The Pleiadian High Council: Melding Away the Energies of Separation

  • Posted by Dave Schmidt

    So very many of you dear souls on Gaia’s surface have been discovering the energies of the higher realms that are leading you ever closer to your beautiful and marvelous ascension into higher states of knowledge, perception and consciousness.

    The Light that has been held but remained unrecognized in much of humanity is being shown to you all as the darkness and egotistical blocks employed during your daily perception and consciousness have been themselves unraveling and becoming exposed, and as your own egotistical shells become exposed you are also exposed to the Light you have carried within that has gone unnoticed by so very many on your world for so very long.

    The lower dimensional experience of duality and perceived separation was indeed to call for a veil of forgetfulness, but the extent to which this veil has been employed by so many on Gaia’s surface who originally came to transcend such veils has made this entire exposure process a bit more difficult, for your dark have vastly taken advantage of the fears in humanity.

    [Much of] humanity fears continually an outside enemy who is unfamiliar to them, attacking them and threatening their Lives. This is taken advantage of with so very much of the propaganda that is given in each and every facet of the mainstream perception and to all those who follow and subscribe to such deception, and this propaganda has convinced many people to feel and act a certain way, usually a way that will see such souls in a position of helping line the pockets of the cabal, both energetically and physically.

    Your dark have taken advantage of your fears by publishing and putting out through their mainstream so much propaganda about seeming alien invaders, and we can say that the demonization of certain races and classes of religious believers has been for the purposes of getting any soul who will subscribe to such propaganda, aligned against the group of souls who your dark would want you to fear.

    In the case of finding a scapegoat for their mass act of destruction that you have marked by its date, 9/11, [the dark] Created a fear in the majority of Americans who have been unawakened by pointing the blame on entire races and cultures of people who share this world with you, but who many unawakened souls in the United States have not and do not know anything about.

    Your dark knew that there were and still are so very many souls in your United States who still feel, perceive and enjoy feeding separation based on the color of skin or on the differences in religious beliefs, and they know as well that there are many souls in the United States who will act recklessly toward a perceived enemy if a perceived enemy is created, which is why these souls took to blaming Muslims for the acts that the dark perpetrated against peoples [in the United States] whom they have openly claimed so very many times to be aligned with.

    Many may see this message as being in favor of the many acts that are currently being perpetrated in the Middle East, and some may assume that all the violence and destruction going on in this region is because of the religious beliefs of Muslims and their perceived want to jump to extremes to fight for such beliefs, and we say that this is simply not so.

    The Middle East on your world is a very active spiritual center and contains within it so very many important and potent gates of energy which bring through the Logos energy forming and Creating your bodies and your entire realities and indeed your entire spirit complexes as well, and your dark know how important these areas are to the evolution of humanity which is why they have deliberately perpetrated mass acts against the souls existing in these areas, while at the same time setting up false regimes and puppet dictators who gain the trust of so many souls existing in these regions who buy into the propaganda and feel within themselves that they must go to any extremes to protect their beliefs and gain a good grace of their prophets.

    It would be a blatant stereotype to assume that each and every soul in these regions are involved in this type of conflict, as most are simply scared and uneasy and simply want to make it through the next day and to the next meal with their Lives and the Lives of their families intact.

    Many souls in the United States direct much hate and anger and negativity to these souls who are themselves experiencing destruction and a poor state of Living that was purposefully perpetrated by the dark souls on your world who have again, wished to nearly destroy these very important spiritual centers and hotbeds of activity.

    We should say that this area of your world has always been a very potent area of activity, but the majority of activity that has occurred in these areas has indeed been positive because of the advanced spiritual nature of these areas and because of the energy gates that have always been bringing through energies purer than the energies given to many area of Gaia’s surface in any given, more recent time along your many histories.

    However, in these times you dark wish to take your ascension away from you by any means that they can, and a part of doing this is Creating violence and Creating and feeding separation in these areas where some souls of such areas will respond and react to the energies that are given in such purity.

    They know that there are some souls in each and every world culture that can be manipulated into fulfilling their dark agenda and being controlled by them somehow, and this is why they churn out propaganda through each and every figurehead that they install in the surprisingly sparse countries in which they still have control over.

    Your dark have of course, tried to install their own puppet dictators and perceived leaders of the people in nearly each and every country that has come to be on your world, and the building up of many countries have been because such countries were given the choice and made the decisions to align with the cabals and the agendas of the cabals in exchange for the funds to build up their countries.

