Captain may i please get a reading

  • his date of birth is 04/27/94 and mines is 08/26/94 i want to know where this is going thank you 🙂

  • A solid bond of empathy, respect, and understanding can be forged in this relationship, which usually has an easy camaraderie. The two of you know how to leave each other alone when necessary - your bond, often deepened over years, allows room for each partner's privacy. Happily, you can build a comfortable home together and will always share a similar outlook on money, and handle it well. This can be an excellent partnership for marriage or career.

    In matters of love, the relationship may not be high in passion. Yet its ability to satisfy both of your mutual needs can bring it longevity, and its accepting attitudes will provide you two with a good measure of happiness. If problems arise, it will be because of your criticisms, dissatisfactions and self-destructive tendencies, Marnichampu, that create them. Care must be taken to relieve your frustrations and issues by acknowledging them and adjusting priorities accordingly. Your partner will enjoy playing the dominant role here, benefiting from your desire to be helpful and to serve.

    Since you need to spend a great deal of time alone and you will be often busy with family and/or work obligations, you may have some problems with this man, who can often demand a healthy investment of your time and energy. A strong deep relationship here will likely grow out of living together and sharing the ups and downs of life, maybe over several years.

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