Big 40 today. Would LOVE a reading from all my friends here :)

  • Hi...even though I am not really celebrating

    Would appreciate a reading from all the big cats here please and thank you 🙂




  • Happy birthday Molly! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  • MollyKathleen,

    Hi and Happy Birthday

    I feel you will be entering a new phase of life with this BD and a residental move comes in here feels like to a house or a bigger living space? Have you moved yet? I also see that you want to go faster and step up on the ladder of success for yourself with you own talent and endevors.

    If you have a question or two send them and I will answer.


  • Thank you for the birthday wishes 🙂

    Shuabby I just signed with a literary agent and she will be submitting my second book of my young adult series. It is supose to be starting submission to find publisher in June. I am hoping to move somewhere once we become financially able through my books or maybe a job change for my hubby. Is this about what you are getting and with time frame? You think my book stuff is going to go quick?

    Thanks too!! 🙂

  • MollyKathleen,

    Your book will find a publisher and get ready to write as this is your calling and I see a gold star for you which means great success.

    Your husband will change jobs but not until the fall of the year and I hear the name of Earl around him, a helpful person or the person he will work with in the job. He will like the job so much better than the one he has now and seems there will be more of a balance for him in concerned to hours worked. Tom is coming in here to around your husband.

    Yes, dear you have a lot to look forward to , you will move to a house that just seems to be near a lake or creek as I see water by the home. You will love the house and I see a lot of greens in the color of the house inside walls and maybe even the color of the home itself.


  • Thanks Shuabby! You gave me a very special gift today. As beautiful as the flowers I got from my hubby 🙂

    Hope the sun is shining wherever you are.



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