Wanting more from a Gemini Male

  • Alright I just gotta know guys....Dating a Gemini Man, a Sag woman here. We've been friends for 5 years, while we each have dated other people. His relationships end in 3 months always with every other woman except me. I really want to kick it up a knotch and have tried everything under the sun except attacking him lol.....Gemini Males can you pls give me some hints here? He is coming a great distance to see me in Sept...Help!

  • I was just reading yesterday that Gemini and Sag. usually don't last forever together, but there are other things to consider besides your sun signs such as where are your venus, mars, moon, ascendants and other planets.

    My first X was a Gemini...Gemini's can be wishy-washy...but here I am with a rising sign in Gemini, so go figure...Every situation is different!

    Consider comparing birth charts.

    Just sharing some thoughts!

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  • Hi Sag,

    I"m a Gemini Lady, I don't know if this helps but sag always is drawn to Gemini, I have a friend who is a Sag, he Never gives up being with me. regardless of how I feel. So my advise is play a little hard to get and be sexy and confident at the time. Gemini's love challenges, but not unreachable goals. Gemini men more so than the women. Also be interesting which I"m sure you will have no problem doing. read a couple of books on a topic you think he would be interested in. it makes for a good conversation....hint..hint.

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  • The minute you change the circumstances of the relationship (i.e. the casulness of it), it will most likely end.

    I know me ... as soon as something becomes too much pressure, it's over.

    If you like the way things are working with a gemini, try not to change them too much too quickly.

  • Wow GeminiGuynyc,

    I always thought that's when we are at our best, under pressure, plus there is a difference between, pressure and smothering. I know I need space to breath and/or a person who is attentive but not overly powering. I want a person who is supportive and sincere as well, I guess it depends on your age group as well. because when I was 20, this was not me. just a little info to pass on.

  • Gina617 I have a question for you how long does it typically take for you to realise that your truely digging someone? What would you say attracts you to someone? I'm a Pisces currently dating a gemini he keeps saying that im myseterious to him and he is afraid that I might become to latchy I hvae never been that way so it surprised me to hear that. So I guess I'm trying to figure out if this is one of the many games that gemini men love to play.... Please help this fish out

  • Hi cancermen,

    I'll try to do the best that I can with the details you gave, take this in consideration first then I will explain. It depends on the age group your in and what stage he is in. Older Gemini's tend to be more serious about, and what life has to offer, and/or did he just brake up with someone.has he been by his self for a while? from what you tell me. men in general have this thing with getting attached. but I say the bigger they the harder they fall. meaning he might not have let his guard down just yet depending on how long he knew you. Gemini's do mostly what they want. so if he spends time with you he enjoys your company and if he plan things with you then this is good too. they can't fake their feelings for long . this should be easy for you because you are intuitive. just don't be to easy. add a little mystery. ex if you tell him I'll call you later, then don't every now and then. don't say right away what you doing..... don't get me wrong. I'm not into games but unfortunately men like the chase especially gemini' men. be sexy at all times. and don't very aloof. try not to be possessive but attentive lightly until you get to know each other better. I hope this answers some of your questions. let me know.

  • I have a gemini boyfriend who is a horse guy. His favorite horse trainer once gave an example of how to train a young horse. The trainer spoke about his girlfriend who later became his wife. He said when they first started dating she would only change a little something here and a little something there, but she never changed everything all at once. So, over time, she married, had the house decorated the way she wanted it, and he never minded the changes. My gemini boyfriend thinks this is the way to go with young-stock too. So, since it worked for him with his horses, I used the same tactic on him. yeah, it worked. men. sigh, sometimes it's kinda too easy. I am a libra but my ascendant sign is sag., by the way.

  • Gina617 my gemini is 28 years old this year his birthday just passed on june 4th, I am 23 years old just turned on march 17. He was in a 3 year relationship with his girlfriend but they seperated over a year ago since then were talking to try and see if they could work things out between them and he finally said its not working for them, so he now has been by himself for alittle while. So lately little by little he has started calling me trying to ask me if I want to hang out sometimes I answer and other times I dont at all and if I talk to him later on in that week great and if not great. I try not to make big deals out of anything with him I just allow him to do most of the talking and just try to be more like a friend than anything serious he has asked me several times what do I want as far a relationship and I have noticed itstead of being cold and distant lately it seems as though he is warm and close and talking about personal stuff. and then I wont here from him until the next time, recently I had found out he was talking to my cousin about me saying he has thought about us being together but just doesnt know about me he says its because he cant figure me out and he still hasnt made up his mind about me being to latchy I have never done anything like that I have maybe called him twice and he calls me all the time I'm beginning to think the more he asked about being a latchy stalker type if he in fact is .... they just love to just pop up or my personal favorite is I was in the neighborhood but if we did that he would seriously think I was a pshyco. So anything that you can give me about this guy would be much appreciated. Thanks again

