Gemini Girl and a complicated Virgo guy

  • Hello I'm new here and WOW, it's reassuring to see I'm not the only one finding it difficult to work out Virgos.

    I'm a Gemini 10th June 1984 and he's a Virgo 4th September 1982.

    We have know it each other for nearly a year and I can safely say I have never met anyone who I connect with as deeply as I do with him. It's not just that we have everything thing in common (except Marmite, I hate it and he loves it) but we just seem to understand each other in a way I can't even find the words to describe.

    It's almost like we are magnets we just can't seem to stay away from each other, it's just sparks fly on every level (physically, emotionally and spiritually) there is a massive energy between us that I have never experienced before. Basically every moment we spend together is sex without touching

    The problem is he has a girlfriend, there relationship is not great and they argue most of the time. He has always said that he knows its not right but she has a hold over him and he can't get away.

    Now they have split up a few times for a couple of weeks or so, and whenever this has happened we have ended up together. This has happened three times in total and the first two times I thought it was just drunken hook ups and everything was fine between us afterwards. Yes it hurt that he got back with her but I always saw it as his life, his choice.

    However a month or so ago when they last split he made it clear to me that he want more from me than just friendship (to be honest it was clear he felt that for a lot longer) and we spent an amazing week together and then BAM he gets back with her again without even giving me an explanation.

    I'm really confused about why he did this. I just have this gut feeling that he feels the same about me and I'm not a girl who kids herself when it comes to matters of the heart. We have both been trying really hard to keep distance between us, he must want to try and make that relationship work (even though it never has) and I'm trying to be respect of that and not get hurt any more.

    But we are both struggling with the distance we both know things have to change but we are both struggling with it, the way are lives are intertwined makes it very difficult/impossible to have no contact.

    I guess what I want to know is does he really feel anything for me or was I just an ego boost? It honestly feels like we are soul mates the connection is that deep and we have talked (not in length) about what happened and he said that he wished he had met me before he met his girlfriend. To be honest he is not very good at opening up about his feelings.

    Are we ever going to get together?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Boop, I am not a reader, so this is in no way a psychic reading. But you did say ANY advice, so here goes, take it for what it's worth.

    It's been my experience that those chemical attraction 'soul mate' situations aren't always meant to lead to a forever relationship. What they are truly meant for, is to foster growth in both parties. Sometimes it's painful, but if it leads to growth and healing, the soul contract has been served.

    With that said, remember that a man wants to lay a pretty girl, and he may feel a sense of responsibility to his ex, maybe that's why he keeps going back, (it's familiar, he's used to that relationship, he feels responsible for her happiness, etc) but when it comes to a committment, they are looking for a best friend. Being sexy doesn't hurt, but it won't get you a cigar.

    I think you've got the advantage over the ex, if you choose to use it. But choose wisely. The small amount of intuition I get is that she uses guilt to get him to come back, and he falls for it every time, because he is a man of character. He doesn't feel he owes you an explanation, because you two are so in tune, you'll just understand. (put a little pressure on next time, but not too much. Let him know you're displeased, but don't sit around waiting for him.)

    Best of luck, and like i said, if this doesn't resonate with you, just toss it.

    much love.

  • Well, it starred out a word. "Being Cute doesn't hurt, but it won't get you a cigar."

  • It honestly feels like we are soul mates the connection is that deep

    If you feel that toward this person then go and talk to them about this.

    You will find out from their reply if they feel for you the same way.

  • I'm not a reader too. COB & Crazycap are both right!!!

    I dont care how connected you are with a Virgo. Dating a Virgo is ALWAYS difficult & a challenge.

    This is even worst cause there is another person involved.

    Since you are so connected with him just get to the root of the problem. If he doesnot do

    anything about it just move on and learn from this experience. I know its hard but


  • My goodness, how many times I've heard exactly the same story in exactly same words ! Always with the same outcome - women getting hurt and disappointed. Try to spare yourself from the trouble, he is not worth it. I think he is manipulating both you and the other girl for the sake of boosting his secretly low self esteem.

  • No matter what there will always be signs attracted to Virgos.

    Virgos have a critical nature and women are drawn to it. Its like a magnet.

    Its alright to experience this kind of relationship after all we dont know exactly what will happen

    until we experienced it. But let go when its time and learn from it.

    To all the girls thats in love with Virgos. Check the information I have here and see if it will

    help you a little bit. But overall when you are dating a Virgo there always be a lot

    of frustrations its like a roller coaster up & down. So try to take things lightly if you can and then let go when its time.

    There are 4 kinds of characters in each sign. So there are 4 kinds of Virgos.

    1. Aug.24 to Sept 2 - This person is more social and friendly. This person would be helpful,

    intelligent and sympathetic.

    2. Sept 3 thru Sept 13 - This person has great practicality but this person

    becomes willful and very stubborn.

    3. Sept 14 thru Sept 23 - This person will be softer and versatile. This person will have both

    discrimination and refinement.

  • Boop1984

    If you dont get a response from a reader its just that I THINK they are just tired of explaining

    things about Virgos. A lot of women here thats going with a Virgo have the same

    kind of problem like yours. If no reader responds just use your

    common sense and not your heart.

  • Boop 1984, I suggest that you read the thread "The heart of a Virgo man" for information. You'll find lots of similar stories there and will see which way this kinds of situations are likely to go.

  • Voplysoply

    I bet you the Virgo thread wont even deter Boop1984 or other women

    who is in a relationship with Virgos and is having difficulties with them.

    The women still want to go thru it and knock their brains

    off wondering what in the world is the Virgo thinking. Thats how life is when you are in love.

  • That is true, Magical, but being informed can help to reduce the amount of years of suffering. I wish I could have access to all that information years ago. 🙂

  • Sorry to hear you had that experienced with a Virgo.

    Sometimes I just get tired reading about all

    the complains like there is no end to it. No matter what comes up its the same old story.

    I guess you are right all these information hopefully will help some of the women.

    I rest my case with Virgos.

  • I find the subject quite fascinating, actually. There are definitely certain patterns, that people should be aware of.

  • Magickal, you wrote there are 4 kinds of characteristics in each sign but listed only 3.

    Gemini girl, virgo's take time to show emotion when they are unevolved emotionally. Like everyone else, we learn from our mistakes and from the pain we endure in loss of love. If we are at the point in our lives where we crave love we will try to change if we are aware of the need to change usually I feel it takes someone very willing to be open and loving towed us to see it. We will then learn to do the same, hopefully it's not too late to show it when we finally figure out how we are supposed to behave with another. Often, we expect the other person to show us first, to show us warmth and tenderness, so we can feel safe to do the same.


    Sorry I meant three.

  • boop1984, I (June 16) too have this same magnetic attraction to a Virgo (Sept. 8)guy. It is totally not explainable and very uncontrollable. I have accepted the fact my connection was not meant to be but holy cow.... My heart will not get on the same page as my brain just yet. It has been 2 months and he is in my head 24/7! I can't get away from him no matter what I do or how busy I am! My thoughts always find there way right back to him. Wondering, what was it, did he feel anything, what the H*** happened and WHY!!!!!??? I wonder if he is having the same issues... It appears as though he has just moved on and I am not even a second thought to him. Hurts to know that we had this major connection and it is gone now. Wish I had some enlightening words for you but I have none other then you are not alone. Someday I am sure we will have our answers.

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