When your best friend is hurting & you're only thinking of yourself...

  • Hi all,

    I'm going to try n keep this as brief as possible. One of my closest friends who is also male has broken up with his girlfriend. She dumped him and he is naturally upset about this. I was there to meet him the day they finished and we talked somewhat about the situation. He is a very deep man a Virgo in fact and he doesn't readily talk about his feelings. However where the problem lies is that I've had feelings for him for the past 6 months and I've tried my best to get over him. There was a time when we stopped speaking and that helped me deal with my feelings in a way but we are naturally drawn to each other & are back on speaking terms again. I never thought he was suited to his exGF I always thought me and him would be a better match and I feel really guilty for thinking these things seen as he has just spilt up with her and all I want is him.

    Does anyone have any advice for me or has anyone been in a similar situation?



  • Get over yourself

  • Does he want to be with you to?

    Be a friend and help him thru this.

    Then after he gets over her you can see if he wants to be with you.

  • Thanks crazycap you are right I should be a friend right now and nothing else. Sometimes I think writing things down helps you see what you are meant to see.

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