Orange Signs... :I

  • For the last 4 days I have been drawn to the color orange. I was doing it unconsciously. I finally realized that the clothing I had purchased, drinks I was drinking, & the food I was eating was all orange. I decided to look up the color symbolization of orange. I was looking on the internet. I found that the color Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located beneath the naval, close to the genitals. It is linked to the sexual organs and reproductive system & opening this chakra will free fertility. There is a small possibility that I can be pregnant, but it’s too soon to be sure. Not only have I been drawn to the color orange but there have other signs that are leading me to believe that I either am or will soon be. I am looking for someone to let me know if I am reading these “orange signs” correctly or if I’m just looking for something that really isn’t there. Anyones thoughts?

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  • I hope I'm not making this up. & It's still happening. Example: this morning, I tied my hair back in a ponytail for work. One of my coworkers walked in to give me breakfast (with an orange slice) & told me that she liked the orange hair tie & asked if I was trying to be 12 again. Later on in the day, another co worker walked in put an orange on my desk. He said he felt I just needed my vitamin c for the day.

  • oh boy. haha, my favourite colour is orange!

    anyway, well. have you been sextually active? maybe you should check if you are pregnant?

    are you prepared for a child?

    ask yourself these questions, and don't panic. (-:

  • There is a possibility that I could be. but it's still to soon to check just yet. I'm at a place in my life that I wouldn't mind having a kiddo... I really feel like its about time actually. I think i would be excited actually. but I want it to be right too. not an "accident". I'll be able to check soon & know for sure. the orange has actually stopped showing up as frequently as it was.

  • The orange is back. It started again 2 days ago. The guy I have been spending a lot of time with lately asked me if I liked his new orange hat. (He was talking about the orange embroidery on the front.) Yesterday he asked if my house was orange because of the sunset. I’m still confused about the meaning behind it but I do get excited/happy when I do see it now.

  • wow, when I was pregnant (23yrs ago) ORANGES and all that was orange crossed my path, and my mouth...couldn't get enough orange anything in2 me...also dreams vivid with orange and sky blues.

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