Staying grounded & optomistic

  • Looking for ideas & suggestions. Currently my life is in a big flux of change, some I initiated some just part of life. My part is selling my house & waiting til its sold to find a new home. I know where I'd like to move- on a local pond/lake but I need to sell my house first. The current market is very slow & requires patience on my part...I'm not doing so well with that. My oldest son is ready to move out into an apartment with friends. I do truly support him but will miss him. I'm struggling to stay optimistic & positive with my thoughts. I'm finding myself becoming ungrounded & anxious. Unfortunately when I feel this way I loose confidence in myself & want to seek reassurance from others. I do hold myself back but its hard not to cling to the man I'm dating & not to become anxious about this relationship. Any ideas how to settle my thoughts & go with the flow

  • You already know the answer - grounding. Reaching out to the relationship is because you do not feel capable of handling things - in your ability to cope - so you are reaching outside of yourself for that courage and validation that everything will be ok. Grounding yourself involves connecting to the physical - your body and the earth. Sooooo, physical exercise is always good (and obvious) as well as getting outside -- walk with barefeet on the grass, sit directly on the earth and breath in that energy through the base of your spine (root chakra) and on up, turn your face upward and feel the sun on your face and the breeze through your hair. Breathe deeply... inhale slowly for three counts (fill your belly, not your chest), hold for a few seconds, exhale to a count of 5, then push the last remaining air out through your belly button . Try some affirmations...I am safe, I am protected, I am strong, all my needs are always taken care of.

  • Hello dear

    I agree w/ watergirl connecting to the earth. Grounding. Loving kindness meditations walking meditations. Change can cause us to feel vulnerable,true, but see yourself in your home next to the pond (sounds beautiful!). So many folks have so much less ,stay grateful.

    Good luck!


  • Thanks watergirl18 & Pfree. I'll work on grounding myself & continue positive affirmations. Water grounds me too thats the reason behind my location choice when I move. I am ever grateful Pfree & write daily in a journal what I'm thankful for each day. I'm just feeling out of sorts, there have been many changes leading up to this move.

    Blessed be

  • When will you be moving?To where and why?

  • I understand completely how you feel. :)) Along with Pfree and Watergirl, it is important to be kind to yourself through all the changes as well. The feeling out of sorts, could be your way of mourning a little for the changes that are happening, even if they are the most welcome and exciting changes. It took me awhile to identify that out of sorts feeling and for me it was just that, feeling a little sadness for the things that were and will always be just a memory.

    Cherish the things we have and the things we had, good bad or indifferent things will work out even though we feel like we are being blown sideways, keep your eyes on the prize and don't forget to breathe.

    Some day my plan is to move closer to water, I will live vicariously through you, lol. Hoping you feel better and sending happy thoughts and warm wishes.

  • Crazycap- I'll move when my house sells to a smaller place on water .I"ve been widowed 5 yrs now, waited for my sons to grow a bit older & more settled in their own journies & now feel its time to move forward. I'll down size to a place easier to manage on my own

    Cancergirlfromtheheart Thanks.- your words regarding cherishing what we have ring true & I do intend to bring the good memories forward & am now setting the not so good free. I'm working hard to manifest the next steps to enable this move to occur...I'm sitting in an Adirondeck chair looking at the water with friends & family

  • Ahhhh.... best place to be, isn't it? :)))) Your welcome and I know it is hard to be patient while things pan out. Change is not always easy, but it is good you know where you want to be 🙂 and are taking action. Remember to cut yourself a little slack if you start to get anxious, you are human and some things we have no control over, hold onto that feeling that you had the moments you are sitting in that Adirondeck chair with your loved ones beside you in the surrounding that comforts you.

    Sending smiles and happy thoughts!!! :))

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