Blue moon, I Need help

  • I was born on 12-02-1980, he was born on 6-10-1966. Can you please give me a reading of what is going on? Why do I feel connected with him? Is he reading my emails? He is not responding for over a month now. Did his feelings change? Should I still continue to keep in touch with him?

  • I know you asked for Blmoon, but felt drawn to answer as well...

    First of all, I got a strong vibration in your 1st and 3rd chakras. Your first chakra is about safety, security and early childhood/parenting memories related to safety and security. Due to the age difference here, I feel this is about issues with your father and if not - definitely about your fear of being able to provide that safety and security for yourself. The 3rd chakra is where we emanate our personal power - self confidence, courage, strength from within. This is the challenge for you. This man is a reflection of a wound that needs healing within you. That is why you felt such a strong connection. He is one of your partners in Spirit who came along to help you learn and grow. Your challenge now is to accept this - and accept that your paths have now parted. You are now at a pivotal point in your life of learning to be self-sufficient, confident and INDEPENDENT. Embrace your ability and power to take care of yourself. You do not need this or any other man or person to do this for you. I am also getting a lot of 3's -- either an indication that there is a 3rd person involved here (ie: he is married) or just another indication of your 3rd chakra...



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