but when she gets

    upset she gets vindictive and sometimes I get scared of her because of this vindictive energy of her.

    I even told her you cant do that thats a bad energy but I know she doesnot listen.

    I got upset at her for lying to me several times and I told her I have

    been honest with her and since she lied to me I'm upset of what she did and since then

    we have not spoken. I have helped her several times and I dont understand why she does this.

    Do you think she will email me again?

  • Dear DevineEvanescence

    Sorry I forgot to say thank you I clicked it too fast.


  • I would love a reading also. I have many changes going on in my life and would appreciate a general reading. Blessings

  • Hello DE,

    I would like to request a reading and please feel free to post it here if you can get to me. My mothers home that I live in has gone to contract here in NY and I will have to be moving out soon. I wont really be able to do that till I get the money from the house and even that will hardly be anything...I am not sure what will be the best thing for me to do...I have a sister and her family that lives with me now, and we are thinking of finding a place together but that is hard because there would then be 5 of us instead of just me. I have a friend in Seattle who wants me to come visit to see if I like it there as he thinks I would be very happy there. I am also thinking of trying it out here on my own but that also is very daunting...can you tell me what spirit has to say for me? I appreciate any guidance, thanks, Penancing

  • Dear DevineEvanescence

    I would like a reading from you. You can post it here.

    I have to move to my mother house this year to live there, she passed away last year. Do you think that's a good idea?

    Do you see me getting a new job? And do you see me with my ex get back together or am I gonna get a new man?

    My ex is libra 4 oktober 1962 and I'm sagitarius 9 december 1962.

    Hope to here from you soon. And thank you.

  • Hi DivineEvanescence

    I would LOVE a reading from you, THANK YOU SO MUCH, posted here would be great. I have questions specificially on my life purpose, and a love (named Don), but whatever spirit wishes me to know I would be grateful.

    Love & Light

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