Job is Hopeless. Please help Shuabby, Blmoon, Psychics

  • Two months ago I asked if I was going to get fired from my new job and if I should leave or stay. Shuabby and Blumoon - your first response was to tell me to leave and find another job and I will not get fired. I stupidly asked what would happen if I tried to stay, and Shuabby told me they will have an office in April and I will meet a girl with "S" in her first name that I will become good friends with and I will become top 5 in the company. Blumoon told me she sees a dead end and I will regret staying longer and if I really wanted a job where I wasn't appreciated.

    Fast forward, there was no office in April (though one of my bosses told me we were supposed to have one in April but his boss told him to stop looking). I asked this boss if and when will we have an office? He said probably September or October... but I found out we're not launching until September so it's possible they will have an office as late as November. They lied about being self-funded, as I found out from two bosses they did not even get funding yet. I have not met the girl with "S" in her first name and feel doubtful one of my bosses will promote me because she hates me for exposing her incompetence and she protects her politic game playing, manipulative, lazy, kiss ass pet that lies to make her look good.

    I have decided I am 100% looking for a full-time job while doing this on the side incase it takes off and becomes the next big thing. And my love life is a roller coaster.. as you've stated Shuabby. Still single and the man did come back in my life and we are friends at the moment... haven't met the tall dark haired man in his 40's yet. I'm not sure, but does the founder of the company has a crush on me? He always compliments my work, even the most minute things, but not the others. But I need to know, what is the future of this company? When and where will I find a job? And my love life?

  • I answered you already on this situation and it is what it is. The bottom line when it comes to betrayal is no one can betray us unless we betray ourselves first! You are being used. And many of the users are as well lying to themselves to sleep at night. Someone has a big idea--has the leadership energy--has a big dream. IT'S ALL MOTION! The energy that planted this seed was all motion and it attracts people who as well "must just do something"--despite the red flags. The man who compliments you--NEEDS YOU---he is not in love but is stroking your doubts to be quiet. How much clearer can I say it? YOU ARE IN A BAD PLACE. The energy is not positive but feeds on the insecurities of others. You are not respecting your power and it reflects in all areas of your life. You are much more talented than you know or give credit to yourself for. You do not feel at a core level you deserve. You are not open to receive. It is in your head but you do not put it into ACTIONS---there is an energy to actions that determines the truth. You can say in your head yes I deserve a job that gives back as much as it receives from me but if you do not really DO THAT then truth rules. DESPERATION is a bad energy to follow--to want something to be true so bad we ignore all the clarity that spirit offers. THIS JOB IS A DEAD END FOR YOU. Make the best of the lesson and move on. You are FEEDING someone elses dream. You send the message to the universe that you will put yourself aside for another---you need boundries.Honestly, even if this buisness did take off--you would never see the profit as all of you--the employees are just that--workers--there is no sense of loyalty at all--none. People who make promises that are not real are able to do that by not getting connected to anyone. IT'S JUST BUISNESS I hear some very pompouse over inflated ego at the top saying. He fancies himself as up there with an image of the big dogs---TRUMP--how one must be brutal--dog eat dog---BE TOUGH! This buisness is not a nurturing place. That is your weak blind spot coming to heal you---you are atracted to situations that bring up this nurture issue again and again. When we do the hard thing--the universe is behind us. Stop analizing this job---just do the right thing for you. Decide you deserve better. Protect yourself. The longer you stay in that environment the more the rest of your life will follow that energy. Make the connection. Pray to Saint Michael for protection and strength to do the right thing for YOU. Pray to Mother Mary to help you be a good mother to yourself. You are being passive right now--very passive and waiting for what? Someone to finely throw you under the bus? As for a job---let the ego go---do not put so much into rank or position but concentrate on a place that is positive---nurturing---has a great bunch of people who have good character. You'd be better off flippin burgers for a place that treated their employees with respect than were you are now. YOU ARE LOVED! Get into THAT enery and live it. Blessings!

  • Blumoon, thank you. I was a fool for not listening to you earlier and your guidance has given me the right kind of thinking and motivation to move forward and forget these horrid people. The next time you and Shaubby have a suggestion, I will go with your FIRST response and stop trying to push the envelope and go against the current. I've learned my lesson.

  • NO REGRETS! just lessons. Do not beat yourself up. Forgive your lovely self--it attracts good things! My life changed the most when I finely got that law of energy. I grew up Catholic---lots of punishment and guilt so always felt that if I made a wrong turn it was only right that I suffer some kind of flogging. Self punishment and regrets only freeze us up--hold us to the past and attracts others who will as well punish us. After this expierience you will have learned how to spot people who are wearing masks---you will listen more to your gut. Life is a process---even I with my psychic ability must take the nessassary bumpy roads to grow----we do not come here perfect. Perfect is for Heaven. This is Earth! Be good to yourself above all else and you will attract abundance on all levels. Spirit suggests to speed up the energy shift to start a gratefull journal. Everyday you must write down at least five things that happened that day you are greatful for. They can be simple as being grateful for that sweet lady who held the door open when your arms were full. Or as given as being grateful you have strong legs--a bed! BLESSINGS YOU ARE LOVED!

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