Need help

  • i would like to know if anyone is psychic and would be willing to tell me what is going to happen. i have been pulling up alot of 9 of cups, and magician which tells me in 30 days i will receive good news. i have been unemployed and lost my job(actually quit) because some people said some bad things and i lost my job(the info was false but the damage was already done) i need help in trying to figure everything out

    thanks you in advance

  • watergodess- If you come to my blog and state your questions there- (you need to register in order to post) I may be able to find you look into this problem.

    I run a blog that uses tarot and astrology to solve life problems. Since part of your problem is financial I may be able to give you some direction there as well.

    Best to you.

  • Hello HighPO9

    Please help me, I need some insight on my future dealing with romance and career.

    I have been trying to receive a free reading on this forum site.

    INFO: April 21,1973

    2:05 A. M. New York, New York

    Please e-mail me at .

    Thank You

  • Pilot007 I cannot give you a reading here. Come and post your question on my blog and I will answer you there, after you register under followers.

    also when you post your question make sure you read the instructions I posted in the earlier posts first.

    Please try to phrase your question more specific- such is my career moving in the right direction or will i found love in my life soon.


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