Could I get a reading from someone pretty please :)

  • vettech78

    I would appreciate a reading if anyone could. i would like a general reading to tell me what will likely come forth in my near future in regards to school, work and my relationship with my boyfriend. Im a scorpio born nov, 10,1978 and my name is caroline

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  • Caroline, I feel that your boyfriend will stay with you - for now - but the two of you really need to sit down and have a serious talk about where you are going and sort some things out, or the relationship will dissolve.

    Nothing will change for you in your life unless you change yourself and your attitude. If you want things to move on at school or in your career, you have to take action, planning in a realistic way and setting goals that you persevere with until you get them. I feel you tend to give up halfway towards success - you just need to grit your teeth and fight for what you want. There is no stroke of random fate that is coming to help you. You have to create and earn your success in life, like we all must do.

  • thank you for your input. Could you possibly elaborate a little on my r.ship. You say we need to sit down and talk, but about what? Everything is doing well between us. Im working on getting a new job, so money is a little tight. If there is any relationship issues I would like to know what they are, whats wrong, so I could fix it.

  • I am feeling your partner is feeling a bit restless in the relationship, like he wants some things to change, for there to be more variety and excitement, for what is routine to become something different.

  • oh ok, well i like to spice up my relationships, im adventtorous like that. and he knows I like to have fun, so this past weekend he bought me a sweet card from hallmark and took me to an indians game. He enjoys playing video games and relaxing, but he doesnt play them a long time, so there is a good balance between us. I wish we had $ to go more places but we do what we can. Do you have any advice what I can do different?

  • By the way, Im going to put in a couple applications to home care agencies today. i have 7 years experience, and I have a client that wants me to care for her so I planning on bringing her on board with me if I get hired. So she could be my client. Im wonderig how this plan will go, will i get a job with either one of these companies? how things will go with this client/friend I plan on caring for? her case worker gave me these comanies to try. I would also like to know how my boyfriends job is going to go. He is a local truck driver but they dont provide them with alot of loads, will my man stay with this company or will he end up going to another?

  • If you have a client already, do you need to work through an agency? Maybe you could just attract more clients through word of mouth or distributing flyers and not have to pay an agency for their services? I feel your BF will stay with his present job for now.

    Try doing something surprising and completely different to your normal routine for your boyfriend.

  • I need to go to through an agency, cause she is on a government pay program, she cant pay with cash, she has medicare services, she is a family friend who really wants my aid and working for an agency secures a job for me in case something happens to her and it pays into social security and takes taxes out.

  • Yes it will help with work if you are able to tell the agencies you already have a client who can at least vouch for your efficiency.

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