    Some of the countries in your current society that were once prosperous but that are now experiencing lack on a grand scale, are in some cases countries that originally aligned with the cabals and the cabal-owned United States, and through ‘business tactics’ that are designed to aid the cabals and only the cabals, these countries were bankrupt and bled of any type of prosperity that the cabals gave them through ‘allowing’ them the funds to build up their countries.

    Even the United States as a country was built up and given the funds to do so, and the souls who received these funds and the gold and began building up the United States while promoting it as a super country and the best country in the world among so very many; these souls began keeping and hoarding all of the prosperity for themselves while sitting atop their empires that had been Created with greed and through stolen assets that were supposed to be paid back to the countries and souls giving such assets.

    As you have been hearing through genuine and influential truthseekers and researchers, the cabals have instead taken to defrauding the bonds that were given in exchange for the gold given [and stolen] that was originally supposed to build up the United States, and then have the prosperity branch out to begin benefitting other countries and begin building up other countries so that all of your world can experience Peace and prosperity.

    The United States was chosen because of its rich history in those believing in freedom fighting for such freedom, and because the resources utilized in the United States with its many potent and needed areas of producing vegetables and fruits and so very many other things.

    Once the United States was built up, it was decided that Europe would begin to be built up even more as well, more than they had already been built up at that point. The souls designing the plans made it so that the countries that they wanted built up the most would get built up and conquer the rest of the world, and they would do so by lending money to countries whom they know could not pay the debts back, to build up their countries and experience the prosperity that was given to the very souls who built up the United States to such levels of prosperity, by other countries and entities possessing the funds to do so.

    Of course, you have heard of all of the wealth that was stolen from so very many in earlier eras of your current history, but it must be understood that even those assets stolen were not enough to cover fully the building up of the United States, and funds were borrowed that were never returned in exchange for the building up of the United States and the spreading of such prosperity.

    But of course, such prosperity never spread and instead, the souls who are now stubbornly sitting on such funds have taken to bleeding other countries and entities dry while enforcing brutally a cover-up of your true history and of all that has been done to your world.

    The moving and disbursement of funds and the gaining back of the original Lighted funds that were stolen and used for the benefit of the cabal and for the hurt of humanity; these matters are being overseen by your Ascended Masters as they come through to the Earth Ally teams who are putting such projects together and beginning to bring this money back.

    Indeed, you will hear many genuine reports from our Earth Allies in the immediate period ahead as the exposure of just what is happening and their own ability to talk about the changes in a greater depth become more and more of a reality.

    While previously, these souls have been forced to stay hidden in the shadows whilst going about their work for the Light and for the planet and whilst communicating with the Ascended Masters and many other ascended souls who are helping them with the relocating of the funds that will see the glorious new temporary financial system enacted on your world, these souls will now be able to come to the fore of the perception of your general public in more real ways especially on your internet, and this is wonderful for the exposure of all that has been happening on your world has needed to be garnered for so very long.

    All along this wonderful and emotional journey, there have been many timelines and Divine deadlines and dates set forth for these changes to happen, and all of them have been aligned with your Cosmic Calendar and with the Divinely sanctioned and ordained schedule of when these events can be manifested but wouldn’t quite need to be, as well as when these events were nearer to needing to be manifested and when these events would absolutely need to manifest as Gaia truly cannot wait any longer.

    You are reaching the last option given above at this current point as the depth of the time and space that has been moved through is so very vast in relation to how to the original plan was to pan out, and the moving of humanity and of the surface of Gaia into extremely pure states of consciousness is now being met as you reach the many crucial and important dates and months along your Cosmic and planetary calendars that see the beginning physical changes first such as disclosure, physical Earth changes and the giving of advanced technologies, and then the more spiritual and esoteric and mind boggling aspects which are to take place after such physical events.

    We are working with your Agarthan brethren on the announcements and at the same time, on the exposure of us and our craft in your skies as while we must be careful not to interrupt the freewill of the souls on Earth who are not yet ready to see us or perceive of our forms or the forms of our ships, we must still adhere to the timetables we have been given and we have established alike, and we are working with your Agarthan brethren on the announcements in relation to the Inner Earth and to us ‘extraterrestrial’ souls who do not exist in your inner world [currently] but who still feel such a close and Loving bond with humanity.

    As you can see, dear beautiful souls of the ascending surface of Gaia, each and every group and hierarchical-based section of us ascended souls helping to bring about the ascension of Gaia and the events that are to precede the ultimate ascension of Gaia; we are all covering different facets of these changes and of the events which are to precede these changes just as you are all individually occupying yourselves and your hearts and minds with different aspects of this ascension and again, of the events which precede this ascension.

