Can somebody tell me what these cards mean

  • These cards just drop on my bed when I was cleaning my bedroom and I know they must mean something. I just can not do it myself. Can somebody please help

    I was cleaning my bedroom and when I picked up my cards

    some of them fall and this is the cards that fall

    Card 1. Aces of Wands

    Card 2. Queen of Wands

    Card 3. Knight of Wands

    Card 4. THe High Priestess (reversed)

    Card 5. Temperance (Reversed)

    Card 6. Queen of Pentacles

    These are the order they fall. Can somebody help me with this. Wow

    Thanks BLD

  • There is a male influence around you that is not good for you. It is a base se*xual energy and nothing more. You are ignoring your intuition on this - it is not a good mix and you are not operating/acting from a balanced place. You need to be sensible and practical about it - ground yourself.

  • Hello Watergirl18

    Thank You for helping me with this. You know something there is no male that I am involved with. I don't have a boyfriend and I am not even going out with anybody. I just had two surgery's

    one april 13 and the second one on april 19th. There has been no body that has even said that they has even want to be involve with me. So that is why I was a little confused on this. Now could this be about the one guy that I like. But we have not even talked in about a month. I had already made my mind up on him. So could this be somebody that will be coming my way and that is all he will want. If so he will have a problem because, next month I will be having another surgery and I will be shut down for six weeks don't think anybody will wait for that. I have not even talk to any males lately how funny well maybe the cards are giving me a waring.

    That is so funny the way they fall on the bed I was picking them up from my dresser and when I got to my bed to move something they were the cards that fall. I am listening to what you are saying. Thanks so much Watergirl.

  • I think you still have an energetic tie to the guy that you like. This happened to me a while back as well. I had made up my MIND that it was over, but energetically I was still attached. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the chords for you...

  • Hello Watergirl18

    I will do that. I pray and ask the angel Michael to help me to cut the chords.

    Thanks so much


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