Business Idea- Captain, What Do You Think?

  • I've always wanted to start a small airline/charter company. Do you see me being able to do it? After being ill, i want to do what ive always said i would do.

    also, after my next hernia surgery,do you see any more surgeries needed? i dread another ostomy or bowel removal. thanks again.

  • You may need one more small surgery but it won't be anything major.

    The business idea is a good one as long as you do your research and make practical plans. Make sure there is a demand for this charter business in your area. You might need a partner or two as well to provide the backing for the venture.

  • great thanks. doyou see my surgery being for an ostomy or bwel related?

  • Related to them, but not major. Sorry but I don't know the medical names or procedures.

  • thanks again. maybe it is my hernia. ostomy is where your intestine is brought thru your skin and empties into a bag. seems major to me. lol. my hernia surgery should be in feburary. do u see my issue happing soon?

    my health is good and i feel great. my friend and i are talking about the charter airline. i will take your advise as always. you are the best.

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