    Try to think and feel dear souls, of what lies ahead of you at this point for the future that you are being led to exist in now is so very pure, is so very Lighted and Loving and Harmonious; dear souls we could give you every positive label and word in the book but even they will not do justice fully to the explanation and the understanding on the part of humanity, of just how heavenly and wonderful and Lighted these realms of consciousness and experience really, truly are for we are so very happy [in these realms] that it truly cannot be expressed with your words and labels.

    We are quite happy and appreciative of the fact that we ascended beings are not bound to your world and labels and styles of behavior and communicating, but at the same time we are happy to funnel our energies and have them come through you dear beautiful souls who then transmit our energies and communications into the various languages that each and every scribe of our energies speaks.

    We can feel the Love in our scribes when bringing our messages through and the Love of the souls receiving the messages alike, and we ask you all to continue feeling this Love and your Loving energies that have been laying the foundation for disclosure and for your ascension this entire time, as has been expressed.

    The dark cabals on your world have not wished for you to feel and feed Love in any of its forms, which is why they have again promoted separation through perceived races and established conceptual beliefs in much of humanity. We can anticipate that there will be many souls who are too steeped in their beliefs to go against what they have ingrained in themselves to be realty, and this is so for so very many souls who are steeped in religion and in the beliefs of separation that have been enforced through your cultures and through continual propaganda.

    Separation and judgment is melting away now in much of humanity as you all begin to come together and realize that you are the same beautiful energy of Oneness and of Love, simply existing in seemingly different forms.

    You are truly no different from your neighbor or even from those you perceive to be too unawakened or too steeped in their beliefs which you perceive to be judgmental. Indeed, the beliefs that so many on your world follow can be seen as judgmental but at the same time, these souls truly and strongly believe in what they are bringing forth at any given moment which is why it is so difficult for one to reach a soul who is a bit too deeply ingrained in the beliefs of separation between humanity.

    Again, the concept of aliens and a fear of aliens and anything different from much of humanity has been fed and played upon. Your dark have even purposefully taken to calling any soul who is in the United States without going through [legal] methods established by the dark, ‘illegal aliens’.

    This is because when much of humanity who is already prone to judgment hears such a term, they feel in themselves the separation and the feelings that the group of souls or soul in question is different from them and must be hated for it. It may be a bit difficult initially to break so to speak, the propaganda that has been placed over the eyes of so many dear souls who possess Lighted energy but who are simply directing such energy in the wrong avenues of Life; avenues that will gain them much negative karma and see them hindered in their growth as a soul.

    We ask you now at this time, to begin to let your perceptions of separation between any types of souls fade away from you and we ask you to heal and integrate the energies of separation that even some awakening souls may still feel and enforce in relation to certain subjects or issues.

    There are certain souls who are on the payroll of the Illuminati to go onto many spiritual websites and cause discontent, and when one finds oneself interacting with such a soul who seems so very angry and who they feel may be one of those who are paid to give disinformation, simply give this soul Love and respect for indeed, a small fraction of the souls putting out the propaganda on the internet are being paid to do so and so very many souls who are doing so honestly believe in the propaganda they are giving out and honestly believe in the need to question and use their own beautiful sense of discernment, which should never be looked down upon or chastised.

    Indeed, it is only the problem of the souls who are paid to go onto websites and cause discontent, who will take the opportunity to question and use it as an excuse to put out their own tinted versions of the propaganda that they have been given by their employers to spread onto many spiritual websites.

    Even the souls who are paid to do this are still souls and are still behind their surface experiencing ascension, just as every soul on Gaia’s surface in each and every form that such souls take, currently are.

    We ask you to send these souls as much Love as you can so that they can use and integrate such Love and believe us souls, those deeper parts of themselves that exist past hate and ego will use and integrate your energy, and they can use this energy to be better able to break down and expose their own lower and fearful energies which keep their perception away from their own continual and expanding experience of the higher realms.

    Each and every one of us ascended beings Love you all so very much, and we ask you now to begin enacting the disciplines and the methods of Love in yourselves that will see you better able to feel and access this Love for yourselves at any time.

    For many who are becoming open to our energies, you are now finding your abilities to have communications with us and gain connections with us at any given time as your abilities are increasing, and we say that this is both wonderful and has been meant to happen.

    Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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