Someone Help Please.

  • Things just seem to be going down hill. And i've been told so many times by everyone I need to stay strong..i have been for so long. I don't know anymore. I thinkI need to just leave. I see there is no one in my future to be there for me. I'm going to end up alone from my thinking..Someone please give me a reason to stay? Because I know no one does love me.

  • Dear TOWFA,

    If you feel you need to leave step back from this situation for a while so you can see it with a clear mind before you do anything drastic . You are so overwhelmend at the moment i feel your sadness and your user name just resonates it . At the end of the day put yourself first ,you dont need anyone else to make you happy as true happiness comes from within .Love yourself and true love will flow into your life in abundance .

    Love and hugs 2 you Loap:)

  • TOWFA, I think you need a complete life and love reading to help you gain more perspective on your situation. If you give me your full birthdate, I will give you a detailed reading that might help you see things more clearly.

  • Thank you guys..alot for this it helps me so much. I know there are alot of things that are just not right in my life right now and i'm letting it all get to me.


  • And The Captain my fully birthdate is October 14th 1998

  • TOWFA, 2012 for you can be a year of great illumination if you look beneath the surface of what is happening to you. You will be extra sensitive this year and while this may seem very difficult to bear at times, it can be turned into an ability to see what's really going on as your senses will be very finely tuned. This is a time in which you will experience much soul growth and you are called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, your insights. There is much insight to be gained now. This is a very spiritual vibration and it is best to channel the energy of the year into some artistic or psychic endeavour. Your intuition should be humming this year, with revelations, visions, and psychic illumination. 2012 brings with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. Sometimes in this year there are unexpected associations or unexpected break-ups. This year will bring you opportunities to gain prominence. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new product, invention, or service. Whatever you put in, you will get back doubled. Definitely a "Go for it" year!

    TOWFA, you need to shake off the feeling of being a victim and take charge of your life. You can be responsible for the inner changes that you need to make, and your outer world will change because of that. Inner positivity will attract outer prosperity and good times and people. You have the ability to see clearly the good and the bad in the world but you mustn't only focus on the bad things. The pessimism you suffer from will not help improve your life. You are one of the most deeply sensitive people around and, like a crab, you may try to cover up your soft 'underbelly' with a hard shell of objectivity, rationality or 'not-caring'. Such a defense mechanism is designed to protect you from further hurt but until you can reveal yourself fully to others and be your true self, you will not feel balanced, mature or psychologically whole. You may have experienced the betrayal of your trust in the past but this is no reason to mistrust everyone from now on. You may not even trust your own judgment because of bad past experiences. You need to heal the cynicism that comes from old emotional wounds.

    You do have quite a flair for drama and are a born performer. There needs to be a hint of danger or disaster in a situation for you to get excited or interested. Yet you may experience real conflict between a need to gain the attention of those around you and the need to stay hidden in the interests of self-protection. You can sometimes feel a certain detachment regarding the feelings of others and must be careful not to become narcissistic. Yet you have great potential for success here, for once you give yourself to something or someone (if you can't find one, go for the other), you tend to give your all. If you observe closely and choose carefully, the result can be great fulfillment in the course of your life journey.

    You fear emotional rejection and want to be taken seriously as a lover, not just thought of as some geeky kid. That's your big thing - love. But you must lift your definition of love to include nonattachment, freedom for both partners, and friendship if you want to find real success in relationships. When you can do that, you will reduce your addiction to danger and unexpected loss, expand your ideas of what fair treatment and fidelity are all about, and develop your most unique talents best. When you come to know and appreciate yourself - and to express your true emotions - you will also express your joy for life. Don't let self-doubt hold you back from a promising future. Your special gifts of high standards, clear insight, expression, and intuition may belong to humanity, not just one person.

  • Dear TOWFA,

    You are just a baby there are many good things to come in your life .

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