  • Hi cancermen,

    Your 23, and he is 28, I say play the dating field a little for now, because he not ready just yet plus your so young, so plan a trip some where nice, take a class you might be interested in go to the gym. Do things you like and people of the like mind will follow. I'm not saying this guy is not nice but...he is saying those things to make you a little paranoid so you won't call while he is with another chick. not saying its more than friends with these gals but, he is trying to be slick. take a little bit of interest off of him and more on yourself, open more doors for you, not closing it on him... but just make more opportunities for you. also if you can find out what sign this old flame is that would be good to. if you can, I'm just curious. another thing don't get to excited by him talking to your cousin about you.. he just testing you to see how much you like him. He knows your cousin is going to go back and tell you, So it will make it seem like he is interested, and lets just say he says yes I want her, don't get comfortable until he really tries to show a couple of times. because it take time for Gemini's to really know what they want. talk soon and good luck.

  • Gina617 she is a cancer which is more latchy and suffocating then a pisces lets be honest. With him I have taken everything with a grain of salt I have a huge fear of rejection and already being with a gemini and knowing how much fun it was but how much it hurt when my heart broke stops me everytime I take a step with this man he seems to be overall better a friend than a lover. But I completely get everything your saying and it makes since I was just trying to explain this to my cousin when she was getting excited that he had told her you just confirmed I was right. Hes very sly as I am myself so you tend to catch things that seem alittle off but I really do believe he is a good person with a good heart and an excellent lover just unfortunaly wont be me unless he really wants to connect and I do believe that he wants to but I look at him and he has no idea what he really wants so I just try to be the shoulder or the ear and let everything else just be. Thank you again for everything and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi cancermen,

    What I truly believe is he probably has a good heart, and is a good person, and the good other stuff doesn't hurt either...lol. but say if he has all of that and more if he is not about you, who cares. its about you, and your precious time. that you have for yourself. there is nothing wrong with being around every now and then for him, but just remember keep your doors open, for more opportunity for the best person suited for you. You are young and you have a lot of living to do. don't limit your self. his ex is a cancer, well they don't let go easy. don't be like that. sometimes letting go or closing of a door, leaves room for better in your life. enjoy every second of it, and if he fits in YOUR schedule some how then cool. You seem like a very smart girl, so you will definitely figure it out. plus when guys are young like that they like the chase, if you can keep that up more power to you. because once you get caught they start losing interest sometimes, and that becomes a little hard to swallow. I hope this helps good luck.

  • Thank you again gina617 I'm beginning to think I like gemini woman far more than I can stand gemini men 🙂 for whatever reason everything you say just makes since and gives me the information I need without a problem. It most be because combined between the two of us we have four different personalities. I do have one question though can geminis just be friends?

  • Hi cancermen, We both probably can learn something from each other, I've been told I don't connect deeply, not soulful enough. I'm dating a Scorpio and he seems to like Pisces because of that aspect, And I will also say Pisces is very intuitive. but back to your question. Yes all Geminis want to be understood, they have and unorthodox way to solving problems sometimes and it could be seen so many ways, and/or just to have some one to talk to. but here is the catch, if you have feelings for the person sometimes its hard being just friends, if that aspect can be controlled then OK, or because you might think indirectly you can win the situation by biding your time with the person, and they might want exactly what they say "just a Friend" then another aspect might be a one way street where he is getting his needs met by spending time with you having a good listening ear but would you be able to get the something back, that's what's important too having what you want too. l want you to see the whole picture. I hope this helps.

  • Well, Im a Leo About to marry (TOMORROW!) a Gemini man, and let me tell you what, go out there and attack. Be blunt - sneak attack. They love it.

    It throws them off there feet and they like the surprise. "Well I wasnt expecting that." Is his fav thing to say (my about to be hubby.) I say just tell him right out how you feel. No use in covering it up. 😛

    Good luck and POUNCE!

  • Also, take it one day at a time, dont worry about what will happen in 3 months or 3 years, just go with the flow.

  • Gina617 thank you for helping me to see the other side of things. I also love to talk can talk all night and I love geminis for what I like to call their wild side both of the geminis that I have been involved in are both mignight raiders calling whenever always down for whatever. They are fun and exciting and live their lives on the edge I admire them for that. Thats where I find that we have alot more in common than I thought we did and there other things we are the same on but use differently. Also if there is anything at all that I can evber help u on when it comes to your pisces feel free to ask away. One of best friends is a pisces and hes the guy version of me the hilarious part is we are both born on the same day so I pretty much answer anything from a guy or girl perspective when it comes to pisces. 🙂

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