♥ Free readings!!! I ask that you do not abuse this offer!!

  • Hi DE,

    Thank you for the offer. I would like to know when I will have my first baby and what the baby's gender will be. (I know time and gender are not your specialty but I won't hold you to it.) Also, how many children will I have? And feel free to tell me anything else about my life you pick up.


  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for the reading. I would like to know if you can give me more information or insight as to the 5 months and what is coming in the future. I think you missed me , I was on page 10.

    Thank you and God bless you!

  • Hello. If the offer applies (and I'm one of the ten, of course), I'd like to hear what insight you can give. My romantic life is what concerns me most, at the moment, but I'm open to a general read...

    Thank you. 🙂

  • It is awfully nice of you to take the time to do this.

    If I am part of the last 10, I would also like a general reading or to hear whatever message(s) may apply to me.

    Thank you

  • Hello, can i get a reading for R 12/05/82 and S 03/02/78 please thank you

  • hll,

    I am seeing your parents get into a new apartment in about 8 months. This apartment will be new because I am seeing a newly updated kitchen with brownish marble counter tops. I am seeing this will be around Christmas I'd saying between December and January. I am being told that you will go home to visit family and especially your parents in there new place sometime around february.

  • Chuba,

    Buddy, I am sensing that his internet was shut off. I wouldn't worry about it I don't sense you said anything to hurt him or to ignore you. They are showing me a man who is a diabetic also, and I am sensing this male's health has tooken a turn for the worse.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you


  • Eily,

    I am seeing a romantic potential with the male you met over the weekend. My guides are saying to go slow and it will blossom into a beautiful relationship.

  • MoonCharm,

    I am seeing a time period where you were an Egyptian, I am seeing the nile river and a boat. I am seeing transporting goods to the Farow. There are showing me a female, that you were arranged to marry her and she was murdered.

  • AquarianSara,

    Yes there is a male with brown hair I am seeing he is wearing a navy blue sweater or it could be a long sleave shirt with a white stripe going diagonally across the chest. He is has a broad shoulder and he's probably wears a 36 w in pants. sorry, this is what I'm getting in the description. I feel like this person you do know

  • Asia,

    Thanks so much for that complement, I doubt myself sometimes.. Right now I'm working on a Missing person's case.. I hope I am useful to the family of this missing female

  • manefestdream,

    I am seeing this in about 2 yrs and I am being told a male wants to come in. They are showing me a male and female, brother and sister almost like twins.


    Again I am sorry, I was trying to get to other peoples readings.. I am showing a move happening in 5 months and also this is something to do with breaking up with the boyfriend. You will also be finding a new bf after you are settled

  • Kaynurial,

    They are telling me you worry alot for no reason at all. They are wanting you to stop knit picking and let things happen the natural way and not to force things. They are saying you have OCD and you have to control everything. The little fights over these things you try to control doesn't help. Your b/f isn't cheating on you.. you need to think positive!

  • snowball,

    The first thing I see is a picture of a white fluffy cat lol Hence the name.. They are showing me a necklance or bracelete that has teal on it and a charm that say's Live,Love & Laugh. There showing me a pink ribbon, this is some one you know who had a battle with cancer a female. There showing me a picture of a snow board. I'm hearing these words: Life aint always what it seem to be, words can't express what you meant to me, Even though you're gone, we still a team....

  • Star2u,

    Can I have just the first names of R & S... I'm not a tarot reader I'm a trans-medium. It would be much better if you just give me there first names only please



  • Hello,

    Every one!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!! I have been working on a Missing Person's Case!



  • Hi DevineEvanescence It's Robert and Nick Thank you

  • Hi Devine, thanks so much for the reading! Hope it will come true! Thank you!

    I have another question if u don't mind - do u see if I have any new love interest coming in sometime this year?

  • hi devine ,may i sit for a reading too ? could you please read for the situation i would be in with a person i am going to meet in future (i have been told i will meet one soon). what kind of relationship will i share with him? what will be his feelings for me and when will i meet him and in what circumstances.... it would be nice to hear you on this ..thank you for offering !!

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