Hilarion: The Ascension is ON, Beloved Ones, Going Back is Not an option!

  • Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

    Beloved Ones,

    This is a very powerful time in the line up of planetary configurations and the energetic influence from the Spiritual realms.

    Many special dispensations of blessing and Love are being offered to Humanity, all that is required is being open to receive.

    Another passage of the Cosmic wheel has been made and we now embark on our new journey into unknown lands of new potential.

    As these time codes open up the portals, the influx of Cosmic Love and the waves of Light being sent to the Earth will activate the awakening of greater masses of Humanity.

    These are the times you have been waiting for, for it means that you are all getting closer to the remembrance of your reason for being here in this Cosmic moment of the cyclic movement from one age to another.

    From this point onward, life will take on an impetus of one revelation after another coming into the Light of each person’s consciousness. Many of you will have your ‘aha!’ moments as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place and all the mysteries of your life become more clear.

    There is now an unstoppable awakening Light that is inundating this Planet and it is a peaceful, loving and powerful energy.

    Be open to receiving more of all that is good in your daily existence. You have each been sorely tested and tried as you went through difficult initiations that have been preparing you to embody the greater Light that you truly are.

    The things of the Earth, although you will enjoy them, will no longer trap or distract you from your true purpose. You will have more time to explore the joys of embodiment in a form that is becoming multidimensional in its capacities.

    Being open to new experiences and moving beyond your previous boundaries will bring freedom to you on many levels of your Being.

    Rejoice in this lightness of your Being, for it means you are moving forward on your Spiritual journey and that you have released the majority of all that is not Love of the things that no longer serve you in this new place you find yourselves in.

    Each person will blossom in a myriad of ways that create a new template that will be boundless in its possibilities. If you are reading this, then you are One who has qualified to serve the Divine Plan at a greater level.

    There are always other roads to travel and worlds to discover and conquer. We speak here of the growth of the Soul, Dear Ones.

    Take note of happenings around you and learn to read the signs. Many things are changing, many things will be changing and you must adapt and change with them.

    The greatest changes that we see is that you will take back your power from all discordant and distracting energies and events that have kept you locked into situations not of your making.

    Enjoy the ride on the Cosmic roller coaster as it gathers speed towards Earth’s new beginning.

    The Ascension is ON, Beloved Ones, remember this each time you are tempted to resume the old ways of your former life.

    Going back is not an option, therefore take your next steps in surety and grace. We are with you always.

    I AM Hilarion

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