Will I Get a Good Job Soon?

  • Hello to whoever reads this:-)

    I was wondering if someone could help me out with a little, or a lot,^_^ of psychic guidance, I had a kind of reading from TheCaptain awhile back that I was pretty impressed with,and Im trying to follow some of those guidelines,but I am really needing a job right now and I'm kind of getting frustrated because I haven't found a steady one yet.

    I'm a Graphic Design Student at the moment and I've been getting a few more opportunities here and there,but I'm hoping for something stable and something I hopefully enjoy but we all have to survive, right? 🙂

    I've checked out my tarot cards, I've tried listening to my own intuition, my husband says that he thinks the reason I haven't found a regular job yet is because i'm meant for something greater(very sweet of him), I feel like something is going to happen that could be good,but I'm not sure what or if I should trust the notion.

    Anyway, I would really be grateful if someone could help me out with this.

    Light and Happiness!

  • Robin33

    They say when the student is ready the right job will appear. You are feeling it coming and it will. I do believe that a Pam will be of help to you in the job area. I feel you going into a stone bld and the 3rd floor is lighting up here for an interview. You will begin as a beginner but honey you will show them what you are made of and advance within six months of being there.

    I feel you will have this job within 3 months and it is about 12-15 miles away from where you live and i see the letter A being in the compamy name in a big way.

    Let me know when this blessing appears for you.


  • <3Bless you Shuabby ❤

    That would be such a relief and a blessing for that to happen.

    I'm going to copy and save this message so I can remember to keep an eye out for this opportunity.

    Thank You so much for your help!

    (I will do my very best to keep you updated on what happens)

    Light and Happiness to you!

  • Hi Shaubby, 😃

    I wanted to keep you updated on what was happening with my job search, because you had asked me too,=-)

    It has been 3 months since you did a reading for me and nothing has panned out =-( .

    I am beginning to lose hope that I will gain any kind of employment and that I will soon be homeless.

    I hope this doesn't sound like I'm blaming you, I just wanted to let you know what was happening.

    I appreciate that you took the time to do create a reading for me. 😃

    Warm Regards,


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